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Psychic Reading to stop identify theft. I do readings all the time for psychic tips to stop I D theft. My readings say in 2005 Angel board psychic jobs and salary were sent for me and stolen. I posted my Angel board ability online on the Angel Board Alliance web site and my readings say […]

— Godsmedium

Twisted All Around

More mind reading and channeling the devil to stop gang stalking sex slavery the satanic sex torture cult that I report by my psychic medium crime tip readings.
The cult says their calling to twenty million people by a voice message system to brain wash everybody into thinking their helping and to lie about targeted individuals.
Their lying the people they cover for the Court of Law all Courts in good ol California are case files.

Many are not case files at all some people their framing to be a not ever needed at all cps dcfs case file some are open many are people they framed ages ago to gang stalk them and the case files are closed even over ten years ago.
Their liars pretending people have a case file when many do not have not and many their framing to be a not needed case file,

It’s all a game to gang stalk and capture people through the Government force

Many say the Government and Police Politicians and so on are doing this to targeted individuals

I say no , the real Police do not know their criminals pretending to do a Government job, Judges are lied to and Politicians banks Post Offices and so on I say it’s not the Government doing this but criminals pretending they do a Government job position to help out when they have a whole other motive and intention.
They abuse the Government system they get people through the Court.
They will tell any lie about a person and they abuse the food stamp welfare system. They rob money from people to run them into getting food stamps and Welfare as they sit there with money the people earned that they stashed in another bank account

They steal Christmas gifts ups fed ex presents sent for the person and shopping mall gift cards then tell everyone give that case file we cover by the spy watch cam committee some hand me down clothing while they sit there shopping with the persons shopping gift cards they stole in the mail by telling mail men I got a court warrant to cover this case file I take their mail. They tell people give them food while they sit there charging food delivererys for fifty to one hundred gang stalkers on a atm card with the targeted individuals name the card lies disabled person when they are not disabled at all it’s the persons money on the credit card. They steal money sent that the people need for their house payment and rent and say give them some money for shelter and they do all these to frame the robbed wealthys they’ve got the persons money and pretend to others that woman is a bum looking for a hand out she cant make ends meet. She lives on a shoe string budget she’s never amounted to much in her life ever at all she just sat around eating Bon Bons on the couch, tell her to get Welfare food stamps a rolling back pack and walking shoes as they sit there in a car they stole that’s the victims gift and wear clothing gifts they ripped off on iPads they stole and they rob money sent for the victims and put it in another bank account with eighty names on if and lie that’s donation money sent for a welfare bum who’s handicapped when no it’s the T Is money sent because they are gang stalked. It’s sent for the T Is to pay rent shop order food delivery’s and to live the way they should the way they normally lived before the gang stalking , the cars are for them to drive and clothing gifts are for them to wear because of the abuse being done to them and the abusive gang stalkers steal it and live on it and they would say money sent for someone’s stop gang stalking charity work is money for a charity case and so on they lie and lie and steal and twist everything around. They send the persons profile backwards and tell lies and say the opposite of their personality. They lie their covering case files for well being they lie their just doing nothing all day and say we take their PayPal away by a court approved computer mechanism and lie they don’t deserve it when it’s money sent because they destroyed the persons life.
Money stolen may say this is for a lawyer this is because your ten year business was ruined this is because your cats were stolen this is because you lost your dream house you worked your whole life to get to, this is because of the scandal stalking and slandering dons to an honest hard working over nice good all American citizen this is because their shortening your life span this is for you to drive a car and live normally the way your accustomed to living. The gang stalkers steal it all and lie they don’t deserve that money sent to their PayPal so we are keeping it to cover them on spy watch cam equipment and it’s to keep them away.

Tips say gang stalkers went under bus depots their burning targeted individuals on cell phone program keys rectums they burn 180 degrees and say they do it from underground and in residences they got by the case files old ones new recently opened Remote Monitoring is human torture they tell Judges lies and say the program relaxes them and get Judges and Court Orders their parked all over burning peoples rectums they say they show up tie them off shoot them off take them to ERs hotels they tell Judges hotels are for therapy its for human sex torturing

The gang stalker woman says to crews keep doing electronic harrasment to buts to get all of them now dam it she lies she’s the Medium For God stop sex slavery money that she robs with these hanus gang stalker serial killer kiddy porn snuff movie crews they steal Nancy Gail Foxs stop slavery international money since 2009 and she lies we’re covering a business for a retard. Lies Nancy Fox is disabled which I AM NOT at all. She steals Fox-Taylor Family victims money since 2009 sent for Nancy Gail Fox the long time sober spiritual lady sent for her the mom to protect her family and this drunk witch robs it who runs slavery who is 68 years old 5 1/2 hours from L A up North telling crews keep doing rectum burning keys dam it to get all of them she says she does this to them since she was a kid she is lying Medium For God resume’ channeling money is for her crews because they steal mail open it rob the money and steal ups fed exes sent for Nancy Gail Fox and they rob PayPal by hacking and she’s lying that’s my stinken money to Police when of course it’s not she’s not a medium she’s not the stalked victim long time sober person who wrote the letters sent the faxes emails since 2010 she’s the one doing the stalking lying victimizing she runs clitoral cutting since she was 17 she’s saying she says I get kids everyday in my ski area for men to eat them out strapped down crying to make the mom see them all Cumming to teach the moms a real needed lesson for being like that for being that way dam it the mom was cumming on the daylight at noon with her not boyfriend but was really and moms in love making love after a needed divorce she kills them for having great orgasms so happy in love three in a row she sees in ispy and lies their bad for doing that to them to have sex when the kids are not home in the day. She lies it’s wrong when that’s what many single parents all do because they don’t want to sleep in sin… but she does