how to save lives

The kiddy porn newborn mom killer from the sex ring says shes on messenger to so many great friends a lying a ha ha as always
She says no one knows its ever really been her because she was taken from the Riding Stables by that dam and resevoir they always use that hanus word they say its hanus as thats the kids porn pick up station area they meet at every day

many reservoirs by the dams and boat docks too they meet at at 5 pm its been

they don’t know me at all in office buildings the tall and so small medical ones on Ventura Blvd and ER shes saying

shes in all of them each and every single spankin day to take all the kids away and newborns they eat one a day

shes so dam well trained to munch away

she eats them out and makes them cum even an hour old

she does it for their cult leader who sends the list

then he dings the red bells in their dug out rooms and they get their meth

so needed meth injections shes saying

she says she was 12 when she was taken to training

shes about 21 or 22 now

she was taken in 09 mid June or July

she says no one ever suspects her

she says lets chat it up to them in person

she says they get them from their houses the most and from many apartments often

her life mission is to do away with them

anyone whos ever cummed with another man

she was taught thats a really ever so bad person

to have another penis in the thou birth canal

she said they put ispy in to view it

they put spy cams in over the single moms beds when they file for a dam divorce

they watch them cum with a new man whos not ever been the dad at all in any way

they say that taints the birth canal thats supposed to be so ever sacred then the whole lot of them has got to go

a down under to have our way with them

we shoot them all up at once tie them off tie them down silver thread now

we shoot them all up with some pre measured speed balls

they are all hauled off to ER rooms

they are taken to some hospitals

they are taken down under ground to the clit cutter rooms

they munch away and get dope when the flick is in the can

they drop the flicks in hotel desk fed ex drop boxes at 9 pm and 5 am or 5 pm it was and is some places

shes told if a mom does that wild cumming act its got to come off

they make the moms and kids babies newborns all cum in the rooms

they film it on A T and T brand spankin new cells

they buy boxes of phones on Ventura Blvd

they rob the UPS Offices there

and they buy their nurse uniforms thereAdvertisements

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Hayvenhurst and Ventura Blvd, The Serial Killers Who murder people in snuff films are under those streets under a Bank Building in a room robbing my paypal thats to stop sex slavery, their naked wasted on meth and heroin having orgys with each other. Their also under Barham Blvd and Ventura Blvd or the 101 freeway area. Psychic crime tip to stop the killer bank robbers who are messaging online saying their covering people who were ever any kind of case file in their life, in their whole entire damdest life a shortened one they say amongst themselves as they murder people in snuff films is now live.