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The ten costumes are

Teddy Bear lab coat smocks

Nurse shoes


Bib aprons that say FDA dark maroon red crimson pastel colors

They wear aprons in markets to put microchips in food and water drinks soda pop is what they say

They go in at nine am each day

Casual civies they wear to malls to ruin the moms job applications

They spy on them to see where they are applying

Their underground the malls

They go in stores and say don’t hire her we have to force help on that person

They say don’t let them have money where its left for them

The public sent money for the moms and daughters to stores at The Sherman Oaks Fashion Square Mall in Calif

One of them goes around everyday to each store and says don’t let them have a penny

She lies I got custody of that family

She knows by sitting underground on her spy cams

She rapes moms underground on mattress pads

She buys kiddy porn clothes at the mall

Shes got clitoral cutters in her car they all do

They say no one will sniff them out for vagina fluid

They lie they are in charge of safety of the citizens of The United States Of America

They tell everyone they are not allowed to be arrested harmed hand cuffed and that no medical attention is ever allowed to be forced on them

Thats by I D Theft job postal theft

Thats not their lie at all

Thats for the moms and daughters sons who are or who have ever been a case file

The costumes are lab coats smocks hard hats flannel plaid shirts sneakers is their word stolen upscale designer clothing they steal clothing gifts from ups offices and they steal jewerly and perfume and pretend its theirs and fool people, bibbed aprons and casual attire

They kill people by wearing many Costumes66a6f1866a0f80040b9891b75063265d


They are at five Ralphs markets now

And they under ten off ramps under the 101 freeway

The slave men are coming out of one spot now they say to someone

They lie they handled everything so appropriately

They commit the crimes and lie they covered it

They say they got five men at supermarkets scouting them out and say oh well they will change to their civillian clothing

They say Civies now put normal clothes on to each other amongst themselves messengering on facebook by many

They wear costumes

They laminitate their photos in badges and wear them around their neck on a string or keep it in their lab coat pocket

They wisk it out and say top secret agency

They say you can’t touch me

I’m protected by the Heirachy on facebook messengering

The devils on messengering voted them in for this position

They lie they are a Heirachy secretly

They kill everybody and lie they do a save life job position

They steal the jobs in the mail and lie thats their job position

They are at many stores now all over California thats their meet up spot

Top secret is how they get away with it

As the devil stole the top secret for America and the Universe job in the mail many years ago and lied thats his job position

They stole the top secret stop human slavery spy equipment the ear peices sent in 09

They lie they are save life job internationally to the T V stations newsrooms crews of reporters each day

They wear stolen clothing jewerly drive stolen cars and fool people by the way they appear

They have ten costumes they wear


Their shredding stop sex slavery work orders

Five hundred times eight areas a day

They say they do it always

Their mission is cutting off clitoruses of stinky uteruses

They say they choose them by how many times they are cumming

They spy on their cunts they say and watch them in ispy in underpants

They stare at their v j on screens in the medical observation dug outs

They show up with long needles in Teddy Bear lab coats

They got floral lab coats the pastel colors to fool them all

They ordered around one hundred smocks that they got the other day in Studio City Cal from a local medical store on Ventura Blvd or by there

They say no one believes they do this to them

They got 5,000 on the messenger spy watch committee lying the tips the psychic writes are wrong

No one will check their mouth or fingers for vagina fluid

Or drug test them for meth and heroin

They lie they are the save life job position

They steal the stop slavery work orders sent in the mail

They say a bell will ring if anyone tries to harress them

They lie they are secret Heiracy by messsenger facebook and aiming

All by Identity theft as they steal jobs in the mail and lie thats their job position

They steal stop traffick stop slavery jobs and run it


The pack of perp serial killers murder for their meth and heroin as they are junkys who make kiddy porn and snuff movies

They say they are watching 89 moms now times 10 areas of Cal

They spy on 900 at a time

As they are the devil

Number nine number nine number nine

They say the moms are awarded of the court as soon as they open a case file

They open case files up by lies

They lie they got control of the moms when they don’t at all

Often the case files are closed and the lies were dismissed without prejudice

The moms complied with everything

They lie with papers about the nice mothers on messenger to each other by five thousand on the devil spy watch cam committee on ispy

Many don’t know they kidnap and set up murder

Many are fooled and think they are helping

Many do it for the money

They spy on people on their cells and are paid

They think its fun to see the messages that say whats that mom doing today?

They are paid to give their address and outfit they are wearing

They set up kidnapping of the mothers and the whole family

They are sent robbed money and gifts and paypal thats the families

They say they do it for the pay

They messenger them stolen paypal thats the mothers and daughters and sons and say take the pay take the pay

The word they use is pay

They say this sum of money is a real token of our appreciation to keep an eye on that scum bag

They lie they are troubled individuals

And no they are normal people who are robbed

They steal the money all over California that says hand this money to the moms and older kids

Ten one hundred dollar crisp bills in their hand so they can live

They steal it and say they handled it Sir Mame

They steal it all by spy watch cams and by bugging cell phones hacking emails

The 27 year old pedophile is calling fake medical calls and her medics vans to get them

She says she gets her meth injection when she gets a person

Its her and her peers she grew up with in the suberbs where they still all live

They are 23 and 27 mostly

They do this for almost 10 years under The San Fernando Valley California

There are 50 other groups just like them

They were shot up with meth when they were kids

They were told their job is to suck on them

Then they get heroin

The pedophile meth heroin liar underground says shes paid to drive all the moms crazy

Their top secret mission is to drive them all nuts

They take all the moms cars right away by evicting them in the real get go she says

They don’t take the daughters cars or older sons as they take them by spy cams on hoods

They wait for them to exit the freeway and sit under the off ramps by their houses and apartments and call fake nine one ones

They set up car crashes often to take them by ambulances to hospitals then they send them off hand cuffed by the framing papers they do sitting underground

They say they take children that way also, they lie they did something really naughty and set the kids up to be hand cuffed to take them to their secret juvy stations all across California

They have a through way to the juvy stations , underground hallways that go to a door in the cell halls

They take them that way to their rooms where they but fuck them in the rear by the men they have who are slaves also

The men are held in apartments on the west side hand cuffed to the bed frames

They are tall black African American men most are six foot ten and they make them do it to them with a gun to their heads

They get the men by casting agencys online they find them scout them out each day into the deep dark dickest blackest bleek night she says

They are held on Wilshire Blvd in a tall building the devil men lie they own

Its by the Veterans Cemetary Sepulveda dam they say and really its on the West Side by that Sepulveda by the 405 freeway and the Veterans Adminsitration building

They stole that property title in the mail years ago and lie they own properties that they don’t own at all

They take the men at four am to the freeway drop off places by the freeway exits on the 101 and all over California they do this

They go in man holes and down stairs on the streets that run along the freeways

They are by Van Nuys Blvd and Sylar Street in Sherman Oaks California under that street now Sylmar after an old case file

Thats Jessica D. Taylor my daughter age 27 date of birth Sept 17th 1991

I’m writing another psychic crime tip poem to save her

To bust all of them

So pass it on

The evil cruel inhumans spy watch cam committee are sitting on ispy spying on moms with no make up on

Their saying why don’t they get all done up for the day ahead on messenger they talk about them

They say they vote and give their opinion about what they are doing

They do a check list on laundry closets meals they eat and did not eat and if their rent payment is late

As they sit there taking all their money mail work emails by hacking work calls by bugging cells

They steal their paypal Western Union Bank deposits and charge the moms money on double credit cards that have their names on them

They shovel out their money at atms

They say they set up evictions foreclosures that way

As they sit there with all their pay and lie they are doing nothing all day

As they are working away

They are emailing calling for work going in person and checking the empty mail box they are over drafted by the spy watch cam committee and starved to death

They say they do this so they have to walk and take the bus

They steal their money so they can’t buy make up they need to look their best and press the microwave electric shock remotes in cars they sit in by their houses and apartments they press keys on cells and torture them invisibly

They are the devil running the hollocast of human torturing invisibly

The spy watch cam committees

They say they do this to see what the mom is doing and lie in logs they go in person behind the moms and ruin their job applications

They never see them they stalk moms by spy cam equipment

They are serial killers on meth heroin who are naked underground in rooms where the moms live

The crews have orgys with each other and stare at the moms naked in spy cams they put in their houses and apartments

They sit underground waiting to gang rape the mom and all her children of all ages

They make kiddy porn and snuff films

They send the spy watch cam committee stolen paypal stolen money and stolen cars and stolen gifts sent ups fed ex for the moms and their kids

they steal Christmas gifts and sit around watching the front doors where the moms live and say to anyone who gets close to the door to keep back we are under here covering a felon

they are not felons

The moms are law abidiing citizens who wouldnt hurt a flee

They are nice sweet honest people who are great parents and hard working making great money

But its all stolen

They steal their work calls by bugging phones

They lie that mom has a mental health problem

And they do not

They are robbed victims and I D Theft is done to them

The spy watch committees ruin the mothers lives

They sit around charging food on atm cards that have the moms names on them

They drive cars sent for the moms and older kids

They wear stolen clothes jewerly stolen perfume that they all rip off from the mail

They are sent stolen money thats the moms and their daughters and sons to sit and watch them in pain and suffering

They say they do this to see what their closet is like

Did they pick up the dog poop? Is their favorite line

Then they all vote amongst themselves to see if they feel the moms should work at a place they applied for

Then they plot to steal everything from their storage units

They steal vet money the mom raised

They say they do this to impress upon the community that the moms a scum bag

They are robbed victims that they stalk by ispy and do electric shock to them

They are the hollocast under California



Stop Slavery Psychic Crime Tips to read and pass on to stop them from I D theft
The tips say they are telling people who are sent Medium For God DBA Money to hand to Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylor for psychic stop slavery crime tips that its for someone else.
Tips say they are sending it all over for many years and they pick it up by bugging cells, phone tapping, by hacking computer emails by ispy on mail and they have been sending eighty people to pick it up all over The San Fernando Valley, California and they lie thats the money for them to cover the Nancy Gail Fox Son of God psychic family by ispy. They stalk by ispy and rob money mail ups fed ex bank deposits rent payment links UPS Fed Ex. They steal and do ID theft and 80 people pick up all over the valley and its sent for Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylor the Medium For God DBA Prophet writer buisiness owner. This is my Prophet channel writer psychic writing buisness that I do since 2009 almost 10 years ago I started my Medium For God Prophet channel writing stop sex slavery internationally work. My readings say they steal everything sent for my psychic writing crime tip work. Tips say $800.00 is sent to 10 people to hand to Nancy Gail Fox the Medium For God DBA Buisness owner and thats 10 people times 80 places and the people sent the money thats Nancy Gail Foxs owned buisness money are told thats for other people who are doing the Gods Medium email work in the Fryman Iredale Studio City, California houses and its a big game as Gods Medium is my name on my email address it says
Gods Medium
Lordess on earth is my channel writer resume’ name, I wrote that Prophet writer resume’ in 2010 May.
I sent my Lordess on earth channel writer resume’ then from my Gods Medium email address for channel writer jobs and for book deals and send it for 9 years all over on the internet.
My readings say in May 2010 a job was sent for my Lordess on earth Prophet writer resume’ that I emailed from Gods Medium for channel writing stop sex slavery jobs as a psychic medium channel writer who writes for spirits to stop crimes.
The psychic crime tips have said for years in my psychic medium readings that a Fed Ex was stolen that was sent for Nancy Gail Fox Gods Medium at the end of May 2010 and pedophiles took it and they run child trafficking and the group of perps women stole Fed Ex and lied they are a stop child traffick at CPS DCFS and Dept of Welfare Services internationally job position and they do ID Theft and pretend thats their job position by the job of Nancy Gail Foxs they stole in the mail at the end of May 2010 by LAX airport.
Readings say five Gods Medium houses were leased or bought at this time for Gods Medium Nancy Gail Fox to channel write from to stop traffick at CPS DCFS and Welfare Services internationally. The perps stole the mail and had other people move in the houses in Studio City, California that are for Nancy Fox and family.
Readings say for the past nine years they have other people live in the houses and they lie they are a Nancy Gail Fox staff or lie they are doing the Gods Medium work and they lie they are the Lordess on earth job position and they are sent the mail ups fed ex etc that is sent for Nancy Gail Fox Gods Medium the Lordess on earth channel writer, Medium For God for her crime tips.
Tips say the perp hackers who stole the Stop Traffick at CPS DCFS Dept of Welfare Services internationally job May 2010 hack and send the people in the houses hacked work they steal from Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylor Gods Medium the Medium For God the Lordess on earth channel writer, they redo the Prophet writing and cover up the Child Trafficking at CPS DCFS and Welfare Services Internationally. They send out redone work that covers up their pedophile snuff kiddy porn clitroral cutting crimes to the mail boxes and have people send the wrong stop child traffick crime tips out all over. They steal mail that has instructions for Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylor to send her psychic crime tips to and they send the wrong crime tips to those addresses and lie they are doing the Gods Medium, Medium For God, Lordess on earth stop child traffick crime tip work.
They are telling 10 people times 80 areas who are sent $800.00 for Nancy to not let her have one penny.
They lie thats to cover a gravely disabled lady whos tips are nuts and way off base as my tips are accurate and they don’t want people to know they run the child traffick by framing nice mothers to CPS DCFS and Dept of Welfare Services and I am not gravely disabled at all I am a psychic detective reporting my psychic medium channel writing crime tips to stop sex slavery and trafficking internationally and I do my reporting for almost 10 years and I set up my Prophet writer buisiness Medium For God in June 2009 at Ranchito Ave Sherman Oaks California 91423. I decided I am going full fledge with this and devoting myself to doing my Prophet channel writing medium goodwill work to save people and I started channel writing by hand for many long hours per day in 09 in Sherman Oaks California to save lives and I faxed my medium writer work all over the world to stop sex slavery and human sex trafficking internationally and I put Gods Medium on in 2009.
I ordered Medium For God Prophet channel writer buisness cards and Prophet writer stationary then and address labels Medium For God Ranchito in 2009.
My readings say in 2009 they stole the job for Medium channel writer Nancy Fox to channel write answers to questions on work orders from Russia and they lied that job goes with the real estate stop slavery work force crime tip folder fed ex estate buyers job we do since 05 when those jobs were sent.
Tips say they lie my psychic crime tip jobs sent years ago were a realtors buyers job position to buy estates as I was a realtor when they psychic jobs were sent and its just a trick a game the antichrist set up as its not a realtor job position it all.
Tips say they stole many stop human sex slavery stop traffick psychic crime tip jobs sent for Nancy Fox for my psychic detective crime tip ability not for my real estate skills. Its just a game to lie a psychics job to stop slavery is a realtors job as its not a realtors job at all.
My readings say they stole the Nancy Gail Fox Angel Board crime tip jobs and work orders questions sent in May 2005 and in Sept 2005 and Oct 2005, and they lied thats the Son of God save life realtor job we are doing instead by taking her mail and by lying its our job position which its not at all. Its I D theft by stealing mail. UPS Fed Exes, by hacking emails stealing jobs by bugging phones and getting information, they steal jobs by spy cam equipment and lie its their job position, they know where the psychic detective job positions are being sent for Nancy Fox and they run and pick them up and lie they are the Nancy Gail Fox staff and they are not, they steal everything sent for my psychic work and they lie they are many job positions. They lie they are the Nancy Gail Fox Fan Club mail staff and steal everything that way.
They lie they are covering the Son of God Prophet psychic family to protect them and lie that job is to be on ispy and not tell them.
They stole instructions sent in 2005 that said Nancy Gail Foxs money is sent to the banks where she has bank accounts, she should spend her money on the safety of her family. They stole that mail from the house by spy cams on the porch and they stole the money at the banks and lied that money is for us to spend to cover the family on ispy secretly and no its Nancy Gail Foxs owned money and letters said you should spend your money on the safety of your family. The stolen letters said you will have 100 people to gaurd and protect you and your children they are people who live by you and others may relocate to be the Nancy Gail Fox mail fan club. the 100 people shall bring you your psychic work orders in the mail, that shall be their job, they shall have 100 million in a safe in each of the 100 houses by you in case you need money, its your money they shall have dropped off in a safe their job is to cover the Son of God Nancy Gail Fox family for safety. They stole it and the clitoral cutter women told the 100 people in 100 houses to send them the Nancy Gail Fox son of God psychic save life mail, they said their mission is to cut off clitoruses and they say thats their version of the save life job, the two women they send mail stole the stop human slavery psychic jobs sent for Nancy Gail Fox May 2005 Sept 2005 Oct 2005 by spy cams the put on porches, they steal mail ups fed exes by their spy cams on porches and the two women lie they are covering the Son of God Nancy Gail Fox psychic save life family and rob them blind, they use their spy cams on porches for stealing, they rip everything off, do I D Theft and lie they are a Nancy Gail Fox associate and collect salary thats stolen from banks, its money sent for Nancy Gail Fox to accounts and they wire it out and lie they have banking authority, they steal bank information by spy cams on porches and lie they have banking authortity and lie they are a Nancy Gail Fox Son of God save life associate and they are not. They run clitoral cutting, and take people to sex slavery and human sex trafficking that way. They stole the mail that said in addition to the 100 people close friends and relatives who may relocate to bring Nancy Fox her important mail she shall hire 700 people and 5,000 employees total and she shall buy many mansions 700 estates houses for her staff she shall hire and they are to put her psychic crime tips Angel Board answers to the questions sent in folders in the estates houses she shall buy as the owner, the shall be her work force and type her answers in reprorts and Fed Ex them for Nancy Gail Fox. They stole all the mail with instructions in 2005 and wired the Nancy Gail Fox money out of bank accounts, they lied thats our save life job money, we are doing this job position instead, they stole the save life Angel Board psychic crime tip jobs sent to hire Nancy Gail Fox for her psychic ability and its not their job at all. They stole them by spy cams on porches, they stole them right out of the mail box and they stole them from Post Offices. They the 100 people and 700 people named on the lists they stole to side with them on messenger facebook they lied to people and said you can vote us in to do the Son of God save life job position instead, they said just give a thumbs up on facebook messenger and say you vote us in to do this job postion. They are job positions people sent to hire the psychic Nancy Fox. You cannot steal someones psychic job out of their mail box thats sent to hire them for their psychic ability and lie its your job on facebook messengering and thats what they did, my psychic tips say. They told them on facebook messenger to lie we are the stop slavery commander to lie we are the Heirachy who can secretly over rule anything by 800 thumbs up on messenger thats called a conspiracy of 2 or more lied, thats stealing and conspiring its lying pretending and its called Identity theft and thats how they do it says my psychic tips for almost 14 years this racquet has gone on on messenger facebook.
The stolen mail in 2005 that a woman took said this is the Nancy Gail Fox Son of God save life family psychic geru spiritual job position for her and her daughters Jessica Denise Taylor and Hannah-Grace Taylor to save lives all over the universe, its for Miss N . Foxs in depth great geru of light psychic ability for her in depth intricate detective crime tip ability as shes a natural born detective all during her life shes like this, piecing things together, figuring things out as a wise deep in thought brilliant Philosopher and shes doing the Angel Board again spelling words out all night at 10 pm when her kids go to bed and shes spelling out many long phrases paragraphs a novel each night God writes by her hands swirling over her great Angel mat and the stop human sex slavery jobs are for her intricate in depth deep in thought creative genius crime tips and for her spelled words on the Angel Board as an everyday reader alone by a white candle light flickering high at their great spritual center one story hacienda Son of God house she just bought this summer 2005 and a woman stole the mail and lied that shes doing the Son of God family job save life postion with the other woman who has spy cams on porches who steals the jobs from them. The two of them conspired to lie thats their save life job position and say their mission is to remove clitoruses and they lie thats a save life job and they take people to human sex slavery this way and run slavery under California with the antichrist serial killer family who make kiddy porn and snuff movies. The two women stole the psychic save life jobs sent to hire Nancy Gail Fox and her daughters and they stole bank information stole money and lied thats the job position we are doing to cover them by spy cams and its not their money or job position and the stolen mail said Nancy Fox is to have 800 people covering them in person. Shes to have 5,000 employees she may pay her Nancy Fox money to from banks as salary and she shall give 5,000 people by ear pieces her psychic stop slavery crime tips and the 5,000 people she hires around the world shall carry out her psychic crime tips to save lives in America and in Countries all over the world. Tips say they send 5,000 people stolen paypal by hacking and its paypal sent since April 2013 for Nancy Gail Foxs psychic crime tips. They steal hundreds of millions per hour by hackers thats sent for Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylor to stop sex slavery internationally and they send the 5,000 stolen money stolen gifts and they buy and lease cars and say they are a Fox Corperation and its stolen money and they lie about everything and sit around stealing by spy cam equipment. So in 2005 I started doing my Angel Board every night and stolen letters shes doing her psychic word spelling again as she did this as a kid and they stole earned psychic jobs sent for my psychic ability and they lied shes not able to do this job and lied people who are not even psychic could lie that job position was better suited for them and thats the evil game they play. They steal jobs in the mail sent to hire people and lie we are so much better suited for this job position and lie its their job and do I D Theft and steal everything sent for my psychic crime tips. In 2005 they stole an Angel Board job sent in May 2005 to hire the psychic Nancy Gail Fox and in Sept 2005 they stole a job that said how do they remove organs ? an Angel Board Nancy Gail Fox job for 24 grand a month for 1 year. They stole a Angel Board job sent to hire the psychic Nancy Gail Fox Oct 2005 The Nancy Gail Fox Investigation of Stopping Human Slavery Internationally Secret Agent Nancy Fox for America and the Universe
2006 Stop Traffick in the Conejo, Angel Board word spelling crime tip job
Fall 07 they stole a stop slavery job and mail that said Nancy Gail Fox should buy many mansions with her funds sent to banks where she has bank accounts she should buy 700 houses and estates and hire 700 people and she should have 100 people bringing her her mail already and there should be 100 people gaurding them from their house where they live by them and some new homes were to be acquired to be part of the 100. They stole the list that said she may want to hire these 700 people. Realtors she knows and works with, mortgage brokers who do her loans for her real estate customers, Grant High School class of 1977 Alumni. Make up artists she worked with on films movies T V that are on her Costume Designer resume’ on Nancy G. Fox she may hire make up hair wardrobe costumers Costume Designers Actors Directors Producers Production managers etc from those crew lists and neighbors from everywhere shes lived and past classmates from Grammer School Jr High School and she may want to hire 55 of her daughters friends and their parents and some of them already have the 100 million in a safe, some of them are in the 100 people and so are AA Friends who live by them, they are in the 100 people to gaurd them and to take the important crime tip question mail tot them to answer the questions from all over the world on her Angel Board. The 800 people sided with the devil and thumbs up voted in for the two women to pretend its their job, they decided to secretly lie on messenger the save life job position was someone elses and they agreed to lie and pretend with them. Another women in 2006 stole the save life psychic jobs and rewrote the save life job description, she lied to the 800 people and said this is the job description I am better suited for this and so are some other people. They are stolen jobs sent to hire Nancy Fox for her psychic ability. She lied this job is to get crime tips by spy cam equipment from the crews in stations built under Mail Boxes underground, its a job to put their crime tips in folders and to Fed Ex them, its to type efficent reports as a mortgage broker does a loan package to Fed Ex all tabbed sweet neat fresh and tidy, its a job to sit in estates typing filing receiving Fed Exs UPS. Its a real estate estate buyers job to buy many estates and houses She lied to them on messenger in early 2006 or 2007 and said this is the job descripition and said I am better suited to run this crime tip ispy file job and some realtors are better suited to buy the 700 to 5,000 properties that mail says shes to buy. She said the two women who took the save life jobs in 2005 are better suited to do this in depth crime tip work by ispy by their crews underground California in the rooms they built that they call stations where they spy from and run out and take the stop slavery stop traffick ups fed exes sent for Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylor. She had the 800 people vote her in for the job position and to vote in the two clitoral cutter woman who stole the Angel Board jobs in 2005 that were sent to hire the psychic Nancy Gail Fox. So 5,000 people on messenger lie they are doing a save life job position and they lie say they top secretest and they lie they are doing a realtor stop slavery file folder estate buyers job. They all steal the mail that is sent for the Medium For God Nancy Gail Fox since 2009. They lie thats our Son of God Son of God save life job position money mail gifts and they steal Prophet rent and exspense money sent for Nancy Gail Foxs letters requesting it that are emailed since Sept 2012. they steal the Medium For God Prophet rent money by 80 people running around the San Fernando Valley and none of its their money and never was


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My psychic readings say the sex slavery ring is saying they also take people from parks,mall on random calls by running car plates and framing them , they have five people at many parks always on the list and ten people on the lists at many shopping mails that they sit under and lie they own malls, dept stores coffee shops parking lots, they also have people in hotels they sit under who are on vacation, they say these are the ones take inbetween the DCFS CPS case files they take at the witching hours of 5 am and 5 pm thats when they get meth and start frantically calling out lying and when the do the frantic speedy typing to get them and inbetween hours from stores markets bus stops coffee shops houses apartments ER rooms by doing micro chip torturing to them on cells they press in cars parked all around wherever the people are that they are trying to get say my psychic tips.
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My readings say that 15 women are setting up murders, they are lying moms and daughters need a vagina tightening, they say they go by ispy viewing on their pelvis when they have intercourse they view them and say they are stretched out looking and they are saying this about mothers who delivered babies , who have young babies at home and the mothers have sex with the dad and they view them and lie they need a full vaginal removal , a clitorus cutting ritual to punish them for having orgasms they see in spy watch cams and they are setting up vagina tightening for their human meat business they are running in North Ranch Estates , my readings they stole the stop slavery mail sent to hire Nancy Gail Fox as a psychic for my psychic detective crime tips. They stole the stop slavery housing maps sent in the mail for Nancy Fox that said shes to buy houses estates on this map with a realtor for her stop slavery staff for her psychic work orders work books shes sent for a staff to use, shes to have 5000 employees as her save life work force. They stole the mail, bought estates with stolen money that they take from banks postal mail paypal etc. they buy the houses estate condos on a map that has streets suggested for a stop slavery staff and they run slavery from the houses estates streets named on a map. My psychic readings say the street names they may live on are Larkfield Street, Golf Course Road, Oak Grove Place, Windy Mountain, Pathfinder, North Ranch estates and they golf there and drink and there are 15 women who are calling for vagina tightenings for after virgin gang bang in hotels they all arrange in advance with the men they work for whos names may be The Bel Air Mansion Men women the Levine Brothers or Levin Brothers, Carlisle Canyon men, California, names such as these say my psychic tips. The women may be realtors and transaction coordinators who work in Conejo Valley real estate offices. My psychic readings say that many stole the mail from our house, that’s why we were stalked in summer 2008 and that’s why my car was broken into Aug 9th 2006 , someone stole my real estate estate listing portfolio from my car and they stole my daughters ballet bag. My readings say they set up I D Theft and they took the Nancy Gail Fox stop human slavery internationally psychic jobs from our mail box and from my office I had then and they took some Nancy Gail Fox save life Son of God psychic crime tip jobs that were sent when I was a real estate agent of California. That was my proffesion before I started my Prophet channel writer proffesion in 2009. Prior to that I was a realtor from 1999 to 2009 I sold homes in The Conejo Valley as a hard working single mom real estate lady. We were stalked at our house over 10 years ago and our mail box was stalked one day for 4 hours by car parked right in front of the mail box on a post. At the time of the stalking I thought a realtor might be after my business. My readings say they stole mail out of our mail box that said Nancy Gail Fox should buy many mansions for her staff she should hire to live in the estates she should buy with her money sent to the local banks where she has bank accounts, she may have realtors buy the estates for her as she will be too busy doing her psychic detective crime tip work on this 10 year stop human slavery internationally job position as the international spokesperson shes to speak her psychic crime tips to save lives at podiums and its also called The Nancy Gail Fox save life operation Los Angeles County, shes to have 100 people live in 100 houses around them so they can take her her Nancy Gail Fox mail, work orders, work books to save lives with her psychic detective crime tips. Shes to have a work force of 5000 people so she can give them her up to the minute psychic crime tips and shes to own 5000 properties for her work force staff shes to hire for the Nancy Gail Fox son of God save life family psychic spiritual geru job thats hers and her daughters Jessica Denise Taylor 9 17 91 Hannah Grace Judith Taylor 3 31 95. They took the mail that said Nancy Gail Fox can have realtors buy the properties for her that are suggested on this map. They lied thats our realtor estate buyers stop slavery for our city that we are doing by taking Nancy Gail Foxs house estate buying instructions from their mail box and all over where they are sent and lying thats our buyers job position to get the Nancy Gail Fox and her daughters money from the banks and buy estates and it’s not that job at all. Its a psychic job and its for realtors to buy the estates for Nancy Gail Fox that she chooses with the Nancy Gail Fox money at banks for her 5000 stop slavery internationally staff to save lives all over the world, their lying thats a real estate buyers job for our community to buy many estates on maps in mail that say Nancy Gail Fox is to buy them. My readings say 15 women are ordering vagina tightening from the estates they bought on the maps and they are saying they do this to all of them, the ones named on lists that they all picked by messsenger facebook smily faces to each other they agree secretly who to get and they run human sex slavery torturing snuff movies kids porn dead body traffick their human meat buisiness from the houses estates they bought on stop slavery internationally housing maps that were streets suggested for Nancy Gail Fox to have realtors buy properties for her for her stop slavery internationally staff. My readings say the maps had streets named that I loved as a realtor selling homes. The streets may be the ones I named in North Ranch, Calif. Ventura County side of Westlake Village. Also 89 estates in Sherwood Estates, Lake Sherwood Drive and inside the gates on Lake Sherwood, Stafford Road five safe houses may be there among 89 estates bought by maps they stole in the mail with stolen money at banks. My readings say the men women running human sex slavery torturing kids porn snuff movie clitoral cutting take money from brinks trucks from bank parking lots where Nancy Gail Fox and daughters have bank accounts. They spy and see the money sent to the banks and then take it in parking lots with fake paperwork and then send it out to 100 people and say here is your save life money in a bank wire, then they send it to 5000 people and they lie they are doing the save life job and say they do it on messenger facebook amongst themselves and with 20 million people they send robbed paypal to thats Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylor the Medium For God Buisness owners paypal, they take it by hacking and send it to others emails and they collect it manually and its to be right in my paypal account whenever someone sends it from all over the world to my email addresses for my posts I write as a psychic medium to stop crimes. The women men in the estates houses condos apartments offices on maps are saying their mission is to cut off clitoruses by messenger they plan it all out in advance to do that to all of them, they hate the moms and all their kids of all ages by the way they are in bugging and spy watch cams, they are usually new age free spirits and so guffy to them the way they act so silly and by what they say about someone that they hear by cell bugging and by hacking cells emails lap tops computers land lines, they say they go on the long list to get them down and out force 12 shots on all of them at once wherever they are in the area and in the whole State of California to wack it all off all of them down under their houses apartments offices work places colleges etc. they have 900 operating rooms they do this in and they set up vagina tightening for virgin girls before virgin gang bang where they tear their vagina rectums all up on purpose they say they plan it out to sex torture the kids in front of the moms they tie down at their houses shoot them up 12 times with a speed ball and lie thats to relax the sex addicts moms and all her kids of all ages birth babies toddlers children teenagers adult age daughters college university adult daughters who have their own apartment and their own house and the mothers mom also they take by 12 giant shots in the arm rear ends and they say how bout it baby ? to the men they send giant clitoruses to on their cells , they say hey men how bout it take them out now one by one is not the way all at once get them all down and so out all the moms kids older girls babies we all so picked out online by a smily face on facebook messenger to lie they are all so wasted crack whores ladies by shooting them all up at once fondling them sticking it in them in trucks vans cars ambulances by fake fraud medical reports the 15 women lie the DCFS CPS case files need vagina tightening surgery operations they lie they can force medical attention and lie they can order surgery operations they do not need or want and they say they have it set up under all DCFS Case files houses in The State of California in rooms surgical rooms for after virgin gang bang at hotels motels houses office parks they all arrange it to meet the mom there by forcing 12 speed balls in their arms buttocks areas legs hands etc and they lie its for family therapy for everyone to be told the moms a Sex Alcoholic and they lie its sex therapy primal screaming and they lie they help them and lie they are so worried to everyone to get them to hurry up they say to rush around panicking to think the moms got an infected vagina thats all yucky down there with a clitorus hanging up with torn vagina walls rectums rippped on kids and moms daughters of all ages babies newborns when not at all, they are totally healthy people with no medical issues and they set up pre meditated gang rape sex torture murders by ordering vagina tightening in advance when they are perfectly in tact say my psychic crime tips. They are setting up murders by ordering surgerys shots in Los Angeles County in The San Fernando Valley in Sherman Oaks , Studio City, Encino, Tarzana, Woodland Hills, Conejo Valley L A County Side of that valley and the Ventura County Side and in North Hollywood, Valley Glen, Canyon Country, Newhall, Lancaster areas, Antelope Valley, Mono County, San Andreas , Northern California for everyone whos ever been a DCFS CPS case file or who is one now and case files that have not been opened yet. DCFS Case files moms adult daughters with their own baby from 9 and 10 years ago are on the list. Probably me Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylor as I was set up to DCFS in 2009 spring by slanderers after we were stalked car broken into etc in years prior. I was set up by anonymous liars in spring 09 to DCFS a place I would never be and the pages of lies were dismissed without prejudice at the time and this was almost 10 years ago so I am afraid for my daughters lives and my baby grandsons life and my 98 year old elderly moms life and thats Denise S Fox 4 24 24 and that is my 27 year old daughter Jessica Denise Taylor 9 17 91 she lives in Sherman Oaks CA and goes to Valley College in Valley Glen by Coldwater Canyon and Fulton Ave. CA and she works in Mc Carther Park til 4 am she drives on the 101 and shes at 12 step meetings also and my readings say the killers lurk under all those areas and I am worried about my 23 year old daughter in San Andreas CA in her own house with her 4 month old baby son born and shes
Hannah Grace Judith Taylor 3 31 95 and every case file is in danger ever mother every grandmother every baby every child every teenager every adult daughter everyone whos ever been a DCFS CPS Case file in California is in danger of being murdered by gang rape torturers by shots by fake papers they do secretly by facebook messenger its so dangerous for everyone so pass these tips on to stop them from ordering surgerys and shots etc.
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Sex Addicts Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who are in this program when they feel they have a sex problem. I am posting this on google on my save life page because my psychic tips say they human sex traffick moms and daughters sons babies in hotel rooms by many lying to people to get them there. My psychic tips say they lie women are sex addicts and tell people they need to take the mothers and daughters sons to hotel rooms to tell the kids their moms are sex addicts and really they are gang raped sex tortured as captured sex slaves in the hotel rooms they lie is for family therapy and they may say its court ordered secretly that they can force them there by papers and force unwanted medical attention on them by shots. My readings say they shoot the moms and kids of all age up with meth heroin and Ajax 12 times in a row with long needles in their buttocks and take them there hand cuffed on stretchers and they are gang raped front and rear end by packs of men who tear them up for hours in the hotel suite motels houses office park rooms underground their houses apartment buildings in rooms they build and under shopping malls in rooms in 900 rooms underground California. My readings say they say from the rooms below that they set up virgin gang bang at the hotels they arranged in such great advance by them calling all around for this great venture ahead for them to see each other again since that bad mom lost full custody by the court system is the way we get them there, by spying on the moms uterus in spy watch cams installed over the single mothers beds they install ispy when the moms get legal divorce decrees sent then they spy on legally divorced single nice moms having sex in the daytime with their boyfriend in their bed when they kids are not home and the moms have orgasms in a row in love and romance in the day and they lie they are Sex Addicts, Sex Alcoholics, Sex Phens, they lie making love with one person their partner they are in a relationship with a man who calls himself the moms boyfriend is a sex addict by the way they do it, they lie having orgasms is a sex addiction problem and they say they set the so nice seeming moms up to a gov agency by framing them and to seperate the moms and kids then they say they need to force hotel therapy to tell the kids the moms are sex addicts and really its for men to gang rape the moms and daughters of all ages birth to adult daughters and sons babies and nine year old boys and grandmas they take to hotels and force them to watch their grandchildren being gang raped. I am posting this because rule of thumb no one should be forced to a hotel or motel room against their will where men are, that spells R A P E and there are Sex Addicts Anonymous 12 step meeting programs that a mom could attend IF shes a sex addict and there are also S ANON for the family of sex addicts the same as ALANON meetings and there are ALATOT meetings and ALATEEN 12 step meetings that the kids teens toddlers could attend and regular ALANON Is for the family and friends of a person who have an addiction so if people think moms having orgasms with their boyfriend that they heard of or saw in spy watch cams installed on them without them knowing then they should attend a ALANON meeting and a S ANON Meeting thats for family and friends to attend to help the mom they think is a sex addict, That’s how it should be so everyone is safe and not in danger of being raped at hotels by men by being forced there as its a game a trick to capture the moms daughters sons grandmas for bloody virgin gang bang.
If they think a mom is sex addict they should call them ask them and they could say go get a meeting cards signed at S A 12 step meetings the same as AA 12 step meeting cards they sign there to prove the person attended. That would be a normal proper way to handle a situation if someone thought a mom might be a sex addict, my readings say most are not sex addicts at all ever in their life, they are women who just have sex with a man they are in a relationship with and thats allowed in the S A Program and having orgasms is not a sex addict problem. My readings say some are FGM clitoral cutters capturing the moms and kids. the FGM groups on messenger hate orgasms and if they see orgasms in spy cams they say cut if off for being like that for doing that. The orgasm haters are clitoral cutters a Female Genitial Mutilaton sex ring who hate orgasms that they see in spy cams. some are religous conservative watching mothers have orgasms and lie they are bad for having orgasms , others say they call them sex addicts by how they do it and by how they look in spy cams and want to cut if off them. many are torturing clitoruses because they hate them for having orgasms they punish them by torturing clitoruses by micro chip clitoral torture by pressing keys on cells ipads they say make it hurt for being like that they had so many in a row that they saw in ispy and they say the men do virgin gang bang to the great girls at the hotels they arrange to make them cum to force the mom to see their kids cumming and they lie its sex therapy then five men an hour rape them for weeks in hotels motels houses and in rooms underground then they torture the mothers clitorus for 10 hours for having orgasms, packs of women press on their clitorus and say thats clito pressure and men rape the kids in front of them and do oral sex torture to them and say the make the kids cum to force the moms to see them cumming and say its sex therapy for the Courts and Goverment Agencys so how about an S A meeting court card instead?
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Their robbing money lying they are Nancy Fox Incorperated Stealing it from eighty bank counters where its left for Nancy Fox they run and rip it off and know by spy cam equipment and do I D Theft and steal the money left for Nancy Fox only Their saying…

Front Door Mats

Front Door Mats

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Psychic crime tips say many greedy evil ones said why did she buy that house on a hill? and why are so many white letters sent from human rights offices for her and her children? and the jealous greedy envious sinners said I want to say thats our big job and all plotted to steal the save life mail sent for Nancy Fox and her family in 2005 and set up a huge I D theft ring to steal everything.
Tips say they wrote fake reports and said shes nuts to buy a one million dollar house in an estate area and made up fake reports and said they did this to take all the jobs sent the white letters scattered all over the lawn for Nancy Gail Fox and her daughters to save life on earth and to save the world. The spirtual Angel Board jobs sent to hire the Angel Board readers Nancy Gail Fox and her daughter Jessica Denise Taylor for their Angel Board words for Countries all over the world. They heard of it and trampled all over the property and ripped the save life save the world Angel Board jobs off and set up robbery and I D Theft. Tips say they made fake reports up and lied a realtor since 1999 was nuts to buy that house for a million dollars on her income and they said made things up to lie they were better suited for the human rights offices United Nations jobs sent in the mail and lied the psychic spirtual geru save life jobs sent for Nancy Gail Fox and her daughters was a realtors job to buy houses which its not at all and they steal everything sent for them and lie she was nuts to buy that house by a dream she had before then in their opinion. God Jesus Angels Spirit Guides send people dreams to guide them and my dreams predicated the house on River Farm Drive so I would know they were guiding me to buy it is why. I dreamt of the inside of the house the floorplan exactly in the hallway the bedrooms I saw them in a dream before I ever went there and I dreamt I was standing on that wide street with a horse sign on the corner exactly. When we parked out front I said Oh my God its the big wide street I dreamt of exactly with the Horse sign on the corner as I am a spiritual AA person sober in AA since 1985 I pray to God and work a spritiual program and if things happen easily fall right into place its called Gods will and trying to force things is called self will and it was Gods will as a miracle and my readings say many devils stole the miracle jobs sent to our spiritual house and lied shes nuts to buy that house as they sat there tresspassing stealing Angel Board salarys sent that would have paid the entire mortgage payment for the psychic Nancy Gail Fox.
I planned to buy a one story hacienda style house for my elderly mom to live with us and I wrote many offers on similar style houses for years in the area and thats a fact. I planned it out and knew thats what I am doing then I had the dreams about that house after looking for 4 years at houses like that one and after writing many offers on houses like that one.
I planned to sell the two story house and buy a one story house for my elderly mom to live with my two daughters and I and that was my moms plan for her old age, to live us in a one story house that I promised her I would buy so in early 2005 I refinanced Janlor Drive took money out of the house and I used the equity loan against the house to upgrade it to sell it to buy a one story, I planned it all out as a real estate lady , that was my proffesion since 1999 and many called me for advice on selling their houses and that was my area of expertise so its disrespectful to judge why a realtor bought their own house as that was my proffesion since 1999.
In spring 2005 I upgraded Janlor Dr in Westlake Village CA to sell it, I put in new tile, paint, smooth ceiling, new carpet etc. and planned it all out as a realtor and home owner. I listed it for sale in 2005 summer and sold it for $750,000.00 in 2005. I found River Farm Drive by shopping on line on the MLS as a California Realtor I kept staring at the house on River Farm Drive thinking it was perfect then later it I bought one day quickly and did not tell many about it as I did want it to get ruined because I wanted the house. It was a million thirty seven in a estate neighborhood, I was familiar with the street as I showed the house above it several times in the past. I upgraded River Farm Drive with my Janlor Drive money and it appraised for almost half a million more right away a smart buy for a single mom realtor who would have equity in her house as a single parent for college and so on in the future as when you have equity you can always refiance is why.
The payment was the same as Janlor Drive
I was qualified to buy it alone by Countrywide Home Loans
I bought it with a swing loan from my house on Janlor Drive in summer 05
My mom offered to go on the house loan with me as she planned to live there and it saved me a single parent $330.00 a month is the reason as shes a nice person who wanted to help me out.
I upgraded Janlor Drive to buy a one story and it sold for $750,000.00 in 2005
My income in 2005 working part time as a single parent was $137,000.00 I plannned to double my realtor income when my olders were older and when my mother moved in about the time the payment would go up and thats the type of loan it was from Countrywide who approved me by myself a smart realtor single parent buying a family home for my daughters and mom and I to live happy ever after, all planned out for years in advance.
I planned to lease my moms house for around $3,200.00 a month and she said it was all up to me whatever I decided and she only wanted to live with my daughters Jessica and Hannah and I and that was the plan. I planned to live there forever and our plans got ruined by many liars stalkers thieves etc and my readings say they lie she was nuts to buy that house and they say thats their opinion their unwanted unwarranted opinion as its none of their buisness at all
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I bought my house on River Farm Drive in The City of Westlake Village for the plans of having it as a happy family home for my daughters my elderly mom and I to live there happy ever after. I planned this out for many years with my mom Denise S Fox, I…



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Their lying their in charge of safety of the city and that they are underground covering citizens to make sure no harm is done to their body mind or soul and to take the people on the list on a safe spritiual mission and really they are posing as this type of person sort of person and they capture them gang rape torture murder them all and lie they take them on safe secret mission underground they lie they take them to a better life and way of living and say thats to the skies of the heavenly light up up and away to heavens gates they send them the moms who have long Os in their life they are offing that breed of full figure curvy women and all their kids of all ages they scout them out by spy cam footage they spy in ispy they install when a mom gets final divorce papers mailed to the house single moms houses they own usually they put spy cams on the mail boxes front door garage doors car hoods and they see it sent the divorce decree a legally divorced mom they lie is a whore if she has intercourse with a new man shes in love with with passion and all her heart orgamic due to love they say they write down the orgasm count and say thats the whole entire reason they put ispy in the houses in heater vents and everywhere is to see is the legally divorced moms have a triple just a normal orgasm a mulitple its called in the new day and age terms and the age of evil they are that and they are a cult who murder moms who have orgasms and kill all their kids because the mom had orgasms that they saw in spy cams and half of them doing the human smuggling killing are the Female Geniial Mutilators they are FGM a ring who hate orgasms and want to cut off clitoruses if they see them jiggling and they are perverts is not it half of them setting up the horrific deaths are self rightous idiots and mean cruel individuals and monstors really and they have no respect for people as they cross that line of boundaries is the new age term they violate people by talking about them behind their backs by looking at them naked in spy cams thats called beyond disrepctful and they must be stopped as they set up many murders by slandering people online and they are not allowed to see someone naked at all thats against the American law they are peeping tom sex offenders criminals breaking the law of the United States of America and they are supposed to be on the Meghans Base Sex Offender Map as sex offenders and thats the law in California written right in the California CAR realtor home purchase contract that buyers sign when the buy a house it said or says at some point in time as my medium knows that from experience of California Realtor home purchase contracts something such as the buyers are informed to check the Meghans Base Sex Offender Map themselves so they can find out if a sex offender lives near a house they are buying and its a map with many dots on it so the buyer can see the streets the sex offenders live on so they can decide if they want to live there or not and thats the law of California and my medium will get the facts as she often does check facts by psychic information she receives such as she read up on orgasms and clitorus information and it said the clitorus has twice as many nerve endings as a penis does and 7000 nerve endings she read the clitorus has that many nerve endings and thats to have great long moaning orgasms in a row to feel great really good is really why and they cut them off for someone enjoying that and thats the mean streaked evil women spying on peoples love making and its not their place to know about passionate great love making and they gawk and say oh my God my word cut it off so they cant ever do that hanus act again in their life and they want to do it have orgasms and they are hurting no one at all in any way and they are innocent nice people and they kill many by this Female Genital Mutilation horrific ring who sit around mad wanting to chop off someones body part that they have for pleasue in their life its like saying I hate the food that person is eating cut their tongue off I hate seeing them do that and its like saying I hate their voice cut out their voice box so they cant talk and cut their eyes out so they cant see orgasms I wish for that as they are insane to be looking at private areas and many call some a biget as a person who thinks being sexy in love making is bad they hate women in beautiful clothes make up women who try on clothes to look good and they are feminine women who always buy lace pink white black tan bras underwear even just for themselves to feel good wearing them under their clothing even if no one sees them at all they may enjoy sleeping in a lace camasole satan for themselves to feel good at night all alone and many are alone doing this for years ages and a pack of the women doing FGM are tom boys they are not feminine women they like sporting clothes hiking outdoor sports wear cotton printed underwear and no high heels make up there are pack of tom boys who do this they stare at feminine nice women who are into the city life more so who like lace satan and so on and make up heels sometimes and there are many who hate the clitoruses having orgasms and they stare at them and say cut it off they are wrong to do that in the daylight with a man whos not the dad they should be hiking making snacks for their kids and cooking preparing meals and so on and they say they are sick to them to be that way and take them all away for trying on nasty clothing and they say a lace bra is sick to them they wear sports bras and they kill them by their hate crimes and they are in ski resorts in California in June Lake a pack of them doing this to many all over California and in Mammoth Lakes ski area there are one hundred and in Utah Park City areas and New York State the skier women are doing FGM they hate orgasms lace clothes satan and so be it its a free Country to be yourself as the women would not like how they act either they may judge what they wear also and they kill them by hate crimes by them the tom boys rugged women who hate big giant clitos they might do it for one second by a camp fire and not for hours ever in the day time as they are from the 1960s and 1940s are some men doing this and they do not get it at all the new age free spiritual souls of wonder and woodstock many were in the burning bra days then and love ins and free spirits then those days why dont they get it? the love ins and so on because that was a acid trip group they say and they were not that way they are self rightous conservative are most of them judging many brought up in the 1970s as teens to 1980s and 2000 era the people in this time frame in middle school wore hip hugger jeans and they grew up around the free spirit hippy love days the feeling of it and they are ones who grew up in peace and love clothes as spiritual people and dancing in discos as teens partying and so on and thats their generation and to them the times of fun they had in their teens and 20s was fun and normal by peer pressure also as many are this way in their life having fun dancing etc and the ones doing this FGM are against the way they are as they are killing many people by hatred of revenge FGM women are half of the sons of satan doing this FGM to the population because they want to stop orgasmic women in the whole world and half of them or one forth are brain washed into the cult leaders thinking who tells them thats a satan mom to off and there are many who think a women who has orgasms in a row from a clitorus and dark furry pubic hair is a demon they think they are offing satan moms and say they do them and all their great many kids of all ages and about 1000 of them think those are satan moms and say we have to rid them from the world and say that offing them and the whole family is saving life on earth as the antichrist liar cult leader brain washed many of them to think a woman who has orgasms is a satan mom with demonic air coming out of her and they think they are killing satan moms and all their kids of all ages a breed of people they need to remove such as Adolph Hitler removed Jews a breed of people and they are not satan moms at all they are spiritual passionate women who are sensual fun creative free spirits in a new age wonderful love making relationship who have many orgasms from their clitorus that God created for this reason and the around 1000 think they are offing satan moms with demonic air coming out of their uterus and all the kids of every age adults newborns baby sons nine year old boys and four month old babies they kill them all and thats the 1000 in the stations computer rooms the ugly sewer line worker men eat out kids and they are raised to think thats a satan mom to do in and they are men living underground who say they are storm drain workers sewer line men women trained to do this to them raised to think this and they are brain washed and so are the kids Youth Group udder crews 50 to 57 kids teens trained 10 years ago and in many areas of California
How to stop the kids porn snuff flick gyno chair sex torture FGM sex ring?
By Nancy Gail Fox
Medium For God DBA
By my psychic reading tips

Who takes the bus early in the morning from the suberbs and arrives around 7:35 on Ventura Blvd Topanga Canyon, Reseda Blvd, White Oak, Van Nuys Blvd, Woodman Ave, Coldwater Canyon, Whitsett Ave, Vineland and Magnolia Blvd?
Who meets up a donut shops at half past seven by the bus stop?
Who is wearing a pythe helmet hard hat flannel shirt partial work uniform at the donut shops?
Which fifty people are walking from the donut shops across the busy street to a market?
Which fifty people are behind the market at around 8 am?
Which fifty people are getting shot up with meth in their foot and back neck at 8am behind the markets by a tall white medical van? rental vans and medical vans with writing on them?
Who is then wearing a dark bib apron with the Food and Drug Administration intials on it FDA embroidered in the markets between 8 am and 8:15 am?
Who then goes down stairs and ramps behind the markets in a pythe helmet and flannel shirt partial uniform who says they are sewer line rain gutter street sweeper storm drain workers?
Who is buying pull up diapers training pants baby food formula baby juice at the markets between 7 am and 9 am?
Who later has on a white or pink or powder blue pale yellow magenta lab coat and nurse shoes, carrying a clip board with a lamenated badge on, on a string?
Who is in childrens stores, Disney stores, department stores, childrens shoe stores, Westfield Malls at 1 30 pm to 2 30 to 5 pm ?
Whos buying party dresses for five year olds mary jane shoes bobby socks and costumes ?
Whos Fed Exing the costumes labeled and bagged to a care giver for an outing?
Who is at hospital nurserys taking newborns in lab coats with clip boards ?
Which groups of women are wearing the lab coats walking around together slandering women?
Who is paying money to neighbors and people in the area to watch someone?
Who is standing in front of schools on the sidewalks slandering parents at Nursery Schools Pre School Elementary Middle Schools High School College University and anonymous recovery meetings ? After School and 12 step meetings? and at Churches ?
Who are taking children in their cars suvs?
Who are in medical building hallways taking women and daughters?
Who are forcing shots by surrouning the person?
Who are taking away by medical vans ambulances to E R Rooms and Hotels?
Whos reserving hotel rooms and calling fake medical calls and 9 1 1s?

Someone shoud check security cameras and match up the places and the different clothes they wear througout the day to find out who they are.
They should be drug tested for meth and heroin
My psychic readings say they say they are Goverment Agency Case Workers and they should be drug tested.
If they are on meth heroin they may be a pedophile rapist serial killers clitoral cutter
K Nine dogs could sniff them out for clitoral cutter tools sheers tweezers knifes
They could check their mouth for childrens DNA
My psychic readings say they do oral sex to newborns and children for films
Who is buying boxes of cell phones at the Westfield Malls and Radio Shacks places?
Who is buying fold up yard lawn chairs at Target stores in The San Fernando Valley?
My psychic readings say they sex torture daughters in Target lawn chairs
Who is buying gynological chairs in medical places and by ordering them online who is buying dentist chairs?
Who is taking the gyno chairs dentist chairs Target lawn chairs down elevators?
Who is in crawl spaces between the Westfield shopping mall floors ?
Who is leasing white tan vans and cars?

Match it up and prove who they are

To Stop The Serial Killer Sex Torture Clitoral Cutter FGM Killers
By my psychic crime tips
She says shes got five women on the list in Westlake Village who are pregnant and one is divorced and filed for it thats the critera they need to do that to them she says she chooses them for filing for divorce and says thats so bad to do the filing to leave the dad no matter what they have done she says she picks them for that reason she hates them so much the way they suck dick she says licking cock she says they describe it that way by what they see in spy cams she installs to view them all and 7 out of 9 women she picks for sucking dick she says shes never done that once in her life and she cant believe how they yell and scream and do it as shes never like that and it makes her so sick she put the five pregnant moms on the list one is divorced and the others are not married or were a long time ago and six pregnant women in West Hills are on her list to get all of them by forced tie up shots they do by crews who surround them at birth they walk in and say we here to take the kid the brand new baby babes in swadling to eat them out in front of the unwed or married divorced mom long and hard to show the moms helplessly how they looked cumming away sucking dick licking cock they say on messenger text to each other and say set that raunchy mom up to DCFS CPS to get them all so down and out at once she sets up murders of all of them. She says she always got at least twenty new babies to get on her list they kill them in the rooms underground where the moms lived , they take them and strap them on a newborn examination medical table and they say they eat their tender cunts out by the udder crews youth group techys computer hackers naked for ten hours they do oral sex torture to brand new babies an hour old when they take them all from the so nice seeming moms who just delivered by lying thats a naughty nasty whore sex phen sex addicted lady whos got to get help for her gina troubles down there shes got a pussy puta problem and had one too many you know whats down there so we gotta get her all licked to death really and sucked off so hard by us down there in our dugout medical observation rooms where they do that to newborns to make them cum and then cut it off in front of the moms they rape to death in front of the baby they just delivered and say from their was tight cunt so round and delicous is how the udder crew and Pakistan clitoral cutters and DCFS CPS case workers talk and describe private areas with sick vulgar words and they do that to the baby sons also to the penis they say the wack it all off the day hour they are born after they spread them out legs flaiiling around while the men do them they are canabilsts is why they are addicted to the new flesh and the fat huge big lady RNS eat out newborns they are naked and they cut off clitoruses off the ones the Calabasas prude chooses shes a prude who does not have orgasms never did oral sex to a man never yelled or had passionate love making in her life she just lays there and does nothing and says one second before sleep late at night at one a,m and she thinks single moms who make love with thier boyfriend in the day are sick and she says thats bad to do it in the day light to cum away and yell at the top of their lungs she says they are so sick to her and to the others who pick them out in the mountains six hours away they do this together since 1997 they frame moms to take them and their daughters sons to cut off clitoruses and since 1978 maybe they take people to medical research underground by robbing them framing them and they are Female Genitial Mutilation clitoral cutter orgasms hater women who take them to sex torture murderers and they say they dont care what happens to the new babies the moms just gave birth to they hate them for being like that to yell and scream at the top of their so shortened life span lungs ha ha they all say online to each other they say they are the ones to get to clip it off and to remove the whole darn thing the whole vagina in front of the kids strapped down while large fat ugly men the Calabsass mom rents period clothes for eat out the daughters ten hours they say they do that to show the moms to make them see them cumming away by men eating them out to force moms to see how they appeared in the spy watch cams of the Calabasas Mom and the one in the High Sierras she says its done to teach the moms a real needed lesson for doing that in the day they had so many you know whats in broad day light and yelled screamed and kicked high up say shes they all viewed whats supposed to be private love making and she says not private to them they lied thats a porn star and no its peeping tom ispy the moms never hear of or know of and she says they go by how they look in ispy cumming away yelling oh my God and she says she does this for 25 years they pick the moms out by cumming times and get large fat ugly sewer line short barrocks men to eat out the so great girls all lined up in front of moms strapped down in chairs and she says they say its not torture they are all gonna be dead gone so buried the newborn infant babies toddlers two three five six year olds by the men stooping humping grinding their living lights out is the phrase they all say and say a a yippee I O i A we are saving life today taking them all away we took the stop sex slavery safe life jobs sent in the mail in 05 06 07 08 09 and for 13 years we get the stop slavery mail lie its our job and send fake crime tips cover the illegal human sex torture gruesome horrific murders up and lie we are the save life commander on messenger and are murderers kidnappers peeping tom Female Gential Mutilation murderers rapists perverts pedophiles running human sex torturing under CA in 900 rooms by 500 women who lie they are child family protecting and by 5000 on a spy watch cam commitee they say they stole the stop human sex slavery internationally from L A County crime tip jobs sent for Nancy Gail Fox to be the commander of 5000 in a staff that she was to hire and they lied thats a realtor job position for crime tips in folders to buy estates by stolen mail and lie thats a gravely disabled realtors stop slavery job we are doing instead by getting all of her mail by lying shes gravely disabled so no one will know shes right about the crimes they all commit and they lie its a realtors job as her psychic jobs were sent when she was a realtor and thats a evil game the killers play to fool everyone as its not a realtor job at all, they stole the stop human sex slavery internationally from L A County Nancy Gail Fox job that said for her psychic angel board tips to stop the crimes and they stole the mail and lied thats a realtor job we can lie is someone else by stealing her stop slavery psychic jobs out of their mail box in front of their house and saying thats someone elses job position and they stole the list that said Nancy Gail Fox is to hire 5000 people to stop sex slavery save life Los Angeles County by giving 5000 her psychic crime tips to stop the crimes and to stop smuggling of people under Calif and they run it and do the smuggling and 5000 run slavery on messenger by the killers who lie they are the commanders and the stolen mail said Nancy Fox shall hire AA friends family close friends and realtors mortgage brokers etc 100 people then 700 more and buy estates for 1 mil 2 mil 3 mil 4 mil 5 mil 7 mil 9 mil 10 mil 14 mil for her staff to live in her friends can live in an estate for free and be paid one thousand a week to work with her on her 12 years stole stop slavery int job sent in 05 06 that said lease offices for 12 years from 06 to 2018 and buy many mansions with your money at banks as the owner and hire spiritual people who are human rights people and they can live in the estates have 100 mil in a safe and be paid a salary and they stole the mail and the sick peeping tom women who pick who goes lie they are commanders on messenger and say their save life version is cutting off big stinky clitos and for men to eat out the great girls to force the mom to see them cumming
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The Serial Killer Sex Torture Ring On Spy Cam Equipment
Says they are sitting down here as usual jacking off to the ispy they are sent of the so nice seeming moms doing that hanus act they lie, they spy on single moms making love and lie they are sex phens and no the peeping toms looking at them are sex phens sex addicts pevert vulgar sick insane criminals who sex torture gang rape moms and daughters sons babies newborns in front of each other every hour for weeks in their human sacrifice murder ring they run by pedophile sex addict rapists meth heroin addicts they are saying they are viewing the spy watch cam sent to them of moms and daughters sons and its peeping tom sick sex offender criminal voyerists did on the families, they say if they look hot sexy with a man in their bedroom in the daylight in the middle of the dam day they can do it to them all stoop hump grind their lights out say the killers about the nice single moms who have sex in the daytime so the kids do not know it why and no one should know at all, they are nice moms who plan to meet their boyfriend while the kids are at school during the week or when they are gone on the weekend and no one should know about a moms love making that is supposed to be private and the sick rapists who sex torture murder people spy on love making and say if a mom looks hot with her boyfriend they could do her in hotels for many long weeks they say they can rape someone if they look sexy to them in peeping tom and say they do the great girls that way if they look sexy in underpants in peeping tom they say they could do them in for looking that way in ispy installed to see their bodies say the killers rapist perp peeping tom clitorus cutters killers who are not stopped from murdering people yet