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The basic definition of a prophet is one who speaks for God. Prophecy consists largely in speaking God’s word, calling people to repentance, warning of future judgments, and praising the Lord. Whenever the Holy Spirit moves on a chosen vessel to speak Divine communications, the spirit of prophecy is at work.
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Its a Biblical war predicated in the Old testament
Its a Biblical war predicatOld testament and the slavery war is on the internet, as they hack and delete tips, this was predicated ages ago that a spy with high technology would kill off society…

was determined to figure out how they run slavery so my daughters and I could not be taken as many
The Bible makes no distinction between the prophetic ministry of men and women. A prophet, whether male or female, is God’s servant, called and anointed by Him. Prophets are chosen by God, who opens their spiritual ears, gives them a message, and directs them as to when and to whom to speak His Word. This Divine calling and direction constitutes the basis for their spiritual authority. God often gives His prophets and prophetesses words of rebuke and correction to those in authority. Often, prophets are rejected and persecuted by those in power, because the messages God gives through them frequently call these powers to account. Their responsibility is to speak the word of the Lord and leave to God whether or not their messages are received, believed and obeyed.
The exercise of the prophetic ministry is under the authority of the prophet as directed by God; but in public settings, common courtesy and due regard for the upbuilding of others are to be maintained. New Testament prophets are, along with apostles, builders of the church’s foundation. They catch God’s vision for His people, speak it boldly, and exhort others to follow Christ. As they pray and fast together, seeking God’s will for the church, the Holy Spirit gives direction to them for the church’s mission (Acts 13:1-3).
I Cor. 14:3-5 states, “Everyone who prophesies speaks to men for their strengthening, encouragement and comfort” and “builds up the church.” Verses 29-31 state that prophets receive God’s revelation so that all may learn and all may be comforted. Thus, the teaching function is inherent in prophecy. That prophecy was not forbidden to women is clear from I Cor. 11:5, where women’s public prophesying is presupposed and their deportment regulated. Paul was not trying to quench the Holy Spirit from speaking through women, but he wanted to ensure that women who spoke for God acted modestly in a way that could not bring legal accusations against the church. Doubtless, his concern to protect the women leaders who were being persecuted in unspeakable ways motivated his cautions.
Concerning the ministry of prophecy during the Church Age, Acts 2:17-18 states, “And it shall come to pass, in the last days, says God, I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy.” Here, Peter quotes Joel 2:28 to explain the phenomena of Pentecost. He goes on to show that in the Messianic “last days” that Jesus has inaugurated, the prophecy of Joel is fulfilled. Without respect of persons, God will pour out His Spirit upon all people, and they will speak Divine revelations. The Gospel is offered to all, and the sign of the Holy Spirit, as evidenced in speaking in tongues and prophecy, is offered freely to all who believe.
On the day of Pentecost, one hundred and twenty followers of Christ were filled with the Holy Ghost and spoke in languages they had never learned, publicly proclaiming “the wonderful works of God.” According to Acts 1:14, these one hundred and twenty Holy Spirit-inspired preachers included both men and women. Their speech was not just ecstatic praise, although that would be wonderful enough, but inspired preaching which listeners understood in their own languages. Its purpose and effect was the conversion to Christ of hearers from many lands and languages and their becoming unified as members of His Body, the church, the community of believers in Jesus.
New Testament tongues and prophecy, given both to men and women, thus have an evangelistic purpose. They are signs and wonders demonstrating the marvel of God’s mercy and abundant grace offered to all and poured out for all through Jesus Christ. This is why it is so important that the freedom to prophesy and preach not be restricted. We can only demonstrate the Gospel by allowing God to be God and letting all those He fills with His Spirit and so directs testify of His wonderful works! The medium IS the message. A church that allows only a few professionals to preach the Gospel conveys a false message that free participation in the Gospel is only for the elite. But when all believers are free to exercise the gifts God gives them, the Gospel is seen for what it truly is–good news for all people..
Acts goes on to quote Joel that “even upon my menservants and maidservants I will pour out of My Spirit, and they shall prophesy.” Note that God calls those He sovereignly fills with His Spirit His servants and says that “all flesh” shall prophesy. New Testament prophecy is not reserved for the spiritually mature, but a gift God offers freely to all believers. Thus, the prayer of Moses is fulfilled, “would God that all the Lord’s people were prophets and that the Lord would put His Spirit upon them.” (Num. 11:29) Through the free exercise of inspired preaching in the church, God demonstrates His extravagant grace!
The gift of the Holy Spirit, as evidenced by speaking in unknown languages and declaring the praises of God, was also poured out upon new Gentile converts to Christ at the household of Cornelius in Capernaum. Here, the grace of God was extended cross-culturally. How difficult it must have been for Peter and his Jewish-Christian friends to accept the fact that God had given His Holy Spirit to Gentiles, who were despised as unclean by religious Jews! God had to prepare Peter by giving him a vision three times. When the leaders of the church at Jerusalem questioned what Peter had done in baptizing these Gentiles, he said, “Since God gave them the same gift as to us, who believed in the Lord Jesus, who was I to oppose God?” (Acts 11:17) This is an attitude all Christians would do well to emulate.
God is no respecter of persons. There had always been women prophets in Israel. Miriam, who by her faith and courage saved her baby brother Moses from death when she was just a child, prophesied to the nation and was set before them as a leader by God Himself along with Moses and Aaron (Micah 6:4). Miriam led the women of Israel in antiphonal praise to God at the Red Sea, exulting with the men in God’s victory over Pharaoh’s armies.
Deborah– prophetess, judge and military leader– is the most celebrated woman prophet of the Old Testament because she brought liberty to Israel through her faith, courage and boldness. Judges 4:4 is generally translated as “Deborah, a prophetess, wife of Lapidoth. . .” but the Hebrew word here translated “wife” usually means “woman,” and Lapidoth is not attested elsewhere as a man’s name. Rather, it is the ordinary feminine plural for the word “fire.” As her career demonstrates, Deborah was a fiery woman! The Hebrew is emphatic that SHE judged Israel at that time. Respecting her as a wise woman who heard from God and knew His Law, the people of Israel came to her for judgment. When the word of the Lord came to Deborah, she summoned Barak from Naphtali and directed him to obey God by mustering troops against the oppressor Sisera. When Barak agreed to do so only if Deborah accompanied him, she did not hesitate to go and rally the troops.
After the victory, in the ode of celebration, Deborah sings, “The villages ceased, they ceased in Israel until I, Deborah, arose, until I arose a mother in Israel.” Deborah heard the word of the Lord and was obedient to God’s call. In response to that call, not human invitation, Deborah rose up to lead her nation, inspiring others to follow her faith. Because of her courage and fear of God, not man, the nation was set free and enjoyed peace for forty years.
The prophetess Huldah taught at the college in Jerusalem and brought revival to the nation when she confirmed the Word of God brought to her and prophesied judgment and grace to King Josiah, the high priest, and the religious elite of her day. These men received and acted upon her declaration as it was, the word of God, not a human. Note that this occurred during the ministry of Jeremiah, who had been prophesying at Jerusalem for five years by the time the Lord used Huldah to speak His message. God wasn’t out of men to use! He deliberately chose to use this woman. According to the original edition of the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, “The standing and reputation of Huldah in the city are attested by the fact that she was consulted when the Book of the Law was discovered. The king, high priest, counselors, etc. appealed to her rather than to Jeremiah, and her word was accepted by all of the word of Jehovah.” (“Huldah” by J. J. Reeve, ISBE, Vol. III, Chicago: The Howard-Severance Company, 1915, p. 1389)
It is ironic that some today assume that God would have His New Testament handmaidens–washed in the blood of His Son, filled with His Holy Spirit, and set free from the Law–do less than His handmaidens under the old covenant! Especially since Jesus told His followers, “greater works than these shall ye do, because I go to my Father.” The only winner in this battle is satan, who divides the church, silences the female majority, and deludes the minority to trust in the flesh instead of God’s Spirit. Like Deborah, we need to let God be God and be faithful to Him. Like Barak, we need to listen to God speaking to us through His chosen prophets, whether male or female.
New Testament prophetesses include Anna (Luke 2:36-38), the first to proclaim Jesus as the Redeemer publicly; Elizabeth (Luke 2:41-45), who recognized Christ while still in His mother’s womb; Mary (Luke 2:46-55), who through faith conceived God in the flesh by the power of the Holy Spirit; and a false prophetess called Jezebel, whom God called to repent from immorality.
Prophets are well known for predicting future events; and Mary, the mother of Jesus, did just that when she said, “The Lord has regarded the humble estate of His handmaiden; from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed.” (Lk.1:48) So did her cousin Elizabeth, who declared, “Blessed is she who believed, for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord.” (Lk.1:45) Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Mary also rightly interpreted Scripture concerning the Abrahamic Covenant as fulfilled in her Divine Son (vs.54-55).
The Book of Acts tells us that the evangelist Philip had four virgin daughters who were prophetesses. The early fourth-century historian Eusebius writes that the family moved to Asia. In the epistle of Polycrates, bishop of Ephesus, to Victor, bishop of Rome, we learn that “in Asia, also, mighty luminaries have fallen asleep . . .Philip, one of the twelve apostles who sleeps in Hierapolis, and his two aged virgin daughters. Another of his daughters, who lived in the holy Spirit, rests at Ephesus.” (Eusebius, Book II, ch XXXI) Eusebius goes on to say, “But we must now show how Papias, coming to them (at Hierapolis), received a wonderful account from the daughters of Philip. For he writes that in his time there was one raised from the dead.” (Ibid, ch. XXXIX)
Eusebius mentions this as part of Papias’ credentials, who “professes to have received the declarations of the apostles from those that were in company with them. . . ” Thus, the accounts Papias received from the daughters of Philip, along with other trustworthy Christians who were likewise acquainted with the apostles, were accepted as authoritative.
This account is significant because Papias was a second-generation believer very highly regarded by the early church. A disciple of John at Ephesus and link to the bishop and martyr Polycarp, Papias is our earliest source for much post-apostolic tradition. Eusebius was the foremost church historian of his age who documented both the New Testament and sub-apostolic periods. The fact that Eusebius cites Papias’ contact with the daughters of Philip as proof in part of Papias’ own credentials as a reliable authority for early Christians shows the very high regard in which these prophetesses were held.
That these women prophets were highly regarded by the early church is evident from the writing of Apolinaris of Hierapolis, who in refuting the claims of the ecstatic prophets Montanus and Maximilla, wrote, “But the false prophet is carried away by a vehement ecstasy, accompanied by want of all shame and fear. Beginning, indeed, with a designed ignorance and terminating in involuntary madness. They will never be able to show that any of the Old or any of the New Testament were thus violently agitated and carried away in spirit. Neither will they be able to boast that Agabus or Judas or Silas or the daughters of Philip or Ammias in Philadelphia or Quadratus or others that do not belong to them ever acted in this way.” (Eusebius Book V ch. XVII) Here, Aplinaris points to the daughters of Philip as examples of true, Godly prophets.
Quite early in the church’s history, Christians who continued to exercise charismatic gifts including prophecy after the apostolic age were considered to be heretics. With increasing persecutions against the church, emphasis shifted from evangelism with signs following to courage and witness under the tortures of martyrdom. Reverence for the apostles and prophets who founded the church produced an attitude of humility which deterred people from seeking to emulate their ministry themselves. The healing ministry continued through the intercession of martyrs more than through living believers; and with the formalization of the New Testament canon, the ministry of prophets was seen as no longer needed. A growing church hierarchy had a dampening effect on lay ministry. As the practice of charismatic gifts died out in most churches, ecstatic prophets were viewed as too similar to pagan prophets, with whom they were categorized.
During the latter part of the second century, a Christian sect developed in Phrygia, led by one Montanus and two prophetesses, Priscilla and Maximilla. Church historian Philip Schaff writes, “During the bloody persecutions under the Antonines, which raged in Asia Minor and caused the death of Polycarp AD155, all three went forth as prophets and reformers of the Christian life, and proclaimed the near approach of the age of the Holy Spirit and of the millennial reign in Pepuza, a small village of Phrygia, upon which the new Jerusalem was to come down. Scenes took place similar to those under the preaching of the first Quakers, and the glossolalia and prophesying in the Irvingite congregations.” (Philip Schaff, History of The Christian Church, New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1882-1910, vol 2, p. 414.)
The Montanists adhered to Catholic church doctrine but called believers to a higher standard of holiness and to the practice of prophetic gifts. They believed in preparing for the coming Judgment, return of Christ and the millennial age by fasting and other ascetic practices, terming themselves “spiritual” as opposed to “carnal” Christians. Montanist prophets sometimes fell into trances and prophesied in the first person. These practices, along with the fact that their leadership did not arise from the Catholic clergy but from lay men and even women, brought criticism.
Philip Schaff wrote, “This brings us to another feature of the Montanistic movement, the assertion of the universal priesthood of Christians, even of females, against the special priesthood in the Catholic church. Under this view, (Montanism) may be called a democratic reaction against the clerical aristocracy, which from the time of Ignatius had more and more monopolized all ministerial privileges and functions. The Montanists found the true qualification and appointment for the office of teacher in direct endowment by the Spirit of God, in distinction from outward ordination and episcopal succession. They everywhere proposed the supernatural element and the free motion of the Spirit against the mechanism of a fixed ecclesiastical order.” (Schaff, op. cit, p. 418). Catholic clerics denounced the Montantists as presumptuous and assumed that their supernatural manifestations were demonic, not divine. Most of them were excommunicated.
The theologian Tertullian, who became a Montanist at the turn of the third century, wrote, “. . . we have among us now a sister who has been granted gifts of revelations, which she experiences in church during the Sunday services through ecstatic vision in the Spirit. . . And after the people have been dismissed at the end of the service it is her custom to relate to us what she has seen. . .” (Tertullian, De Anima, ix c.210)
The Montanist movement attracted a wide following in Rome, Asia, Constantinople and North Africa and continued in the church to the sixth century, when its rigors caused it to die out. Schaff writes, “But the religious earnestness which animated it, its prophecies and visions, its millennarianism, and the fanatical extremes into which it ran, have since reappeared, under various names and forms, and in new combinations, in Novatianism, Donatism, the spiritualism of the Franciscans, Anabaptism, the Camisard enthusiasm, Puritanism, Quakerism, Quietism, Pietism, Second Adventism, Irvingism, and so on, by way of protest and wholesome reaction against various evils in the church.” (Schaff, op. cit, p. 427) Many would include the twentieth- century Pentecostal movement and its child, the charismatic movement, with their emphasis on freedom in the Holy Spirit under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, in this tradition.

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I was degraded horribly by my sister as shes a drinker and I am sober, I do interventions on people, and did them for my past father in law, I got my ex huband to The Meadows, I got my neice to Tarzana Rehab and others I have helped with interventions, testing was humaliting and taking the bus because they lied and stopped my income and hide my moms car plates so I could not drive her car, taking the bus was degrading and humilating and being lied about was embarrsing, and then the degraded me by saying to move out of my moms house so they could sell it, I am a Realtor since 1999, the expert on selling homes, on staging homes on knowing the comps in the neighborhood and I looked at homes in the neighborhood the whole time I was staying there, and I am the first trustee for my mom in the living trust and the house is in the living trust will and she did not want to sell the house and if she did I would be the one pricing it, staging it hiring a realtor as my liscense expired because I did not have the means to renew it and that renewal did not come in the mail and I would be the one taking offers, showing the house not them and to kick a realtor out of moms home is degrading as so many call me for advice and I show mansions and they followed my advice, I am a great Realtor, I know that and normally dont brag

I have paid taxes my whole life and I owe the IRS $10,000 I need my stolen money to pay them and did email them to find my money thats been stolen and proof of my income is in my SSI statement by the amount of money coming when I retire its right there 561-92-8551 I have worked since I was 14 years old and I always filed my taxes and now I have to figure out how do I file my estimated business tax as a psychic reader and I am waiting for my Medium For God Business Lis name in the mail as I have sent that in to be recorded since November and that Medium For God or Gods Medium and Medium4God is my psychic channel writing business that I use for charity donated channel writing tips to stop slavery and I have used that logo and stationary and name since 2009 and The White House knows as I faxed them since 2009 as the Medium For God and leads say people steal my money I raise and my thank you gifts and cards and bank wires and now a man they call Dan FBI is saying its someone elses money as he did the bogus Countrywide file with Janine and Jeff in 2009 at River Farm Drive and lied I put half a million on my house of my moms money and no it was only my money and it was 10% down and it was from a swing loan on Janlor Drive and Janine Peck of Wells Fargo did not do the loan and Dan says I will use the fake files to the courts now and lie we are in charge and say its my responsibilty to give you this liar file and no one double checks the shister con bank robbers is the problem everyone should double check everything I Nancy Fox am saying in this lead to stop slavery internationally

Delmy says we said we sold her as a worthless person to Ireland now because she thought I wish I could move there in her wordpress so more games they say the liars who humilate degrade nice respected people like me Nancy Fox I have worked since age 14 at many jobs and at age 19 for Ron Howard then Gary Coleman and his family on many movies and with many famous people who all know me and how dare you? I say night and day on wordpress emailing the world I am still trying to raise money to sue DCFS and my brother and sister for slander to get this off my record and I do not normally brag I am humble reserved but let me tell you in my 20s I was shopping on Rodeo drive with many actors in limos at Mr Chow with CIcely Tyson at Gary Buseys house in Malibu where I planned to live when I sell my screenplays I have worked on since age 15 and thats still my plan and I hung around with many stars like Michael J Fox Matt Dillion Eric Stoltz and Whoopi and they know me personally and I do not ever brag about it and did not brag to Westlake Village but Gary Holland soundman and my realtor customer knows as we worked with Rob Lowe on a feature years ago and my plan was to make $250,000 and kick back then and write sell my screeplays and produce them and sell my songs and poetry books and live at my dream house at River Farm that I worked 30 years plus to get to and with my daughters in their 20s I planned for them to live there and my elderly mother and my four cats Eli Baby FIgero Gabriella and only FIgero is left and hes dying because of the horrible slandering victimizing and my plan still stands and I am a writer and write movies and I am a movie veteran all on my long extended resume’ on imdb.com and thats my story Nancy G. Fox emmy nominee Theatre Arts Playwright major and I type 100 words or more per minute and I dont spell check because I have a cheap lap top and cant on it and I am a Realtor for 10 years 1999 to 2009 and I was showing 3 and 5 million dollars homes an Estate Real Estate Agent an Emmy Nominee Costume Designer and a highly respected lady with 28 years of sobriety and now my career is working as a psychic medium channel writer and those books I am trying to publish and I am raising money for a human rights office stop human sex traffick and thats who I am


I have faxed the whole world for victims money for 4 years and not received one cent and I have faxed emailed for pro bono attorneys for years and no one has come to speak to me ever and no way I could sue the bullies with a public deffender to many bullies work against me a lone woman who has mean siblings no way I would walk in a court alone without a lawyer and no way I would of walked in DCFS without one either and I tried to raise money for a lawyer for a traffic fine so they could appear for me and that was a few years ago and money did not come as a psychic I know its death and the people who traffic this way are not going to tell anybody that and a poweful system of Judges Commosoners Doctors Police Sheriffs FIremen how does one survive when a million are after you in the Goverment system? its the cons organized crime liars who send fake files to fool them and they believe their fake reports and the truth must prevail they sell people as dead bodies to rape them and they do it in Courthouses by framing people to Goverment Agencys and the bad apples need to be removed they are dishonest do not follow the court system and frame people to goverment agencies and why was Adult Services at my door? she said up to age 18 its DCFS then its Adult Services I hope I am not in their system no thanks I said to her I dont need any referrals and maybe its because I was evicted? how do you have my address? I said a victim is a victim and I dont want to be in their system I am trying to raise money for 4 years to get DCFS lies dismissed I pride myself on being a better than great mother and a very hard worker career persons sober more than half my life caring of others and sincere and DCFS ruined my life!

This is the woodstock of the new millenium burn your thong and g string underwear and not your bra as they sell females with ispyware and if they cant tape you naked in their peeping tom they cant human sex traffick you I faxed this years ago all over the USA saying burn your thongs and they sell people by framing you to Goverment Agencys by a hundred organized crime spies and guess who knocked on my door yesterday? Adult services and why? I say and why are you here what is in your report I asked her and then thought I may have to move to Ireland I do want to be in this Goverment system how do I get my name out of it? no welfare ever and they asked me if I wanted SSI at USC and no thanks I said for being a psychic? excuse me lady I think in my head I am a career person my whole life what planet are you from? and DCFS threw welfare papers at me in my million dollar home in 2009 and I just told her my ex owes me one hundred and twenty grand my car broke down hello are you all dense? have a little God dam respect for hard working nice Americans I want out of this dam goverment system how do I do that? they human sex traffick murder by false reports and many people are nieve and think they are helping and doing thier job as the lady yesterday who was probably lied to by some busy body liar and I told her I do not need help I made ten grand a month my sister brother who do not live in LA and are far away ruined my life and lied about me and ruined my ten year Realtor business and I should be making four thousand or two thousand a month in referal fees right now and I am a victim I said who was railroaded and she asked me if I have health insurance and no I do not and I dont want any Goverment help as its too dangerous and I told her I am a psychic and a healer and spiritual advisor I cousil people and I take offense to people knocking on my door from Adult Services the way DCFS knocked in 2009

A group of women rape girls and their moms they aim to men dozens at a time says kimmy under magolia and lankershim in their top secret chattel slavery torture of slavery they trap by fake 911 calls and kimmy renea janine and a lady with bob fineberman aim all day and night saying its absouletly fine to have sex witht the kids and moms Fox-Taylors case file is closed 3 years ago MOM HAS SENT A BILLION CRIME TIPS FOR 4 YEARS STOP RAPE KIDNAP MURDER OF MY DAUGHTERS AND I THE RAPE SURVIVOR FROM AGE 17 THE PSYCHIC MEDIUM WHO READS OUR MINDS SAYS STOP RAPE STOP RAPE STOP ISPY PEEPING TOM GET THEM AWAY FROM MY KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 FOR 4 YEARS and we say no way we said its fine and janine aims hot sex come get hot wet pussy when her kids 17 and 21 and her 53 and they go to the restroom ispy and we aim thier vaginas collect money to rape them and say its medical dcfs research of an abused family pot key mom and no the mom never knows there is a pot key and she never sees it linda fox and ed planted the pot key christmas day 2006 and they frame moms with pot keys and linda and steve fox lied they owned nancy foxs house at 3728 River Farm Drive Los Angeles County Westlake Village CA usa 91361 and no Nancy Fox bought it with her money and her equity from 30830 Janlor Drive 91362 sale in 2005 and Sharon and Brad Pfeifer did the loan with Countrywide and it was all in Nancy Foxs name alone appoved alone and then the elderly mom denise s fox offered to go on the loan and house title with nancy fox and nancy got a swing loan from janlor to buy river farm drive and she and denise opened a savings at us bank on lindero canyon a joint account and janlor money went in there a swing loan all right on the MLS and on the tax assessors web site anyone can pull title and see the paper trail and nancy had the title read the house would pass to her someday to avoid probate and so her siblings could not force her to sell it as it was all nancy foxs money and denise planned to move in with them soon and always planned it as nancy fox is the one shes closet to as nancy called her eveyday and lived close by her mom and no linda and steve fox they lived far away and did not spend as much time with mom or call her as often and denise said i will only live with you and jessica and hannah not steve no linda and ed and i dont want them in my business and nancy gail fox-taylor is the first trustee of the denise s fox will a living trust called the fox family trust and nancy fox had denise s fox sign a poa in 2006 and then denise got demetia in jan 2008 she was diagonised with it and the DMV took her drivers liscense and then linda has mom sign a i am trustee for denise s fox paper with dementia in spring 2009 and not notarized and no court hearing and denise had dementia and this in not ever denise s fox wishes then linda lied to DCFS at the same time she did the paper with the elderly dementia ridden mom and linda lied my sister nancy fox is not taking her meds and nancy fox has never taken meds and linda never sees nancy fox hardly and nancy is sober in AA since 1985 and linda is a drinker and not sober and the lies were deleted in court 2009 summer by nancys kids and her ex husband and deleted in its entirety and nancy fox filed a declaration of facts to dismiss the case based on lies from individuals and her lawyer said this had to be filed the first day of court but nancy fox did not see the lies until the first day of court and called dcfs many times and faxed them saying what is the reason? and DCFS case worker said youll find out when you get to court on thursday and said I am taking your kids by emergency custody because you have not been to therapy and nancy fox just finished night shooting on a feature ” Expecting Mary” and brought DCFS a call sheet with her name on it and said I am working long hours and she needed money as her car broke down and child support stopped because linda fox lied to dcfs and a thousand a month did not come that they lived on for utilitys food and gas money until an escrow closed and DCFS came after the money stopped and nancy fox leased a car and went to work in wardrobe for money and had many real estate listings and buyers and needed money to work as a realtor and hannah was at dads for summer and dad and mom agreed in court in ventura county where nancy fox had full custody since 2000 and jessica was almost 18 years old and then steve fox lied to the sheriffs that nancy was sucidal and no shes never been and nancy had not seen linda ed and steve fox since christmas day 2008 months earlier and steve and the dad called a not needed ambulance on mom spring 2009 and nancy mom drank lethal tasting coffee the day before and calls it the frances farmer conspiracy as they set her up all at one time and took the moms will and power of health ira money and hide her car lisence plates so nancy fox could not borrow the car and then 2010 july the last day of dcfs court the deleted lied were put back in the dcfs paperwork and kids and the ex said its just a car and money mom needs its fine with my mom they said 2009 spring at dcfs and nancy had no money or car because of linda fox lying to dcfs and stopping her money over one hundred grand in back child support is owed to nancy fox and jessica was dismissed from the case summer 2009 as she was almost 18 years old then later linda had mom sign off river farm drive with dementia then the house was foreclosing nancy fox received this paperwork in the mail there 2010 fall and 2011 foreclosure paperwork and then the foreclosre simi valley court sale was stopped and someone bought the second loan on river farm drive and who? she does not know and nancy fox faxed the bail out plan all summer 2009 and faxed many victims places for years to raise money to sue linda and steve fox for slander as it ruined her income her 10 year real estate busines and she faxed the DA the Justice dept and many places explaining this to get money to sue them and a pro bono attorney she tried to get and her the mom also and sent her trust will lawyer papers and he wanted a $3,000 retainer fee and the bill was sent to mammoth lakes and they did not pay the bill with denise s foxs money they took and then end of 2010 fall they sent a notice for nancy fox to move out of 4900 ranchito ave sherman oaks california 91423 and it said tenant to vacate and nancy faxed the lawyer and said this is not valid i am not a tenant and I am the first trustee of my moms will living trust which the house is in and then papers came saying linda fox is the succesor of the denise s fox living family trust will and that linda owns her pets houses money possesions and ed took denise s fox to mammoth lakes that summer 2010 from studio city physical therapy and steve fox text nancy fox and said mom is on her way to mammoth lakes they are half way there and denise s fox the day before said i cant wait to be home to my own surroundings in my house and with you and that week nancy and jessica were visiting denise in studio city rehabiliation and firetrucks were parked on the street and on side streets to haul them to slavery by linda joan fox and river farm drive sold to someone in dec 2012