They are saying we are all down here as always not in thou Gang Stalker rooms doing that evil so electronic harrassment

But it is that

They say amongst themselves

To get the kids and all their so nice moms for kids porn snuff films FGM sex torture flicks in Gynological chairs they get

As their the two or more lied sons of satan murdering everyone

Their putting microbolic chips in food to kill people as usual

As they murder murder murder case files for many long years

They put micro chips in market food in California and Colorado just now

To kill the case files

Their current CPS Oxnard people they plan to kill

Their old case files DCFS San Fernando Valley California

Their case files in Colorado

and Utah

Every single bingle case file anyone whos ever been one is on the long hit list to get

They are their old classmates ex friends peers they were that in the good old days of growing up a hey hey the killers say

They are in their 20s murdering everybody

anyone they went to school with is in danger of being murdered

They each have 50 people they plan to kill their old classmates and their whole family

Women in their 20s and their baby children and the whole family

These killer women say they choose them for Ron

They work for Ron La Vina Incorperated 6 ft 8 in serial killer man who rapes them since they were 11 and 12 13 14 15 17 18 they say they have sex with him and always have and say its not rape at all he just sticks his biggest weiner in them

their a trained cult

taught to kill when they were kids

they do it for meth

they make kiddy porn snuff flicks

they have murdered many babies for 11 years everyday they kill a newborn

their addicted to eating their vagina penis on meth injections

a pack of monstors cannabilists

a satan cult

they say its the Levine Brothers Incorperated and they lie they own the Bel Air Resort Hotel

organized crime bank robbers serial killers who make kiddy porn snuff films steal property titles in the mail

they dont own the hotels or the money or properties where they live

they steal it all by electronic harrasment spy cam equipment

they steal mail and do I D Theft

their trying to murder people in the ski areas in Colorado

They put micro chips in the markets stores health food places fast food and coffee tea shops in Arvada Colorado

in Pagosa Springs Colorado they put micro chips in everything to murder families

peanut butter soup tea bags loose tea apple sauce apple juice to kill the sons babies children moms

they do it every dam day they say

their serial killers trying to murder many people

they are lying to authoritys saying thats their Medium For God great works of art so much dang pay and NO Its my money for my crime tips they rob

they are the criminals commiting the crimes that I am reporting

They say 50 of them times 8 areas are underground The San Fernando Valley California

They lie they are the big huge son of God Nancy Gail Fox save life job

no they are NOT

I am Nancy Gail Fox the Son of God psychic

I was a daughter of God in another life time

The Son of God family is my children and grandchildren

and they are liars murdering everyone

they steal jobs in the mail and lie they are theirs and NO they are not at all and never were

they say their mission is cutting off clitoruses

and for many years they steal Nancy Gail Fox money Nancy Gail Fox save life jobs and they lie thats their son of God save life job and its NOT AT ALL

they murder people

and do I D Theft

They are putting microbolic chips in Colorado in The United States of America

and in water pipes under all the ski areas in Colorado

and under California