To Stop Slavery Internationally that the hanus devil runs

They say they decided to go on it all together to get all her stop human slavery internationally psychic crime tip clairvoyant jobs when they were sent, they saw them on the porch in spy cams they installed.

One of them says when she bought that house in 05 summer I was so mad I said I am getting them run out of that house I am getting the ispy installed all over and ruining their dam AA Alanon goody two shoes life of RAD ballet and horses and taking that house away and I took all their dam stinky Angel Board jobs off the porch and 26 grand a month sent for her as salary and pay is my word I said take that dam stiken Ouija Board pay away and get all that mail so fast I am saying thats my Son of God huge big largest job in time thats what the mail says thats sent to Nancy Gail Fox the Empress Angel Board reader put on earth to do goodwill to save life on earth and to save the world. She stole it and stole the pay she says and always does and still is and lies thats my dam huge large job and of course its not and never was and its none of her business or mail to be in at all and she says she pretends its for her and its not its addressed for Nancy Gail Fox and she lies thats my huge save life job by taking all the mail and by pretending it is and she says that was the breaking point to see a huge house on a knoll graded all lovely why on earth did she buy that huge house now? the noisy bank robber mail crook criminal says, she says she heard of that house and said that does it why on earth would she do that? and she said they all planned to run her out of her dream house and steal her earned Angel Board save life save the world jobs sent for her psychic ability by her post she wrote on line and she says the packs of them got in on it, My readings call them the two or more lied sons of satan conspiracy they are a clitoral cutter gang raping child molestor serial killer snuff movie kiddy porn human sex trafficking ring on messenger who stole the stop human slavery internationally jobs off the front porch of our house on River Farm that were sent to stop them. The liar is saying that house was way out of her means , total disrectful lies shes telling. I was a realtor since 1999 and I planned to sell my 4 bedroom two story house where all the bedrooms were up to buy a one story for my elderly mom to live with us and I found a one story house for around 1 million in a neighorhood and it would have been worth 2 million one day, thats called a very smart real estate buy, to buy the smallest least expensive house in a neighborhood where they are worth more. It appraised for almost half a million more right away and I planned to live there the rest of my life and so did my elderly mom Denise S Fox and this lying crook says she planned to run them out of the house right when she bought it and says no way she qualified all alone by a Countrywide mortgage broker and its none of her business at all to be in and direspectful to talk about a realtors home purchase as realtors are the experts in buying houses. She says that was so dumb when no it was so smart. She says they all got in on running them right out to take all the Angel Board jobs and pay sent for them and 26 grand a day it was for 1 year they stole she says and for 5 years 26 grand a week and the house would have been paid off with that money she robbed in 05 and 06 etc and she says she broke the mail box on the post in fronf ot the house she rammed the Jeep right into it or a rental car and she did it all on purpose and says she cant get caught she lies shes the Nancy Gail Fox Son of God save life authority and says by doing that shes not allowed to get in trouble as she lies it applies to her and to all of the crews who steal mail and money and ups fed ex and paypal by hacking for her and they are the devil running human sex slavery and they are not the Son of God law that says no harm is allowed to be done to Nancy Gail Fox or to her daughters or grandson, She does I D Theft by stealing mail and lies shes the Nancy Gail Fox Son of God law and says you cant touch me I am the Son of God Nancy Gail Fox family job and authority and shes not, she pretends she is, She says she broke the mail box off the post on purpose to do them in and said I am running right into it and a two hundred fifty dollar fine thats supposed to be and three years in jail it says in her recent post as shes on spy cam hacking and looking to see what shes doing and then she tells everyone to lie on messenger and reverses all the truth and facts as shes the lying devil who broke the mail box off the post in 2006 or 2005 and says she always planned to do that to them and she sent two men to steal the ballet bag and the realtor book Aug 9th 10th 2006 from her car parked in the long driveway and lies a big house and it was 2550 square feet and the smallest house in the neighborhood and she says thats too much to pay for a single mom realtor whos only done it for a couple years the liar, I was a realtor for 6 years then in 05 since 1999 and shes lying that she was just doing it for a fast quick buck and lies she did not care about the well being of her family by buying that huge house and the house was for the family large bedrooms for my daughters to live in in college and for my elderly mom to live there the rest of her life to have a happy family home life and shes a liar who says that made her sick for her to plan this out and to not tell anyone about it

Tips To Stop I D Theft Robbery from being done to my Medium For God DBA channel writing business that I own as an individual person.These are psychic crime tips to stop it.
8 or 10 crooks are hacking in rooms stealing my paypal, they say they take it by a computer mechanism device and transfer it out each time its sent by their computer equipment from rooms they sit in built under mail boxes wherever Nancy Fox is. They started doing it when she opened her paypal up April 4th, 2013, they sat in rooms underground North Hollywood CA taking it and sent it to other emails and still are, they take it when its sent to her paypal email address and from her paypal link medium4godpaypalme and they stole 80 mil a day in May 2010 sent right away for her and take it the whole time they say and lie thats theirs because they collected it they got it took it emailed it on and told others to transfer it to the routing checking account number of her elderly moms and they lie they are the Denise S Fox Family trust account money 50 banks they stole it to and My DCFS Victims money too. They lie thats Denise S Fox trust money of ours and no its Nancy G Foxs money they stole and put in 95 year old Denise S Foxs Wells Fargo bank and she has memory loss for 11 years, thats called robbing money by hacking and laundering embezzling it through an elders bank account so she would not know stolen money of her daughter Nancy Gail Foxs is going in her bank accounts illegally, they say thats why they took her last will and testiment living individual trust thats only Denise S Foxs, shes the trustee of her own individual living trust, they took it from her house in April 09 they say and they lie her bank accounts with robbed money is theirs. I am First Trustee Nancy Gail Fox-Taylor Jan 29 1995 in the modified Denise S Fox Family Trust and the only money that should be deposited in her bank accounts is her SSI every month $1440.00. We never had a joint account at Wells Fargo. There is no joint bank account. I was POA on her Wells Fargo since 1978 when I was 18 and they closed it when they stole her will in spring 09 and set me up to DCFS to rob me and to do I D theft. They say in 2009 and 2010 when they saw truck loads of best mom DCFS Victims gifts sent for the Fox-Taylor Family and Medium For God Prophet writer gifts ups and fed ex they decided to steal them all and started looting the gifts robbing mail stealing the cash from it and deposited it in the bank account of Denise S Fox and lied thats their money, They buy houses rent them with robbed money wherever Nancy Fox lives and they live in the houses rentalts they got with stolen money and case out areas stake them out and steal everything sent for her. They say they dont want anyone to know they are sent money for the dcfs vcitims story of facts they steal every gift and every penny as they are the stalkers from 08 summer and the liars who lied to DCFS anonymously and cat nappers jewerly theives who stole Denise S Foxs diamond platnum heirloom rings from Denise S Foxs house fall 07 is why as its sent because of their crimes they commited against the family. They do kids porn FGM illegal clitoral cutting snufff movies Target lawn chair torture flicks, they chain girls to them with silver thick chains and hang them after they sex torture them for 10 hours in front of their moms they sex torture in gyno chairs in front of the kids of all ages birth to adult daughters and sons. Thats why they steal all the psychic crime tip money as they dont want anyone in L A County to know she was sent a penny.


Their lying they did the stop slavery work

In the houses got for Gods Medium May 2010 for a Stop Traffick at CPS DCFS Welfare Services job

The women running human sex traffick by CPS DCFS Welfare Services stole the Fed Ex

It was sent to hire Nancy Fox to stop traffick at CPS DCFS Welfare Services say my psychic crime tips

They stole five suites paid for three weeks for Nancy Fox and family, the stolen mail said return her daughters custody immediately its a two or more lied sons of satan conspiracy

It said a man is to gaurd them with his life the notices say this since 2005 , it said gate their driveway on their house to keep the two or more lied sons of satan out

And the two or more lied sons of satan trampled all over the front lawn and porch and stole the stop human slavery internationally Empress angel board jobs in the mail

The mail was sent for the angel board readers Nancy Gail Fox the Empress and her daughter to spell out words to save lives all over the world

And for the Nancy Gail Fox Son of God psychic spiritual geru family means Nancy Fox and her daughters to save the world

The two or more lied sons of satan conspiracy stole the save life save the world mail in the summer 2005

And they stopped the brinks truck on River Farm Drive by ispy they put on trees curbs and stop signs

And the devil FGM sex kiddy porn snuff ring lied on facebook messenger this is our Empress save life job

And their the devil

They say they stole it to cover up their operation

They say they built rooms under mail boxes to steal the mail and to cut off clitoruses in gynological chairs

They say they save lives removing clitoruses

They say they do that to single moms and unwed mothers who have orgasms

They sit around staring at their vaginas and clitorsues in spy watch cams

They put ispy in when the single moms get divorced the head of household moms in America are all in danger of them and all their kids of all ages being murdered

They take pregnant moms and unwed mothers babies newborns and toddlers

As they are the antichrist Goul Photo Mask serial killers mass murdering families around the world

They say they are lying they did the stop slavery work

They steal my psychic crime tips and send them backwards

Their lying from the stolen Gods Medium houses in Studio City California South of Ventura Blvd

Their lying to the leaders in Japan Litawania China Israel The Russia Federation etc.

Their telling them they did the work with a teenager who works at Starbucks

She does I D Theft and steals the money and gifts sent for Nancy Fox

They are sent for Nancy Foxs psychic crime tips

That I do since fall 2007 when my Angel Board spelled Voyerism

Tips say shes only seventeen years old thumping away on an ipad gift she stole pretending she did the work

She thinks its fine to cut off a clitorus and takes people away by ambulances

She works for the kiddy porn clitoral cutter snuff movie ring

They bring her stolen stop sex slavery stop trafficka at CPS DCFS Welfare Services work orders and leave them in the mail box

They send her fake crime tips

Thats what the devil set up

It started in May 2005 Sept Oct of that year stealing all the Angel Board jobs sent to stop slavery and to save the world

They ripped them off from Janlor Dr and lied thats for me and my great groups of people from Grant High

She says she told them in 1978 that someday they would do the save life save the world job in the future days ahead

She said they planned it to do in The City Of Westlake Village then

They built the city with Nancy Gail Fox stolen Federal Savings Bonds money

She says they planned to rob the Nancy Gail Fox Son of God family save life job when it was sent

She ran to River Farm Drive in 2005 and ripped it off

Shes the tall blond Calabasas mom whos 59 years old, she says she always planned to take it and lie its her job with a woman on Hesby whos 60 years old

She told the great groups of people from Grant High in 1978 we’re taking the Son of God save live save the world job someday

She stole the mail in 2005 that said Nancy Fox is supposed to hire some great groups of people from Grant High

She lied on messenger thats mine

When its not hers at all

She says the stolen Nancy G Fox mail said to hire her as assistant gopher day runner the job she has assisting Nancy G Fox when she was a Costume Designer

She zoomed there at 9 am down Mulholland Highway to tresspass on the property to steal the save life save the world jobs sent for Nancy

She lied others are the Son of God job family she lied their the mail and money

Those liar theives say their job is removing clitoruses and always has been

That woman says she does this since she was ten

She gets them the women and all their kids of all ages by framing the nice moms to Dept of Child Family Protective Services

She says thats why they opened it

To take them away to cut off their clitoruses

The men told her we will say thats our version of a save life save the world job

Those two women say they hate them so much

They hate women they watch cum alot

They are disgusting and vulgar saying the word cum for orgasm

They sit around staring at uteruses

They say they are saving lives by stopping diseases

They are mass murdering moms and all their kids

And some sons babies the most and they take sons for kids porn and Goul Mask Photos under parks

They lie thats a fun movie a comedy a reality T V show

And its to take them to the devil

They bag up real pretty dresses for five year olds with mary jane shoes all labeled and drop off the kid to a perp to rape them

Thats their tall lawyer in a suit cookin up fake papers

They got everybody doin I D Theft

They sent realtors mortgage brokers teenagers to trample all over the front lawn to rob the save life save the world jobs of Nancy Fox and family with their greedy liar hands

She says she called all over town and said go take the stinken Ouija Board jobs from the house and from the mail box on a post and go take the dumb stinken ballerina bag of eleven year old Hannah-Grace Taylor and throw it in a dumpster and take the realtor book of Nancy Foxs when you get the ballerina bag from the car so no one knows shes a Royal Academy of Dance Ballerina is why

I don’t want anyone to know the world Royal is around them ever

As they are the Royal Empress Angel Board save life save the world jobs of theirs to save lives in the USA and abroad as the mail states

She said keep all that dam mail away I am saying I am the Son of God save life mission family way up here six hours away you can send me all that mail and I’ll shred it in seven paper shredders and buy one hunded paper shreders with the Nancy Gail Fox family funds sent to banks for her and her daughters

The mail says they are supposed to have their owned funds when the Ouija Board jobs are sent

Its sent for them to have their owned money so they can protect themselves from the two or more lied sons of satan conspiracy

Its sent so they can stop slavery safely

As they report the antichrist in every life working as a team with their psychic spirit of light geru ability

And don’t let the man named to work by them and gaurd them see his notices ever she said all the way in Mammoth Lakes she lied thats my save life mission with the Calabasas mom counterpart of mine we are getting the great groups of smart people from Grant High class of 1979 1978 1977 mostly and from 1970

We are taking the Nancy Gail Fox owned Federal Savings Bond money and buying many mansions for the great groups of people from Grant High to live in and say thats our job to do reports to remove clitoruses

I will never admit I do this she says under the Indian Burial Grounds in Bishop California or in Reno Nevada and now in Denver and Arvada Colorado

She says she call all over town and lies Nancy Fox is a dumb stupid retard as she shreds the mail that says the Empress saving life on earth and so are her daughters going to be doing this great work as their mom Nancy Gail Fox has for so long we are so sick and tired of all her great important mail being stolen by that devil clitoral cutter named the dam woman in Calabasas and in the High Sierras they are lying all over messenger that they are doing the Empress job and murder everyone

She says I did not want  them to ever know in AA shes the communicator for God

Thats why the jobs were sent for her in 2005 because she started channeling God on her angel board at their house she bought on River Farm Drive

And the communicator for God is always called a Royal throughtout history

Thats why Nancy Gail Foxs Federal Savings Bonds were sent for her and her family so they could protect themselves with their own money

She says she called the banks and lied I run that Nancy Fox account and had people steal the money

She said go take it from the Albertsons parking lot from the Wells Fargo bank drop off and from Downey Savings in the parking lot

She says she told them go get it now and say a lie and pretend thats funds sent for a stop slavery mortgage broker investment realtor buyers job your doing instead
We are saying that money is for our great groups of People from Grant High to do reports to get them the ones we choose by spy watch cams all underground

The mail said Nancy Gail Fox is to stop people from being taken underground

Shes to be in charge of the safety of the City and the entire Country and of foreign lands abroad

They stole the mail sent from eighty nine places Human rights offices and UNs the psychic tips say they stole all the save life work orders sent for Nancy Gail Fox and her daughters Jessica and Hannah-Grace Taylor

They lied on facebook messenger to the two or more lied sons of satan conspiracy the five thousand people became who were many named to save life on earth and to save the world with Nancy Fox and her daughters

She told them from Mono County California do a thumbs up and I’ll send you a whole lot of money later on at the end when we take them underground and lie we did the save life job you can have eight hundred million in bank accounts that says its the Lordess on earth money of Nancy Gail Foxs and her daughters

Hundreds of accounts with eight hundred million in each are the Lordess on earth Miss Hannah Grace Taylor born March 31st 1995 that they hide

they stole her money from five banks in Van Nuys in 1995

they stole Nancy Gail Foxs money when she was a child it was sent to Glendale Federal Savings in Sheman Oaks Califonia on Riverside Dr and Hazeltine Avenue

She says she does I D Theft since she was a kid and lies thats not her personality described in all the notices she gets when it is

It said when she was a child a quiet poet type so reserved placid calm and graceful full of light whos so worldy and wise it said shes to know to continue going to charm school and to keep on modeling at Bullocks and shes to know to go to Saint School to study to do her Prophet work in the future

It said shes the reincarnated Ouija Board reader of Bel Air who died in Dec 1958 who left her money to herself Nancy Gail Fox and shes the heiress of her money

She says she takes all the notices sent for Nancy Gail Fox every stinken one and lies shes a real retard when shes not at all

She said she lies shes so dumb when shes not at all and the stolen mail always says for the wisest person of all she says she shreds every stinken dam one forever she does this to them and says a lie she pretends shes covered it all with her and never has not one dam time ever she says

That stinken mail is for Nancy Gail Fox to do her Ouija Board words to save lives abroad and in the United States of America

She says I take every stinken dam one every dam Ouija board notice ever sent for her to save people and lie to many thats my job thats so dam secret to remove clitos

Its not her job at all

She says I got them to take all the dam stinken Ouija Board save life jobs off her realtor door and lie she was not a good honest over ethical so sincere realtor of California since 1999 til we all ruined her good life on purpose all planned out

She says she sends them lines to say on messenger all day to rooms under post boxes they built with not stolen money to do this but it is all stolen

She says she writes the lies out on recipe cards every stinken dam day and says say she was just a realtor for a quick fast buck

Say she does not give a fuck

Say that was not her resume’ Nancy G Fox the Emmy Nominee Costume Designer for so many years

Lie shes a bum a direlict when the notices say a calm reserved classic dressed person whos so coy normally in her life over shy she was who does like eating off of china with roses cut from the houses shes owned and all thats been ruined

She says lie she never dressed this way so into fashion and lie shes pretending to be like that when thats the way she always is

She always dresses classic in pearls and simple designer clothing and carries herself with pride and dignity

Lie shes a bum personality like she always planned to do shes saying on facebook messenger now

she said that in 1979 when she was working as  a Costume Supervisor in New York

She lied to wall street she says then and did set up 9 1 1 the attack that happened to all of them in that city why? because I take all her dam stinken money forever she says she did that to stop the war from coming on to California because the whole dam so stinken world called her and asked why dont they have their notices instructions the many letters the world sent for her to buy many mansions by their house in North Ranch ?

She says she got all the mail and lied its been so well handled to all the stinken God dam UNs and always pretends

She says she does not care at all not one bit as she got in on this when she was just a kid to chop off clitoruses big old hairy stinky ones

And everyones calling her a bigget

She says she wont stop doing this pretending thats her save life mission to do with the great groups of people from Grant High

She planned it all out in 1979

She told realtors to lie thats their realtor buyers job

She told mortgage brokers to loan out the Nancy Gail Fox and family Federal Savings bonds money

She told women on Hesby and Stern Ave to take her ups fed exes since 2009 and to send them up to her and all over town so she wont get one stinken dam present ever in her life

She says take all her flower deliverys off the front porches wherever she lives and off her kid porches in Studio City California and Arvada Colorado so no one will ever stinken know they are the dam Son of God save life family and I am not ever at all and its all their funds we get and pretend its for our jobs to cut off clitoruses that shes so against and all she does half the time is post I hate Female Genitial Mutilation all over online Stop FGM dam it she says that all night and day by her psychic work she does for eleven years I say and really its her whole life and I say knock it all off right now I am the dam secret commander and a serial killer whos murdered more people then Adolph the great your dam right as thats my secret mission on facebook messenger to off that race that stinken breed of young thin lovely they were women til I did them all in by my system I set up to ruin them

I hate the moms who even dare file for a dam divorce and legal seperation I dont mind as much I am mad they do this to them I say thats wrong to break up a nice family thats bad to do to kids even if the dad does not live with them and thats how I decide whos going underground and female rotten I am not but I am the brand new female version of an Adolph Hitler that I am she says

and she does not give a flyin fuck is not ever a lie but is we just take every cent she makes to make her look like a bum every dam stinken penny she earns I send it on paypal by hackers under mail boxes in rooms we built to get it and to fuck the dam living daylights out of all the so nice kids and so nice seeming moms and all of them I put on that dam list by DCFS CPS taking it there at 5 pm on Friday afternoon to say a lie to lie the moms are all mentally ill when none of them are ever at all its to ruin them to get their dam stinken money to make them appear as bums when they are all robbed victims who are nice hard working American citizens

And three hundred moms and all the kids of all ages at one time I get she says by my great crews under postal stations mail boxes really by them all calling pretend nine one ones and I killed more people than anyone in history with the dam Calabasas lady it says and thats what I planned with the men I gave the Bel Air mansions the five houses on a ridge that are really Nancy Gail Foxs and Hannahs name is always on them also she says Miss Hannah Grace Taylor to be born March 31st in the mid ninetys to Nancy Fox of Ranchito Ave in Sherman Oaks California by Bullocks that Nancy G Fox is supposed to know she owns and I took all that mail and lied thats my huge son of God save life save the world mission when its never been I just dam pretend she says and those are all those houses and the stolen mail said in 97 when they moved to The City of Westlake Village California Nancy Gail Fox is to buy many mansions to prepare for their spirit of light psychic geru mission and she took the mail and took it in 05 and lied a realtor of California since 1999 was not suited to buy 800 houses with her own money sent to banks as the owner of the properties and its said Nancy Fox is to buy 5000 houses around the world New York City Penthouses and houses on a river in Toledo and Beverly Hills Sherman Oaks Studio City everywhere she goes it said for her to buy a house in Hidden Valley and Sherwood estates Westlake Island etc it said horses are sent for Jessica and they took them also and her tack trunk gifts full of clothes they stole her ups fed ex truck loads of gifts from her riding teacher job in Glendale at the Paddock when she worked there also

She sent the teens from Westlake High to run to the Thousand Oaks post office in 2009 to  take their angel board mail

She had realtors take them out of class by her calling all over pretending thats my stinken save life mission commander job when its not at all and never was

The teens were taken to the Bel Air men and they shot them up with meth and told them to suck on clitoruses and she says she likes watching all the dam kids chained up to the Target’ lawn chairs being sucked on by fifty so grose sewer line men who eat them out the sick vulgar words shes says eating out and cumming

she likes watching people being tortured

thats why she has everyone steal the mail

the neighbors wherever they have lived she says and still is

the classmates of theirs from their whole lives

the realtors mortgage brokers and AA people in the City of Westlake Village and all over America she got many doing it and a thousand women in their 20s now who do it since 2009 when she got them trained to torture human beings

They went to school with Jessica and Hannah-Grace Taylor

The women in thier 20s names were in the mail to save lives and save the world with them

and she said work with me instead run to the post office quick hurry get all the mail for me and send it up here really fast after your last period and take it from their dam stinken house by zooming past and reach in their mail box and get it all every dam stinken single piece of mail each and every one then say a lie that I am the commander by messengering of the Nancy Gail Fox save life secret agent for America and the world job and I’ll send you a whole lot of money later on

she got the list of names that said have these 100 people get 100 mil in a safe of their money to gaurd them

she told you can keep it at the end when we take them away a kickin and a sceamin like always by saying I am doing the Son of God save life mission says its my secret save life mission by doing a thumbs up on facebook by having everyone get their dam so stinken mail that I shred each and every day in 7 paper shreders in my condominium in Mammoth Lakes, Califonia

And she told psychics to take her Gods Medium Medium For God Fox-Taylor my dcfs victims mail money in fall 2010 and she says they get it all for her this whole dam time by saying you can have a whole lot of money later on when we get them and thats kidnap murder bank robbery and they are to have their own money to pay nice people to protect them so they are not taken

They reverse all the instuctions as they are the devil sending them backwards

the save life save the world mission is for them to have their mail their money to do their work safely

someone paid from their money is to gaurd them so they are not taken

its to stop ambulances set ups medical kidnaps

its so they are safe alive and well

as they report the antichrist to save life in many lives they do this work throughout history

and she runs the two or more lied sons of satan conspiracy on facebook messengering

and she stole the mail that said shes to hire a Lordess on earth staff women she knows can be Nancy Foxs assistants

Shes to have a man gaurd her and her daughters and mom with his life

Hes to protect her so she can do her work safely

they are to have ten gaurd gated estates with a maid staff of 12 in each

the person leading the two or more lied son of satan conpiracy job is supposed to be supervising housekeeping

shes supposed to make sure the estates are clean and send housekeepers a check

she stole the mail that said they are to have ten estates to live in in many areas of California Colorado New York City area Ohio Arkansas Tennessee London

Its says Nancy Gail Fox and her family are to have clusters of five homes in many upscale areas so they can give their Prophet work to their staff

And shes still shredding it

Kiddy Porn Snuff Movie Costume Wardrobe Psychic Crime Tips

My psychic readings say they run a kiddy porn sex torture gyno chair FGM snuff movie operation in many rooms built under mail boxes under Los Angeles, surrounding areas and all under California and in Arvada Colorado Utah Ohio New York Nevada South Dakota etc. etc

They say they bought feety pajamas for men women children babies toddlers at Sears Robucks yesterday, recently at many Sears Stores Thousand Oaks Van Nuys Sears etc. all over and ordered them online to snuff Department of Child Family Case files in California The San Fernando Valley CA in their stations all underground the valley and in Arvada Colorado unwed mothers babies sons and old DCFS Case files from other states , they stalk them wherever they are in the United States of America and set up murders, they say they follow them in DCFS CPS Dept of Health Welfare spy watch cams to get single moms and unwed mothers they framed to get them all down and out to force 12 meth heroin shots into them the whole family at all locations to murder them in a snuff film after they sex torture them for three weeks at hotels and underground mail boxes in rooms they built for human sacrifice. They say they bought baby boy lemon yellow feey P Js and regular ones for a snuff film, hot pink ladies and cream color adult sizes and purple majenta and dozens of feety pajamas, they bought nightgowns and baby doll tops all over town at Westfield Shopping Malls Topanga Canyon mall Woodland Hills, Sherman Oaks Fashion Square Westfield mall, Glendale Gallera at fifty malls they have snuff movie kiddy porn wardrobe shoppers, A Thousand in the snuff movie kids porn serial killer wardrobe department in California and in Colorado in Denver and all around Denver Colorado Arvada and Tuscon Arizona New York City all over the United States of America. They have them hanging on wardrobe racks underground the San Fernando Valley Ventura Blvd Dept stores and bank buildings they sit under and to the L A River they have many serial killer rooms under Mail Boxes to kill DCFS CPS case files, They are from Valley View CIrcle to Topanga Canyon To Vanowen Sherman Way Northridge Shopping Mall, all around there they are underground, Reseda Blvd to Tarzana to Encino to Sherman Oaks to Studio City all around the L A River the wash they are under it and under streets by it in rooms killing people in sex torture films. They buy lots of wardrobe to murder people in.

Feety pajamas

Nordstroms Studio Shopping

Fashion Square Macys Studio Shopping probably they are in all the studio shopping offices in Department Stores lying the clothes are for reality  T V shows, a funny video.

Pretty party dresses for five year olds

Mary Jane Shoes for five year old

Bobby socks for five year olds

Coveralls for men

Uniforms for men in all colors they rent at Wardrobe Costume Houses in The San Fernando Valley and all over the USA Probably

Goul Masks for Goul Scary Demonic Occult Videos they buy at Barnes and Noble and Costume Stores

Dark Brown or Black hooded cloaks robes for men they rent at Costume Wardrobe Studio Rental for their occult Goul Mask scary photos videos they do of baby boys sons of all ages babies and five and nine year olds etc. then snuff them or adopt them 10 times by DCFS offices then get them when they are 18 years old and keep many for kiddy porn movies they make under ground they have many 2 year olds they do kids porn with them and the sons they get by DCFS and CPS.

Nurse uniform smocks they put over their clothes in all colors pastel shades they are the criminal serial killers murdering everyone in the kiddy porn snuff movies, they are the ones buying the wardrobe to kill people in at many Westfield Malls and Sears etc. in California and in Colorado etc.