My readings say

In 2005 an angel board sent for Nancy Fox to our house was stolen by someone who does I D theft and lies shes Nancy G. Fox and reports my psychic spiritual work by spying and that she has Nancy G. Fox mail sent to her addresses for many years and that she planned and conspired with others to lie my save life Prophetess job was hers and planned to steal it from my postal mail addressed to Nancy Fox and planned with others to set me up to DCFS and that the first week of Oct, 2005 she stole a angel board job sent from a China couple and six hundred a week salary sent for Nancy Gail Fox because I started doing my angel board everynight at our house and I posted my psychic angel board ability online and that word got out I was a fast accurate angel board reader and many jobs started to be sent for Nancy Fox and many stole them and money sent to Nancy G. Fox to my bank branches and instructions for the Prophetess psychic spiritual family to be protected and the money was stolen and the psychic jobs in the mail and the salarys and that gifts are stolen sent for many years thanking me for my psychic work and that people have spy cams on the mail of Nancy Gail Fox the psychics and rip it off and open it and steal psychic questions sent for me to answer for many years.

In 2006 a job was stolen in the mail called The Stop Traffick Conejo Valley Psychic job for Nancy Gail Fox and it was taken by a person who conspired with the others to set me up and frame slander me to the Dept of Child Family Protective Services.

In 2007 another psychic job was sent for Nancy Fox the Realtor Fed Ex and or UPS to my real estate office address called The Stop Slavery Internationally Psychic Job of the Angel Board Readers Nancy Fox and another job or that one was called The Nancy Fox Investigation of Stopping Slavery Internationally on your angel board in Westlake Village and said money is sent to Nancy G Fox and family to your banks as all your angel board psychic jobs are arriving for your crime tips to stop slavery internationally and said to buy many mansions with your money and hire friends and family to live in them to be your assitants and one letter said hire one hundred family and friends and another letter said to hire seven hundred people you know, realtors , mortgage brokers, real estate customers, movie buisness people you worked with and the letters were stolen and the money and the angel board questions and the Prophetess psychic spiritual family protection safety instructions. Another letter said report your psychic angel board crime tips to residents in The Conejo Valley as 1,000 are in danger of being human sex trafficked and you should be in charge of safety in the city and areas around it with your psychic tips and you can spend your Nancy G Fox and family money on it and be in a position of authority to save the people in the Conejo Valley and internationally and you are going to have an office leased for you for 10 years to stop slavery internationally and to stop human sex traffick on the water from 2007 til 2017 and to live a life of luxury with limos and maids and pet sitters so you can devote all your time to your psychic crime tip work so you do not have to lift a finger and please gate your driveway and pay the house off it said since 2005 for the safety of the psychic Prophetess family and all the letters were stolen addressed to Nancy G. Fox and they opened the mail and changed it and lie its their stop slavery Westlake Village job.

In 2009 a Medium For God channel writer spirit writer job was sent for Nancy Gail Fox to Ranchito , Sherman Oaks Calif and someone took the mail and lied its work mail for a realtor and send it to someone else and a box of ear pieces to protect the pscyhic and her family and letters said in fall 2008 DCFS CPS Welfare services is not allowed on their property and no case file is ever allowed to be opened as the mom is framed and it is proven and they have framed her and her daughters everywhere and in 2009 they called and lied to DCFS and a case file was open based on lies and the lies were dimissed and they use the lies they told for fraud mail liens and rob the Prophetess family.

2010 May a job was stolen that was sent to Nancy Gail Fox Gods Medium, Medium For God channel writer to stop human sex trafficking internationally at goverment agencys and it was sent the last week of May or around then for Nancy Fox and stolen.

2010 July a job was sent for Nancy Fox to channel write for John F Kennedy and passed on Presidents by your work written and sent in 2009 and 2010 and that job was stolen.

2010 Medium For God thank you presents started to be sent UPS Fed Ex postal mail and were stolen and gifts for the Nancy G. Fox family have been taken since 2010 and Medium For God channel writer psychic questions are stolen and stop traffick office cash and Fox-Taylor family money and gift cards etc. by a I D theft ring.

2012 Fall Medium For God Prophetess writer rent money started to be taken and Medium For God Prophet writer supply money Western Union and in 2012 my post office box that I leased was stolen from in the middle of my night say my readings that people went in at four a m and took whats mine and sent it to other people and still are. Its 4 years of Medium For God Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylor rent money taken and over six years of stop traffick office money sent for Nancy Gail Fox by my letters I email since 2010 for a Los Angeles Anti Slavery office and resume’ writers money is stolen and every cent is ripped off sent for my work I do since 2007 as a channel writer, medium clear, telepathic mind reader of criminals and it is thank you money sent thanking me for my work I did already and it is for my 11 years of reading tips that I wrote into my posts on my wordpresses.
I started my wordpresses Sept 1st,2012 in Sherman Oaks CA working on three lap tops from 5 am til 11 pm 17 hours a day posting publishing my stop slavery internationally stop traffick crime tips on my wordpresses set up by my email addresses that I have had since 2000 approx that I used when I was a California Realtor and other emails I set up and email from since 2010 are and and I set up wordpresses by them and I set up in Jan. 2013 or before and wrote this wordpress by it and then I made my PayPal on April 4th. 2013 this week and I posted it all over the long wordpresses I wrote with many stop slavery crime tips and that hundreds of millions started to be sent thanking me for my work I did already as a writer and then hundreds of millions per hour and people called aol and lied it was their email address and that they take the PayPal by hacking and send it to many peoples email addresses who collect it and lie its their stop slavery Westlake Village job money and it is not.

My readings say the people taking it say we were assigned this utmost important position to rule the city and say we are better suited for a life of luxury and to be the ones in charge of the Prophetess communication to the city and say it is ours for collecting the money and say we use it for our needs and it is for our stop slavery real estate job of investing in properties for our royal life in the city and say we are entitled to take it as we are reviewing the work sent and redo it and rewrite it and also take all the movie deals sent for Nancy Gail Fox the writer that are sent for her in the mail because her movie treatments are posted on her wordpresses and so is her postal box address and they are sent for her and the people doing this say we take them and lie they are for us and take her clothing gifts, jewelry, perfume, food deliverys.Prophet speaking instructions and invitations all sent by her many wordpresses youtube channel of 100 youtubes of Nancy Gail Fox the psychic medium speaking to stop slavery internationally and the Prophetess medium for God and Jesus jobs are sent by her Medium For God resumes’ she emails since 2010 and this group lies they are for them to speak to their community and to represent the stop slavery work and they lie its a real estate stop slavery job in their city that they are in charge of and it is the psychic stop slavery jobs sent for Nancy Fox when she was a realtor that they stole in 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 to Westlake Village the realtor who’s a psychic angel board reader spirit writer and they lie its their job and money and none of it and never was.

They say they don’t care, they are all sitting in their offices collecting it and on the golf course lying they are going to rule the city and they are lying to five banks and lying they can take the pay sent to the because it is sent to their email addresses and they manually collect it and keep ten dollars a day for taking it and say we do and lie shes not able to collect it and say we are told to all do it and it is sent by the 2007 stop slavery work orders in the postal mail that was stolen that was addressed to Nancy Gail Fox the psychic who’s a real estate agent and it is forwarded to email addresses and says here take your pay and collect for a dumb idiot crippled gravely disabled retard for not checking her emails and in box at work and for fast emailing without spell checking we say we can take it for redoing it and keep the pay it says.
It is really Nancy Gail Fox’s PayPal sent to her email addresses to her business shes the owner of for her writing work she wrote and sent it is for her spirit channel medium writing in a trance for important legends who are her guides sending crime tips by her work to stop slavery internationally and the money is thank you money for her work she did in its original work and it does not matter if channel writing is spell checked it is for the content of the crime tip work and the importance of it to save lives and the PayPal is sent to her email addresses for her wordpresses for her fast medium trance writing and emailing all night and day for so many long years and for all her hours of faxing and it is for her seven and one half years of working her heart and soul out as the medium clear vessel of light to save lives and it is thank you pay for her missionary religous spiritual good samaritun Prophetess work as thank you pay and they all lie to rob it and it is to go to an email address that wordpresses are set up by then to go to the PayPal merchant account email automatically then to Nancy Fox PayPal credit card and it is to show up in the that is connected to the business owners bank Business account Medium For God Nancy Gail Fox Fox-Taylor and can be transfered from my email to my business bank account all set up to be automatic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am not disabled , I was ruled NOT GRAVELY DISABLED Nov. 5,2009 when I had a psych eval for psychic tips.
I always checked my in box when I was working as a realtor, every day.

The money is Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylor Medium For God DBA Business Owner Registered Business of Los Angeles County sent for work done in the San Fernando Valley.
2009 2010 2011 at Ranchito Ave. Sherman Oaks Calif.
2012 Sherman Oaks Apartment
2013 Sherman Oaks Apartment, North Hollywood Art’s District
2014,2015,2016 summer Noho Arts District
Summer Fall Winter Sherman Oaks apartment

The money is for Sherman Oaks and North Hollywood in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles County, Calif.

They are lying it is money of Westlake Village, Ventura County, in The Conejo Valley

They say they are taking her money because she emails so fast and thats why the money is sent for writing crime tips fast and emailing them fast all over the world to stop the crimes.

They say we say it is our money to be beautiful in our presitigous city in the land of ours to say the words to our areas and say it is for rewriting her work and saying it on a loud speaker and take her Prophet work notices and speaking jobs sent for the medium and say they are for us speaking her words all calm gentle and peaceful as they want her to say them.
That means put Nancy Fox’s money in her bank and hand her mail to speak as the medium and to answer the questions sent and so she can lease offices and hire a staff to stop slavery internationally finally!!!!!!!!!!!! after all the interference done by so many crooks.

The person says we say its just a role to play and say its assigned to us and no it is for The Medium to speak from the spirits shes a medium for that only she can do until her daughters are the mediums as they will be and they are to all have their money in their banks and their six years of stolen presents houses cars and mail that’s stolen.

7 a m they go in their bins at their offices, Fed Ex UPS Courrier Services at their offices and the postal mail that’s stolen is sent to their home addresses and it is 78 doing it to the banks and 29 lying they are the Lordess on earth now for the Conejo Valley and they have stolen Lordess on earth presents that are sent for Nancy Fox and for Hannah Grace and they say they are told to lie it is for them and to forge Nancy G Fox and they steal Hannah’s Royal academy of dance ballet invites and stole mail the The Royal Palace Queen of England sent them and they lie to The White House and they lie to the news stations and they are lying to banks as they sit and steal PayPal from a business owner.

The lady says shes saying the letters sent describing Nancy Foxs personality traits are her and says shes so honest ethical and outstanding and says shes the rock of gibralter and all the words that describe Nancy Fox she lies are her and says shes out on the golf course and says she says its her position a role shes been assigned to act out and play and to keep it all away from her or they all go to Federal prison for slandering her in 2008 fall a long time sober A A lady whos such a great mom and a hard working realtor in Westlake Village CA who paid the bills alone for so long as a great wonderful single mom and whos so honest sincere ethical and many were caught for running literally and lying about her to CPS DCFS in another city and they ran to the bank of hers and took the Nancy G Fox family money and lied it was a job they would do instead and were caught in fall 2008 and ten were busted and told to pay Nancy Fox seven thousand each in slander money and never did and probably the people ordering the slander fees to be paid did not know the motive was to steal the psychic stop slavery internationally angel board spirit writer clarvoyant psychic detective jobs in the postal mail addressed to Nancy Fox and to take 800 mil a week sent to her bank branches and mail that said for her to buy 700 to 1000 to 5000 houses with her money Nancy G Fox and family to own many properties and a royal life they all planned to steal by robbing mail and slandering to CPS so in 2009 spring the long slander fee and arrest list was sent and they said toss it out lets not pay and say we did and all called DCFS and lied instead

The list was for seven ordered to prison
Ten who lied to Oxnard CPS
For taking mail sent for the in box and lying the mom was notified
For many who did ispy view it edit it send it and for looking at it and for lying ispy is porn as it sets up kidnap raping murder and they were supposed to apologize to Nancy Fox the mom so she would be informed of the ispy
Many planed gin the garage to frame a long time sober AA mom and AA teenage daughters they broke in the garage at River Farm and put it in a tin to frame her and they made house keys illegally and put them outside for rapists men to take and spied from the attic and call it the ceiling life , they are peeping tom voyerists and now do peeping tom on spy cams from under houses apartments , they put spy cams in bathrooms and bedrooms and sell people with it and its death set up.
They planted gin in the office.
Took the Power of Attorney of Denise S Fox
Stole her rings from her house 2007 Oct or Nov. They made copies of stolen rings and planted them on the sober teen Jessica in AA meetings and in her school locker and did many framing crimes against a nice teenager and they did it to a Royal academy of dance ballerina Hannah-Grace Taylor.
They stole the will living trust of Denise S Fox called The Fox Family Trust 2009 spring and set up Nancy Fox to DCFS the same week
They take the Nancy G Fox and family money and the Fox-Taylor Family Best Mom Story Money , The Medium For God Money, the PayPal money and put it in the accounts of the elder Denise S Fox and lie the money they deposit it Fox Family Trust
and they are The Devil in Los Angeles

mediumtogod Just another site Jesus Christ and God Almighty to stop slavery run invisibly , pass this on leave a comment » This is thy great God Almighty and my grand Son of frustration is thou Jesus as is my medium as these many crime tips by us are so very accurate so anyone who is slandering her you should suspect as a giant ring of liars is taking her earned thank you to my Medium For God DBA means Doing Business Alone in large caps I do say so as a group of hanus women are taking her stop slavery Prophet cash left at many coffee shops and they are all dressed up in her stolen Prophet apparel that they literally all loot from her P O Boxes since 2012 as she set up a p o box in that Jan of 2012 in Sherman Oaks her native town of her owned its supposed to be so and I and her great Jesus do say so and these groups of so awful women run around in coffee shops in the neighborhoods where she is typing for us for many long years seven years it is over this as it is since 2009 early in that year when she did start reporting tips and here she is typing ever so feverishly at the mall that she lives near now that she grew up by and was staying at her moms by there a block away in 2009 to 2011 and now lives near there again a few blocks over in thou great grand land of her to be so owned land of her residence in this great Sherman Oaks Calif and awful some are for having her Medium For God DBA means Doing Business Alone all alone I do say and we so strongly reiterate this point of a fact as its her owned money sent to her paypal addresses of many mass email addresses that are all hers and this paypal is sent for her strong work of stopping human slavery torturing of the many they take and they do it by the awful group of hanus women who are in many coffee shops to her banks stealing her stop traffick office money and her stop slavery medium writing thank you pay to her our great Prophet and they take her Best Mom story victims money sent for the Fox-Taylor family to her and her daughters Miss Jessica and Hannah-Grace and her elderly mom thou Denise Sampson Fox and its for the victimizing story of such awful facts and its to repair the damage done to them the great family and the group of hanus women take this Best Mom Nancy Fox money and her daughters and say that mom is an old hag just lookin for a hand out shes a lazy bum and I take it for some good purpose and I got a court order from Mono County court that other family members took control of the moms money and her daughters money and they did not it’s all a lie in fact the money is sent because her brother of ten years older and her sister whos seven years older ruined their lives as the brother trapsed into their small town of The City Of Westlake Village in their Calif by the great Santa Monica mountains where she loved to see the white fog roll over their hills behind them and watch the sunset from thier sanctuary on their hill at their home on this great famous street of this River Farm Drive and the brother came all the way from Ojai and lied his sister Nancy Fox was sucidal and has never been in her life in fact shes quite the opposite and he lied and he called a not needed ambulance that sat in the church parking lot across the street from their peaceful long time sober A A moms house Miss Nancy Gail Fox is sober in A A since 1985 and has never ever been sucidal in her life and ht meanly so outright lied and ruined thier life so badly and hers so especially as for over seven years she running for life scared to death of ambulances and they show up at bus stops as they hide thier moms car liscense plates when they set her up the Best Mom in our time so happy who would have made fifty thousand a week in real estate some have said and proved and the brother lied and the mom had a knock on the door and said no Im not sucidal Im sober in A A a long time and said Im just stressed about money and they said arent we all and wrote it down and left and she said my car just broke down and its just money and the sister the same time called and lied to DCFS and lied she took psychotropic meds and did not does not and a total complete lie they both set her up so badly and then someone stole their elderly moms will from her house on la Ranchito Ave the same week and stole it outright is a mortgage broker who steals the Fox-Taylor family victims money sent for Nancy Foxs many best mom storys emailed since early 2010 from 3 lap tops to many many addresses for some money for a lawyer due to what they did to them as they slandered the best mom an AA long time sober person who works so hard and had a great 10 year real estate business and a mortgage broker got a hold of the early memory loss elders will a living trust that is only Denise S Fox and they are lying its family money and say we got full control of money and medical of my sister and her kids by DCFS in 2009 and no they did not at all as they stole the elders will and lie its a family trust and lie they got control of their money medical by lying to DCFS in 2009 and the lies were dismissed without prejudice in court in 2009 summer and Jessica D Taylor was dismissed from the case entirely in court in 2009 and she turned the adult age of 18 that fall in Sept and then the mom our medium Miss Nancy Fox had a psych eval for a list of channel written psychic tips from us thou God and Jesus and she wrote a simple list of some psychic tips to save her kids from being human sex trafficked and warned them her readings say they take people to slavery underground by ambulances and to make sure they are not at their school and so on and that many may try to get custody neively and this is how they take people to slavery is by adoption by framing lying about thier nice moms and adopt them to someone and then they all sign off to others and some are paid millions to adopt them to the person and they lie its for dance college or Paris or some big lie to get them and thats what we explained to her the best mom the most psychic person in early 2010 so she wrote a list of psychic tips we wrote by her arms channel writing and some crime tips from her angel board that she got for years before this and some facts of stalkers lies to DCFS and so on and she wrote a list and was questioned about the crime tips and then she was taken for a psych eval for a list of psychic crime tips and then she had a Superior Court hearing at the psych ward where her 18 year old daughter saw her the day before and the gavel slammed at the hearing there the first week of Nov in 2009 and she was released and walked out and thats the end of the story and thats it and her daughter was the legal adult age of thou 18 so no one at all ever got any control of our mediums money and never could have as the lies told to DCFS were dimissed without prejudice in court in 2009 summer I say again and then in July 2010 a dimissed without prejudice lie the awful lying sister told was put back in the wrong DCFS papers so their papers are incorrect with many mistakes and the best mom lost custody due to the wrong papers of DCFS that had the lie back in that was dismissed without prejudice and thats a fact and the law of California it is not allowed to be put back in their papers and they lied she did not provide her psych eval and did provide the Superior Court hearing ruling and she faxed it to DCFS and she gave it to her lawyer by fax and handed it to her ex the Dad and she brought five copies to court as instructed by her lawyer and that is the Certificate Review hearing paper that says she is a spiritual person whos a very long time sober in the program of Alcoholics Anonymous who has psychic dreams since shes a child who reported a list of psychic crime tips in the event they could happen as a ” concerned citizen” and was ruled Not gravely disabled, Not a danger to herself or others and was left by the hearing and again her daughter was 18 years of age and stopped by the day or two before and brought her money and she was on her way to San Diego and only she could have had control of the moms money while she was there to get her mail money etc. and thats a fact as shes 18 and they are in the same twelve step spiritual program and the sister whos seven years older than Nancy Fox lives over five hours away and still partys hardy drinks and they are not close and never were and never hardly even spoke at all only half a minute a year and are total opposites and Nancy Fox kept her sister in Mammoth Lakes ski resort and her brother in Ojai forty five minutes away out of her life and had no real relattionship with them at all in fact when her daughter was a new born ten days old her brother called and told Nancy Fox he molested her so she avoided him like the plague and avoided her sister and her boyfriend as they are often drunk and her sister never wanted kids and a family life and so on and the elderly mom Denise Fox harldy saw them or spoke to them at all and made Nancy Fox her POA on her Wells Fargo account when she was only 18 and trusted her completely and always said daily almost your the one who lives near me if I ever need anything and your the one Im going to live with I only want to live with you and your kids and I do not want to live with Linda and Ed in Mammoth and I do not want to live with Steve in Ojai and she planned to live at RIver Farm Drive and was moving in in 2009 and they tied their hands both of them at the same time that awful week in 2009 when they ruined her fifty thousand a week real estate commisions she would be making this whole time and planned for a seven thousand a month retirement referal fees to live on when she stopped selling homes and her real estate lis expired in 2011 due to no mail as the witch in Mammoth Lakes steals all her mail and stole all her Medium For God writer jobs sent for Nancy Fox in 2009 2010 that were sent for her faxes from Ranchito ave and they stopped the long distance faxing and lied its their business and they steal all her paypal thats sent to her buisness she owns as the hardest worker in our time and it was four hundred million right away when she started paypal and her new p o box in April 2013 they all looted the way they stole from her Sherman Oaks one on Allott and Ventura Blvd and it was right next door to the coffee shop she typed from on three lap tops in fall winter 2012 and 2013 spring and loads of gifts cash gift cards sent were all stolen as shes sat there working away for seventeen hours a day and the group of women taking her money from coffee shops now still and from her p o box sat under it in Sherman Oaks spying and stealing what was sent for her Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylor Medium For God channel writer and they stole her job sent by her Medium For God channel writer resume in 2010 May sent for Nancy Gail Fox Gods Medium by your email from to stop traffick at CPS DCFS Welfare services internationally from a U N Belguim it may have been from a human rights office and they stole her five suites paid for her and her family for weeks and roses a diamond ring a letter for Miss Nancy Fox on White House stationary from the front desk of the hotel by LAX airport and since then they lie its their job and they take her years of stop traffick office money sent by her letters since 2010 summer and they take her truck loads of gifts sent for her Best Mom letters that are hers and her daughters and in 2010 they sat underground the Sherman Oaks mall where they are now and they stole seven evening gowns a gift certificate for a formal store in that mall for Nancy Fox and Jessica and Hannah Grace and they took that present and had women in the neighborhood take their gifts sent and set up a real laundering of victims family gifts and Medium For God Prophet presents and Prophet pay and now they take it and write DBA means a Dumb Brain Asshole all over it and it means Doing Business Alone and they are my mediums gifts sent to the Medium For God DBA Doing buiness alone Miss Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylor and they steal them and re address them and send them to 500 addresses for a year and they are literally setting up a real giant war as for seven years shes our medium clear vessel that we use to speak our utmost important communication by to stop the hanus crimes and no questions for us have ever reached her and in 2005 fall the notices sent were stolen that said pay your house off to near nothing gate the long driveway your daughters are not to ever leave your side you are starting your save life on earth save the world work thats yours and your family as you are doing your angel board everynight at River Farm drive and said its your Conejo Valley stop traffick stop slavery job and you may hire 100 persons to assist you family and friends and one mansions are being bought homes you liked looking and showing as a realtor and there are five in your neighborhood The Trails Estates and five on Oakshore Drive Westlake Island a boat to go to your office on the water thats leased from 2007 til 2017 while you stop slavery internationally and other letters said please buy seven more homes many mansions with your money sent to your bank to Nancy G Fox and family thats 1/4 theirs and his and 3/4 yours and 800 mil to your bank weekly since 2005 to 2007 and it is sent for 11 years for them and taken and it says you may pay salarys to 1000 people you hire and they are friends from the movie business on your resume’ your neighbors throughout your life and realtors and real estate customers mortgage brokers and A A friends you have known a long time since 1985 and recent ones and said here is list of names suggested for you to hire to assist you with your stop slavery internationally crime tip work as a psychic detective as you are in every life and known so since your great birth and said they will hand you your mail and gifts and you shall have ten estates you and your family will live in with many friends and family surrounding each house for your safety to protect the Prophet geru spirit of light family and twelve maids in each estate and the ones you hire will supervise house keeping and your mom will have her one hundred thousand from your 900 mil each time it is sent for Nancy G Fox Los Angeles County to your bank branches by armed transport trucks from LAX airport from the Washington monument bank and 100 mil goes to California Police to protect you and your family, your daughters Jessica and Hannah Taylor and your mom Denise Fox on Ranchito Ave in Sherman Oaks CA and its her one hundred thousand from your estate thats to go to her bank at Wells fargo for her safety and life of luxury for shopping limos maid staffs hair dressers jewelry and so on and its 1/4 your daughters and suggest they spend 50 mil a week on shopping and you may spend 400 mil of your money sent weekly on stopping slavery by your crime tips to save life on earth is the other reason its sent and 200 mil on yourself for beauty designer clothing and some letters said spend 800 mil a week on clothing beauty jewelry and the money is always taken and always has been as it is sent to the men running human slavery and they lie they save people under L A County and the women with files in coffee shops and all under malls lie they save lives and slander victims they spy on to get them underground and they sell people to snuff movies cast them order surgerys and they run slavery and sit underground hacking tips and call email and lie that woman thinks this crazy stuff is going on dont read it shes imagining it shes a wasted used up crack whore lame brain lookin for a hand out and so on and they get the crime tips about them and edit it change them and forward it to others people who they give her gifts houses money to since 2010 summer and they send it to the women who stole the angel board jobs in 2005 2006 2008 sent for Nancy Fox in The City of Westlake Village Calif state owned land its supposed to be known is all of theirs the four of them we do so pray and thats her and him whos mail is so stolen also and his wealthy life of luxury he was to always lead and so was she since the age of ten and her daughters were to be born with a silver spoon in their mouth and the inheritated estate homes in Bel Air have the devils living in them and they get the truck loads of their owned money sent to them and the women in coffee shops and banks taking the Medium For God DBA money paypal postal gifts cash and cars and so on work for them and get the kids underground to the men they work with twenty nine in a group are on plummer main lines and crawl spaces and the sewer line and they say they put their penis in kids at nine a m and kill them and are addicted to it and its five year olds this week and three year olds last week and they have a back pack and lunch sack thermos do no one suspects them and thats the tip we continue to report

They are still calling ambulances their kidnapper mobiles the devils hearst and lying they have medical control over people on their list,Laws need to be followed ,you are NOT ALLOWED to force medical attention on anybody, only a person can authorize it for themselves, It is The Patients Right Law of California, enforcing this law will stop slavery

They are liquid plummer in coffee again, thats the so called DCFS case workers who do this to capture people to human slavery , who sit under coffee shops and may lie they have medical warrants to do this to people, they lie they need medical attention

To stop slavery internationally
Many are hacking my emails, when I send posts on wordpress to stop slavery they are blocking them by emailing where I do and saying not to read it , not to read the previous email sent and fifteen start calling and say that woman is a nut, a gravely disabled wacked out old whore and do not read her tips posts sent by our account this is insane information and say she thinks this is happening and she is imagining it, she is hallucinating and if you read her wacked out crime tips you will interfere with our utmost ever so important investigation and you may be incarcetated for knowing thus information, therefore read our lovely meticulously orderly files all sent by our special delivery courrier service from that person a lovely fair maiden who took over this great position to be the ever so inportant stop slavery leader in thier great area of this seemingly gravely endangered so community of the Conejo and says read ours all neat and tidy , so fresh and sweet delivered to your hot little hands straightaway on your porch ha ha and say we are the great blessed so medium for all team and the great important squad so ever more battery style reporting and we all take her grand amounts of her owned buisness paypal funds sent for her work and we say it is ours for redoing her work and putting our important investigative teams of work into it and take a few of her mish mosh scrambled up jumbled up crime tips she get by swirling her hand around and makes piddly winks for her phone readings that we take most of all her calls five calls a day for her in Sherman Oaks CA regular reading calls for her even we get and send the people elsewhere and follow them all around to make certain no one pays her as we do not want her to have money as we say she needs some help for her thinking and all thousand spying call medical calls all day to force a shot and say shes not really sober in A A since 1985 and say she does not own her buisness as we say others took it over and take her postal money and her paypal by forwarding it to our emails and then to five hundred people and they send it on around the world and we all collect it and say shes too disorientaed to collect it and say it would not really go right on her paypal credit card we say its ours for getting her work and putting a few lines or her tips in our reports and say the money sent to her email addresses is for us getting it by computer equipment and insert it in our lists and they are sent out where shes sent her work of this Medium For God DBA business that means Doing Business Alone and we say it means a Dumb Brain Asshole ha ha and take her postal money in the mail sent to thank her and send it to five hundred peoples addresses and say the money sent thanking her for her emails and wordpress posts is for us reviewing the work and say its for us delivering reports where she sends her work as we follow it on our spy cams and hacking equipment and fifteen to twenty nine sit underground tapping over her typing keys and send emails immediately and flash a big red screen that says do not read this work from a gravely disabled person her family got control over her money emailing medical when she went nuts at the psych ward in the fall of 09 and they hired us and pay us all out of her money they and we all take to supervise and we get it all and her book deals , movie deal mail, Prophets thank you pay and her stop traffick office money sent for her letters for over six years and her six years of presents, car gifts, house titles, mortgage money sent by her requests for victims attorneys money for her Best Mom Fox-Taylor family letters of facts of the victimizing done to her and her daughters and to her elderly mom and we have taken over six years of their presents sent by Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylors Best Mom letters she mass emails since early 2010 and take her Medium For God Prophetess channel writer resume’ money sent for her since early 2010 and take her Lordess on earth resume’ and wordpress presents sent for Nancy G Fox and send her gifts to other women at fifty nine addresses and lie we assigned them this position to be say they are her and to forge Nancy G Fox and take her gifts of luxury cars, perfume in her brand ,clothes in her size and color, Sees Candy all for her taste specifically sent as gifts for Nancy Gail Fox and cars she would love to drive in as the important leader of stopping slavery internationally as the Prophetess speaker as the man speaking engangements sent for her are by her letters she sends with her Medium For God Nancy Gail Fox resume’ since 2010 summer she requests to speak as a medium for God, Jesus, Mary and Princess Diana and all who she writes for and we send her speaking jobs shes generated by her letters her work her resumes’ her emailing non stop night and day for nearly seven years and give it away to other women and they exchange her clothing gifts drive her car presents and take her beauty gifts and jewerly and have credit cards that say Nancy G. Fox Fox-Taylor Medium For God disabled person we cover for or some words such as this on one thousand credit cards we all charge the Medium For God DBA Nancy G Fox Fox-Taylor Best Mom money on and its all Nancy G. Foxs Fox-Taylor Best Mom story shes sent and its her Medium For God money we all take they say and put it in other bank accounts and take her Medium For God rent money for four years and her Prophet supply money Western Union and six years of Fed Ex UPS gifts that are all hers and her daughters and mothers and we send her mail and theirs to five hundred addresses for a year and for ten years take her psychic work orders questions in the mail.
They tell these lies and sit underground hacking and stealing money and mail and UPS Fed Ex and redirect it as they are the ones raping and murdering torturing victims they get underground by lying they need medical attention and they are naked hacking masterbate to peeping tom of many girls and moms by spy cams in their houses that they lie is to supervise and for safety and they are pressing remotes to electric shock people to take them underground and they rape the girls by 89 men right away and make torture movies and are addicted to it and put moms in gynological chairs underground and molest them while they gang rape their daughters til their half dead torn up bloody and the men keep raping them then, they are the devil human sellers serial killers child molestor torture addicts calling out and lying and they hack Jesus and Gods words and cover up change their crime tips and lie they are wrong as they are about them and they sit in electrical rooms under coffee shops and under malls and inbetween malls floors in the crawl spaces that are for plumbers and electricians is how they human sex traffick kill many victims is by spying in crawl spaces and they are under convenience stores markets cross walks sidewalks schools houses apartments neighborhoods staring at children in bathtubs to molest them rape kill torture them as they work for the serial killers antichrist snuff movie kiddy porn torture movie directors and they frame people stalk on spy cams and call medics to tie people down and shoot them up with drugs and send reports and lie they need some help to hurry fast we gotta get them attention now and write reports about attention deficit and all kinds of exagerations and say they are in charge of safety under L A and say they must take the person to safety and have one thousand spying from their houses on sting equipment who give the persons location twenty four hours a day to get them underground and lie its a safe secret mission to help a person in surgerys and lie they need medical attention and lie the shots relax them for therapy in hotels they all arrange in advance secretly and force daughters and mothers there by ambulances and other ways of many men in cars white medical vans parked all over and the nine antichrist men rape the girls daughters front and rear end in front of the mom they hand cuff to a chair and shoot them up with speed balls and call it bloody virgin raping and are addicted to torturing moms and do it for hundreds of years and did it by robbing moms years ago and took them by horse and buggy and raped the kids behind barns and do this for many years this same way by robbing a mom and lying they cant provide taking the kids by a court adopting them and its to human slavery torture to murder them and the ones calling out who hack are lying to the public and they are underground Sherman Oaks right now in California , they are under the shopping mall and middle school near by and the coffee shop and they say they are mandated to cover for safety and go in man holes in the street and utility entrances and they are lying about my psychic ability to ruin my credibility as I report them the criminals serial killers rapists sex addicts drug addicts bank robbers car thiefs peeping tom sex addicts and human sellers who work for men that make kiddy porn, snuff movies, torture films underground Los Angeles in movie studio sets with make up hair wardrobe closets of clothes set up and rented wardrobe for the men torture raping who are dressed in uniforms and are dropped off at ten freeway exits and on ramps off ramps everyday to go in underground to gang rape people and they are lying about Nancy Gail Fox the Medium For God DBA aka Fox-Taylor because I report them the serial killers who are invisible on spy cams stalking many victims, it is such a big pack of sex addicted rapists that no one can believe there are so many who do this to people.
The facts are:
I am psychic since I was young,
I am clarvoyant and have accurate psychic predication dreams my whole life.
I started doing angel board readings in 2005 every night.
I study metapsychics siince my 20s’
I am sober in A A since 1985 and lead a spiritual life
I had a psych eval for psychic tips and in Nov 2009 I had a court hearing there and was ruled NOT GRAVELY DISABLED
The best mom story is the victimizing my brother and sister did to me, my brother lied I was sucidal and have never been in my life and my sister lied I took meds and that is a lie, I hardly ever saw them or spoke to them, they are 10 and 7 years older than me and do not live in L A county and I have nothing to do with them for many years I do not speak to them or see them or communicate with them at all,
In 2009 they slandered me and set me up to DCFS and my moms living trust will called The Fox Family trust of Denise S Fox was taken from her house in Sherman Oaks CA the same week they lied about me.’
The ones taking my postal cash and paypal may be putting it in my elderly moms bank accounts and lying they have control over it and DO NOT.
I started my Medium For God writing in 2009 and work many long hours for seven years at this Prophet work to save lives.
In 2013 I registered my Prophet writing pen name as a DBA business on April 4th 2013 in Los Angeles County and I am the owner of my buisness as an individual person.
My younger daughter was 18 years old then an adult age, so DCFS would have nothing to do with any of it,
Her dad got custody in 2010 by the set ups lies by sister did to me and then he and my daughter moved to San Diego so no one would have anything to do with my mail and money,
My daughters are now 21 and 25 years old.
I was railroaded to the court house by liars, my sister and brother lied about me in spring 2009 and anonynmous callers called DCFS and lied my dreams were dillusions, the lies were dimissed without prejudice in court in 2009
My daughter was dismissed from the case in court, she turned 18 years old in 2009, then I had a psych eval for psychic crime tips in fall 2009 and there I had a court hearing that ruled me a spiritual person who has psychic dreams since shes a child who reported some psychic crime tips in the event they could happen as a ” Concerned citizen” and shes a very long time sober in the program of Alcoholic Anonymous and was released.




A serial killer woman underground Sherman Oaks says she takes the stop slavery Medium For God money with a group who are underground and shes a big fat slob with short straight black hair and shes wearing jeans and a white t crew neck t shirt and shes in the sex human slavery underground with the other perps sex addicts who torture the humans brought to them who they lie are worthless scum bag bums and are not at all they are lovely nice moms with good incomes that are stolen by them underground and by one hundred who frame the nice moms and then secret fake fraud mail liens are sent to post offices and to p o boxes where their mail is sent and to the postal loading docks of regular postal mail and ups fed ex and fake papers say they are homeless worhless gravely disabled bums whos mail is handled by others and it is put in a box in a bin or crate of hamper in a seperate spot in the back of the post office and p o box and they go in with keys to the p o boxes in the middle of the night and early morning and at 4 am 5 pm 2 am and steal the Medium For God stop slavery internationally money and thank you Prophet pay thats hers sent to her p o box addresses and they steal her money and gifts for six years and for 4 years from her rented p o boxes in 2012 from Sherman Oaks on Allot Ave and Ventura Blvd in Sherman Oaks and stole money sent to her apt for rent in 2012 and 2013 on Moorpark and Sunnyslope in Sherman Oaks and stole her mail cash ups fed ex in 2010 from the alley and Ventura Blvd when she started working as a reader in 2010 in Sherman Oaks in July August time of summer of 2010 and they stole all sent for the Best Mom Story of facts for Nancy Gail Fox-Taylor and her daughters and for her elderly mom and they stole the money that said for Nancy Fox to get custody of her daughter Hannah Grace Taylor, for Nancy Fox to buy a car and pay her mortgage on River Farm , for Nancy Fox to keep her real estate business, for Nancy Fox to protect and cover her and her family from Linda and Steve and Jan the ones who victimized her in the Best Mom letter of facts and to cover her and her daughters Jessica and Hannah Taylor because of the stalkers who zoomed around their street in 2008 summer and its bodygaurd money for the Best Mom Story of facts written and sent by the victim Nancy Fox the Best Mom to protect her family and its for Denise S Foxs trust attorney because her will living trust was stolen from her house in 2009 spring the week they set up Nancy Fox the Best Mom sober in A A since 1985 and a realtor since 1999 whos a better than average mom helping in the classrooms driving her daughters to and from school and selling homes when they were busy at school and activitys and up at 4 am emailing customers buyers and sellers working three hours before her daughters got out of bed so she could be with them after school and worked three hours before they got up and made them hot breakfast and drove them to school and is an over honest realtor who does not lie cheat or steal and she paid the bills alone as a single mom with no child support and never alimony and its her money to get custody of Hannah Grace and its for her elderly mom Denise S Fox as her diamond heirloom rings were stolen from her house in Sherman Oaks in 2007 fall Thanksgiving time and her will living trust was taken from her house the week they lied about Nancy Fox and set her up to DCFS and its Best Mom Story money to save her from Steve and Linda Fox and the neice and Jan who came barging in and they money is for Nancy Gail Fox and her family because of the victimizing and scary abusive crimes commited against them as they broke thier mail box two times and stalked their house sat in front of their mail box in 2008 summer and its money that says for a lawyer and for Supreme court because of all the violating and its because someone stole her real estate portfolio and Hannahs RAD ballet bag from her car parked in their driveway in 2006 and because their cats went missing the day stalkers were there on Labor Day 2008 and its to pay the mortgage and to repair thier lives to the way they were so they can live happy ever after at River Farm and tips say truck loads of Best mom lawyers money and gifts were sent in 2010 when she started working at The Psychic Eye in Sherman Oaks and they have been taken from many places addresses where Nancy Fox is is where the Best Mom Fox-Taylor money is sent and Medium For God mail and gifts also are taken and the money has been sent for her to all her addresses and past addresses such as her real estate office and River Farm Drive in Westlake Village, Remax olson and to Ranchito Ave Sherman Oaks and to The Psychic Eye address and p o box on Ventura Blvd Sherman Oaks on the corner of Allott Ave and to the Moorpark and Sunnyslope apartment address and to Chase bank North Hollywood for Nancy G Fox-Taylor The Best Mother and for the Medium For God business bank account for Nancy G Fox-Taylor the owner and to Noho Pack and Ship P O Box in North Hollywood and to U S Bank in Westlake Village and to B of A on Westlake Blvd River Farm Drive mortgage money is sent for the Best Mom story to pay the B of A loan off and its sent to Wells Fargo bank branches in Westlake Village and the valley to Nancy G Fox and to Nancy G Fox Medium For God business owner and its sent everywhere she lives and works and is taken by many who have a fraud lien on it and tips say they steal money and mail from people and kill them and the female underground says she does it all the time by spying lying and she picks up mail with others ten of them who take the mail from a pile that says the moms are gravely disabled homeless worthless people who are unable to handle their mail and they lie they are health and welfare social workers who take care of it for people to help them and say they are covering a worthless homeless bum family and they steal their money gifts cars houses mortage money office money jobs in the mail clothing gifts perfume jewelry and wear the stolen clothes and drive in bank parking lots in stolen cars and go in the bank branches and lie they are in charge of this money and put it in another account and say its secret the person and their daughters cant know about it and they do this to seven to ten moms at a time in many banks they rob their money by lying about them and set up to murder them and their kids who they sell with peeping tom spy cams and lie they are covering for safety and rob every penny they are making and steal stop traffick office money sent for Nancy Fox for over six years a mil a week or half a mil a week thats hers by her letters and they put it in bank account and lie shes a disabled embecile and they sit underground hacking this now ten serial killers who capture moms and daughters underground to human torture sex slavery and they cast them in snuff movies kiddy porn and decide who they will traffick to high end Johns who pay them and there are one hundred captured sex slaves underground always who they off snuff after ten years and they gang rape people by eight nine men who live in thier bunk houses under the freeway off ramps and under the streets that cross them and they live underground and rape victims and its filmed taped and torture movies are made this way and the ten or twenty nine in groups go in man holes in the streets and lie they are covering for safety and they go in plummer crawl spaces and sit in electrical rooms underground and press remotes to electric shock people they plan to kill and thats this woman with Black hair who says shes a fat slob with another killer pedophile torture addict named Mary Lee or Marilee who lives on Rinaldi in Granada Hills and shes a large womans size a size 15 or 29 with another large woman size Kathleen size 50 plus in a nurses smock with pedophiles who rape kids and they are David four ft eleven inches and Johnny who yells oh my gosh golly gee wow and they are with seven other computer hackers and thats Ken and Kens honey and Lisa whos on Ridgecrest Drive with a blond perm shoulder length hair and was one named Kimmy or Kim Nelson and they are with seven now underground Sherman Oaks Calif and call fake medical calls to get the person underground and they lie people need some help and send forced shots of drugs and tie them down by large medics and the serial killers antichrist family who run slavery torture under L A county who direct snuff movies animal human surgery operating tables and sit under ZOOs and cemetarys and take animals by force of medical warrants is their trick to kill and the six ft nine antichrist is the director of kiddy porn in their sets underground and in their snuff movie sets under L A and he runs human slavery torture with the antichrist brothers Randy Levine and his large rapist men in a white sting van who transport in body bags in the back of hospital parking lots and drop people underground and do this at freeway on ramps and the men go in the entrances to the underground by the freeway on ramps this way at five am nine am dressed in plummer uniforms and they rape torture victims underground and its nine antichrist brothers and its old Ron the six ft nine director running the movie murder buisness underground and has many bizarre movie sets clown circus ferris wheel and old hollywood under Wilcox Ave and human sac religion under the LA train station five miles down and kiddy porn rooms under the San Fernando valley and hes the leader old Ron Uncle Ronnie La Vina and another Ron to Randy Levine to Ed and Mike Levine who take money from City Halls and the woman says shes going under the mall now to ruin holiday job applications and shes stalking in ispy Hannah Grace Taylor with her one hundred she sends stolen Best Mom Fox-Taylor money to so she and the men and women under here know her location and they call themselves thy ladies and thy gents and say they are a hootin and a hollerin and lol and havin a blast a jolly old time underground in thier whole made dug out and they are serial killers torture addicts who gang rape victims by one hundred watching them and they say tell them their whereabouts by spy cams as if they are criminals and they say they are on a medical watch list and lie they were ruled incapable and steal the money thats sent to Nancy Gail Fox the Medium For God business she owns thats 899 zillion sent for her work that they take and lie shes a bum.

This is he thy thou and thee greatest of me thy Jesus to be born so again is my greatly endangered so medium advanced beyond her years is this great one of a large humongous giantic devil is so after now and always as they are literally so robbing as in really stealing her earned paypal pay sent to her own email addresses in such masses of amounts of her owned business of her prophet thank you pay and its been sent to other email addresses by a person whos so very dam crooked and planned it all out at her grand blessed birth of this life as my medium as my Miss Nancy Gail Fox born on thou and this and therefore la great date of her November fourth Nineteen fifty nine birth at one twenty so approximately to her great dad as
V. Douglas Fox born in his state of his to be owned state of Washington in the town or city named Chelias and her mom as Denise La Rae Fox born in Greeley of the sand storm of thier greatly endangered so state of Colorado and her great money funds left to their daughter the heiress of this Nancy G. Fox Los Angeles County pf Brinks Truck funds coming for her in nine hundred million a week to the Los Angeles LAX airport are all taken and at five years old she was to be so informed shes the great psychic medium to save life on this earth in this great brilliant life time as a wise philospher deep thinker type and a wide imagination and a day dreamer imagining and creating and thinking deeply some started all lying when she was so young shes a space cadet and names such as dirt bag from the old Archie Bunker T V show and they still are calling her these names all so very ever top secret in their lingo and aim message earth to Nancy all day and night and into the evening and say keep taking all her pay sent to her email addresses Medium For God DBA means doing business all alone and they say keep taking her paypal by forwarding it and lie shes doing nothing all day lie I am doing the medium for God stop slavery work with my crews who are collecting her owned business money and lie shes disabled by the fake papers from the psych eval hearing over seven years ago where really she was ruled Not gravely disabled and released and her daughter was eighteen an adult age so really no one got any control of her money and now her daughters are in their twenties and the crook says I planned it out when she was born to lie its my son of God job and to lie shes not capable is a lie told since she was young and she says she steals her psychic questions in the mail since then and lies shes the son of God relative who took the job and shes not the son of God Nancy G Fox estate at all and never was she was named to be an assistant to the Heiress my medium Miss Nancy Gail Fox who was to have her nine hundred million a week of her owned inheritance to her door step in 1977 when she turned 18 years old and they lied shes not capable and say they are the family members who took this job and its not their job at all and never was they are paid salarys from her estate money that they all hide from her the owner of the money and they lie they are the Nancy G Fox son of God geru family and are paid to be in person protecting her the psychic medium my Miss Nancy Gail Fox and they are paid to be in person treating her with utmost respect and authority as their boss and they are paid to hand her her psychic questions since she was five years old and hide them all take them and stole her mail in 1979 by someone that said Nancy G Fox the owner of eight hundred thousand zillion in American Federal Reserves that will be sent to you when you do your psychic spirtual mission work to save life on earth and save the world so you have your money to protect yourself and to live a life of luxury buying many properties and this was sent in 1979 when she was 19 years of age and it is signed by Cecila Batholomew dated 1979 and says for Nancy G Fox of Ranchito Ave and this was taken by postal theft by someone and the brinks trucks of her owned funds of much money is taken by them and sent to their address which may be the Bel Air mansions five homes that are in the Nancy G Fox inheritated properties and so is the Empire State building and so is Bergdorf Goodman and many other properties, malls, hotels, banks, bank vaults, land under wherever she lives and they stole the list of ingeritated properties and did this when she was young by many paid to cover the son of God Miss Nancy Gail Fox born Nov 4th 1959 at 1;20 am to V. Douglas Fox and Denise La Rae Fox and she was asked to work as a psychic at The White House when she was four for JFK and thats probably why they shot him he says not they killed me because I said shes the daughter of the Lord Nancy Fox born in Los Angeles and I said it to the south to the southern churches and planned to have her assist me in my leadership in the oval office as a young child of a dainty feminine girl of age two I did so ask and found out her mom was issued a gag order by the then police of chef of Los Angeles to not let anyone know who she is or she will be killed by them the hanus hated antichrist men and to not let anyone know shes the wisest psychic til shes an adult age and until her psychic gifts arrive it states on some papers and to not tell anyone for her safety is what the mom was informed so then in the early 1960s and the dad was told to gaurd her with his life and was too paid a grand salary from her estate on Sunday and other times at four hundred a day and they did send some of it for the addition to their house on Ranchito Ave for her arrival as this new born son of God Lordess on earth the Saint to stop traffick and sex slavery torture internationally is the job shes been doing for so very long for over ten years since she got her angel board delivered to their house on River Farm Drive and notices then said to inform the media shes the psychic son of God who just got her angel board as shes the reincarnted oiuja board reader to save life on this earth and stop dooms day and its all been planned out since her great birth and was kept a secret them to protect her and turns out they ran around saying lies to lie shes not the son of God and to lie they will do this save life job instead of her and they lie they are the famous heiress of the son of God Nancy G Fox and family estate money sent to Los Angeles for her and its not theirs at all and never was its many people paid salarys from it that are to protect Nancy Fox and to protect a prophet in person since she turned 18 and they were supposed to protect her secretly with her by informing her they are covering when her angel board jobs started arriving in 2005 to Westlake Village and they were to say we are paid to cover you to gaurd you with your life and we are paid from your inheritance money and you are to go on T V and announce it and be public a public figure and you are to have a plaque by the water and on your long driveway and its to be gated and your house is to be paid off to near nothing for your safety and your nine hundred million a week will be sent to your house and to your bank branches and thousands you shall hire who will have ear pieces to gaurd you and your daughters Jessica and Hannah Taylor and your mother Denise Fox and the ear pieces are to protect the prophet psychic family wealthy heiresses who own the biggest estate in the universe thats inheritated to you at your birth and you were to receive when you were 18 years old and in 1979 til 1989 and many had it sent and took it and lied they do the save life on earth son of God job and lied you were not capable when mail was sent to inform you in 1979 and in 1977 or and 1978 and you were attending Valley College taking Theatre Arts, Radio Broadcast, Academic English, Psychology, Playwright and worked at Bullocks Dept store and had graduated High School in 1977 and started Valley College and in 1979 you started working on movies and worked at Culver City Studios and then as Costume Supervisor in upstate New York in the Thousand Islands and were the boss of the costume department on location at age 19 and stopped in Manhatten , New York City on your way home and went to a punk rock club for half an hour with the star of the feature film and some others and they stole your mail informing you you own eight hundred thousand zillion in Federal Reserves and lied you were a punk rocker direlect who was not cabable to do this psychic spirtual work and lied they are the son of god family members taking it over as it said in the stolen mail if shes not doing this psychic spiritual geru work by age 58 then another family member may do it beside her meaning her children and husband reincarnated soul mate the family of thier last life reincarnated which is her boyfriend she was with when the psychic angel board jobs started to be sent to River Farm drive in fall 2005 and fall 2007 that were taken and said they shall do their son of God family life saving work there together and her daughters are not to leave her side and hes to gaurd them with his life and to pay the house off gate the driveway announce it to the news media etc. and in 1979 it said in her stolen estate instructions that her last life husband would meet her in 1988 1989 and he did and they would be informed them of their wealth and their save life on earth save the world spiritual geru job they would do together and papers said if she does not meet him and if shes not married another person such a best friend may replace him and her daughters future children shall do the work with her and may do it if shes not able and they stole the mail in 1979 and said we will say we are the family members taking this son of god save life job and say shes not able not capable and say shes a punk rocker at a punk club and a direlect and hide it from her and her another one said Ill say Im the best friend replacing her husband since shes not married and us three will do the job and get all her Nancy G Fox mail and send it to another address and lie we took over the Son of God family job top secret and lie we took out of the family estate inheritance and it is her inheritance and not theirs they are paid to protect her in person since birth and since age 17 is one lying shes a best friend as shes a phony stealing her Nancy G Fox mail who lies she does the son of God job and lies she took it over with the relatives who lie they are the son of God family and say they do it top secret invisibly without her knowning and are paid from her inheritated money to hand her her paychic mail and money and gifts and house titles and they say they decided they would say they do it top secret invisibly and lie they have son of God universal authority by stealing her mail that says Nancy Gail Fox can over rule any law and any leader and even the President to stop a disaster and thats the Son of God Family universal law of Nancy Gail Fox Jessica Denise Taylor. Hannah Grace Judith Taylor and of Nancy Foxs old boyfriend who she was with the end of 2005 2006 2007 who she met in 1988 as planned and predicated and they are supposed to save the world since then since 1988 when they met and to be informed at her Aqua Vista condo in Studio City and the mail was sent for them then and stolen off her mail box by the so called best friend who says shes doing the son of God job with the relatives and we are going to lie shes not reached a mature age to be informed of her wealth and her spiritual mission and to lie shes not that person and in 1988 she owned a condo she bought with her own money among pine trees in a spiriual serene setting of many trees and she was sober in AA for three years then and had her 4 year sober A A party in 1989 Febuary and he played in a band there and they met again a few times in that year and they were to know your the reincarnated geru family and own the world and it was ripped off the mail box of Aqua Vista Drive in 1988 or 1989 and here is a long time sober A A person in recovery working as a Costume Designer on many features and television movies and was nominated for an Emmy in 1987 and was praying meditating doing clarvoyant visionary work and reading the Prophet for really in her Studio City Condominium and the so called best friend and the sneaky lying dishonest phony relatives said we dont think shes the Son of God by all the stuff she did partying when she took ludes in Hollywood and went clubbing when she was 17 and had car accidents when she was 16 and wasted and in her early 20s partying on movies and they said no way shes the son of God and we are going to say thats not her and say we are doing the job invisibly without her knowing and the so called best friend was a wardrobe assistant shopper assisting Nancy G Fox her boss on movies and the so called best friend is not so smart shes an air head and everything goes over her head and the relative partys and still does and shes not in recovery and she steals Nancy Foxs Best mom victims money sent for the long time sober A A lady who was slandered to DCFS and set up in 2009 spring by them and they planned it all out to take her down as since 1978 1979 they planned to steal her large son of God job when it came and stole it from their property on River Farm Drive as she sat there doing her angel board everynight doing mediation and clarvoyant vision work and praying to God all day and night and doing her positive affirmation creative visulazation work advancing her psychic ability and higher consiousness to its highest heights and doing her angel board so fast everynight by white candle light and these evil dishonest horrible women stole her spirtual religous saint psychic jobs that she earned by her long years of staying sober and working a twelve step program and living a spritual way of life and these phony back stabing lying sneaks stole her psychic jobs spiritual religous communication jobs sent for her years of study and psychic ability and honest life style and these lower self selfish phony mean sinners stole her psychic jobs that she generated by buying an angel board and posting her psychic ability online and word got out word of mouth and jobs were sent for Nancy Fox in 2005 and for eleven years by her work she does as a psychic and the two women know by spying and they are paid to cover the psychic and instead steal whats sent for her by spying and steal each job when its sent and forward it from the post offices to a relative and take her mail her whole life long is the relative who says she planned it out since her birth that she would do the son of God job and at age 11 she planned it out with her freinds at school to lie shes better for the son of God job and that the three of them decided they would take it and hide it from her and lie shes not able to do the work as she sat there at 11 years old doing the oiuja board same as her last life and same as the angel board and was playing Neil Young songs on her guitar and took guitar lessons and wrote poetry as a wise and wordly down to earth artist quiet introverted poet type whos sentimental and a nice kid and they planned it out by 18 year olds to rob a child of her psychic job and knew the job comes with many estates luxury gifts presents and then the so called best friend in 1977 found out about the presents and luxury life and decided to hop on the gravy train and rob it and it is the luxury life to protect a Prophet and her family and it is their own money as the wealthy Heiresses and they are to have bought many properties and so on in their lives and here in 2007 it was sent to Nancy Foxs bank and the relative called and said I took over this account when she was seven and we get all her mail and shes a dumb idiot who cant add so I handle this top secret dont tell her we spoke and then notes go to the bank that say send it to the Bel Air address as always unless Nancy Fox says otherwise and then the so called best friend calls the banks and says I replaced Nancy G Fox in the Son of God family job and I am authorized and gets all her mail sent to her house and forwards it to a relative by fraud liens at post offices and they lie they do the son of God save people job since 1978 and they take people to the antichrist who lie they save life and they send them the money of Nancy G Fox Los Angeles Brinks trucks to the Bel Air homes that are in her inheritance that they stole and they lie its their salery for safety under L A county and they run slavery under L A county and make snuff movies torture films and human sex traffick toture movies and kiddy porn and murder with the money thats Nancy G Fox and family thats hers and her daughters Jessica and Hannah Grace Taylors and her reincarnated soul mate and they own one fourth of it and her daughters should have been in their banks at their births as its sent at 900 mil a week since 1978 for Nancy G Fox and family and says future family on it and they are 21 in Grass Valley and 25 in Valley Village and it says 100 mil to Police and sheriffs to protect the son of God Nancy G Fox family and one hundred thousand of the 900 mil goes to Nancy Foxs mom and three quarters of it is Nancy G Fox and thats 200 mil a week for her to spend on a life of luxury since 1978 and live as a Donald Trump Paris Hilton hotel owner wealthy heiress this whole time and says she may spend 400 mil of her 900 mil a week sent to save lives with her psychic work as its her money and her family secured in Federal Reserves and is due when shes 59 years old and it has been sent in 1978 til 1988 and in 1995 when Hannah Grace was born and in 1997 to five bank in Westlake when they moved there in 97 and since 2005 for 11 years and its sent to the men who are in the Bel Air mansions who lie they own the hotels they inheritated and lie they own the bank vaults and put it in the bank vaults and take it out and say its ever so top secret and have a post office at the airport and all stalked them in 2008 at River Farm Drive and set her up to DCFS in 2009 and the antichrist men ordered a bodybag and broke in the house and did lethal substances to their coffee to murder Nancy Fox and Jessica Taylor who was 17 whos sober in A A since 2006 Dec 29th and they had the brother call and lie Nancy Fox was sucidal and had it all set up with lethal coffee murders bodybags ordered and sucidal lie call to off the family who they steal from who they dont want explaining their human selling operation and had a mortgage broker take her Conejo Valley psychic stop slavery job in 2007 and told her to do I D theft to Nancy Fox and sent her house pay off bank wire to the mortgage brokers house and they all conspired to set Nancy Fox to DCFS and did in spring 2009 and to kill her and her daughters and take her psychic medium money this whole time, they stole her angel board psychic stop traffick stop slavery questions and salarys in 2005 and 2007 and then stalked in 2008 stole from their mail box in front of their house on River Farm Drive in Westlake Village CA and stole her mail from the front of her real estate office buiding in 2007 fall and letters thats said your 900 mil is sent to your bank on Lindero and they called the bank and lied a Realtor of Calif since 1999 cant ass and lied shes a dumb idiot and lied its their stop slavery salary and took the money from her bank and then in 2009 took her Medium For God writer jobs Russia and the USA sent for Nancy Gail Foxs medium spirit writing she faxed from her moms house on Ranchito Ave in Sherman Oaks California and they took those and prophet protection equipment in a box sent for Nancy Fox to her real estate office and the list of prophet protection houses bought and letters that said tell Nancy Fox to buy many mansions seven hundred houses for assitants she will hire to assist her with her stop slavery internationally job and they stole in May 2010 her Medium For God resume’ and angel Prophet writer stationary and the mortgage broker and the rest planned to rob her Medium For God writing business and in 2010 started stealing her truck loads of presents and her daughters gifts, cars, money sent for a stop traffick office , her prophet book deals and auditons and restaurant gift cards, jewelry, limos, Sees Candy and instructions that say the Nancy G Fox family are to have ten estates they live in with twelve maids in each and a butler and chef and limos are to be parked there full time and shes to have many assistants typing her work as she states it to not loose time and in 2010 they started stealing her Medium For God prophet mail and in 2011 and in 2012 they started stealing her Medium For God rent exspense money and her Western Union Prophet supply money for paper and faxing emergencys crime tips and in spring 2013 they started collecting her paypal sent to her email addresses for her work on her wordpresses and its thank you for your wordpress post you wrote , thank you for your youtube you did your medium speaking on , thank you for your medium voice recording you did, we read it watched it listened to it and here is thank you Medium For God Prophet Nancy G Fox pay sent for you and they hack it collect it forward it to many addresses all over the world and put it in bank in many countries and take her P O Box mail gifts money since 2012 from her sherman Oaks p o box and from North Hollywood since April 2013 when she registered her Medium For God as a DBA and opened a p o box and paypal account and business bank account and they take all this money on top of the inheritated estate funds sent for Nancy Fox thats she never received a cent of.

This is thou great grand more better now I do pray I am so shortly as I am he this great grand of my Hasus Christ self in my medium my gravely endangered so medium clear vessel of my bright light of white Christmas bells of all of bows and bells to thy strings of a great wise harp so humming I do so now pray it will be ever thus so shortly I do say as this great and awful war of us these many good ones in her medium writing so feverishly day in and day out by her greater wiser gooder than all one earth as a earthling of mine who just stopped another nuclear war on my greatly endangered so Country of this awful mean most are in her to be state owned land of this America of her United States of this awful mean lying cruel to dishonest so California that she may now so own as shes supposed to since her great grand birth day of this November fourth of this great year it was to be in that great later end of this year in thou nineteen fifty nine and if you should all notice that so many great wise archettictures were built then in that great wisest birth of thou in this great to turned awful in her great birth year of this 1959 and many decided way back then to do awful I D theft to a newborn even and said they watched her from birth to age seven and all decided so in their awful sneaky lying of a family relatives and far off ones of extended family by marriage of fifth cousins who are not at all blood related and they agreed to say shes not this person in this so named of a large inheritance to a greater than thou large estate that she does own as this great smartest wisest so heiress and since her birth and she was to be so well informed at her very young age to save this world to stop ninety nine nuclear war attacks and that her other medium of a daughter would be born unto her in her mid to later thirtys and under that time frame was a mere possibility as she did not reunite with her lord of my earth our great lord of our mercy as hes to have been so well informed and told right out at their meeting time that you two are the son of God family inheritance reincarnated and his name is still on it also as well as I my Jesus always say both as also and as well as some words she cannot ever tell which ones I am stating so very low down in her great being and like a great magical kingdom I am really that one working miracles so stated as usually as she says they are working so hard in their heaven of their saintly lordly heavenly so light all around me all the time to save this life and thus life as shes the one who really did hear a great loud voice of a gospel sound in a great church that she finally had this grandest bravery light on to return to and did say outloud to me in her sentimental tears of for really ones i do say now that she said thank God my mom did a few things right meaning all is right that she did for really as sometimes she says it with a half sense of her sarcastic humor as she means she did alot right for her great upbringing and thinks of it with such gratitude all this time and even more so lately now as shes so appreciative and is so thanking me and her God almighty the great one for helping to produce a real miracle all around this suffering so in vain is her great to awful mean ones in this hated so of a downtown square in her state owned land of this city of these angels of her on this rotten gravely endangered so blessed thou all this earth as shes my medium Miss Nancy Fox and her name was written so in stone before her great birth on this blessed so sacred day of my planned out day which was really written as this thus Nov third on this Nov day in that planned out day of thy Nov 1959 as she really did arrive one hour later than I planned it to be and it was one am the next morning on this great day of the fourth and supposed to be Nov third and one hour off it is yet still to be known but did always hear the story from her mom my blessed so endanged now and still is her mom of my Ms Denise Sampson Fox from this hated of mine of a small town in that great and awful and ugly still now to me is this Colorado for not honoring her grand daughter there when she was there really working on some lovely horses as she does always in this great and worried life and worried so sickened am I at the way they are still being so badly treated at this so awful and hated media in the acorn newspaper area as this headline is supposed to say a small town local realtor whos sober more than half of her life whos so good at parenting who volunteered in our great schools and sold many homes to this population and advertised in our newspaper and in the local school newsletter who paid for their school voice system for some important accouncements was stalked and set up and so lied about by many who wanted to take her real estate business away from her livelyhood who outright stole her earned generated psychic spiritual miracle jobs straight from her postal box right on their street of this River Farm Drive in Westlake Village of her to be known owned land of this California as shes the real reincarnated of the La emergency angel a name title even in the bible of this old wisest testiment and it is all so well predicated in such advance that she would stop slavery from here in this hated city of this land owned by them in The City of Westlake Village and that much money sent for them thats hers and her great daughters of such nice local residents was taken from their bank branches when it was sent and its thier inheritance and thats their money sent to them and they own it and people stalked stole their so important mail sent for them to save this world in our Conejo from one thousand names on a human sex torture murder top secret human sex traffick list named exchange of a worthless person who they all sell with hanus ispy peeping tom to sex slavery of humans being so tortured and so killed off by this hated antichrist top secret human selling ring who really all stalked them at their house and stole her blessed so wise and worldy of so such important mail of theirs the this reincarnated Sons of God oiuja board God Jesus communication tool they use to save people all around all over this world and they do it all the time in every life and they are known so for this and many stole her mail sent to save the people in many far away lands and in this country and this Conejo Valley by one hundred who took it and said that money sent to the Nancy G Fox and family is really mine for this Westlake Village stop slavery job we all took over and no they stole her mail sent to their house address and its their so blessed mail to save this people population all around the earth and underneath it where they are still so moaning in grave pain and they are being tortured still every day and its their money to spend to save lives as its their owned money of an estate inheritated to them and to all of them to her old boyfriend whos name is still on it all the saintly wisest mail sent for she my medium and her children daughters who are now so very dam grown up to lovely ladies in their early to mid twentys and it states quite clearly to be sent to the Fox-Taylors when they do their psychic spiritual of a geru reincarnated of a great wise wordly of spirit of our light family to have it to save lives as it states send it when they do their psychic save the world stop nuclear bombs and save life on earth psychic spiritual jobs sent in the mail as they need their owned money kept in this bank in the White House monument so they have it to spend to stop slavery so internationally as they all placed it here so strongly and so firm to have it all secured so it could be used in this life of the Nancy G Fox Los Angeles County family to save thy people and thy world by their work they wrote in so stone in their last life in their greatly endangered life in thier Bel Air homes and they planned it all out and willed their owned money to themselves and said to be sent to them when they all need it for thier spending on safety and protection and to buy so many great mansions as this Royal family of her to be owned state of California as she was to be told at her youth age of eight or ten or eleven that she owns the banks of this owned state land of her California and these hotels and many other properties of merchant stores of Saks type to Neiman Marcus as she owned Bergdorf Goodman in her last life and the Empire State building as they buy imporant well known places such as a monument statue in their owned cemetary to be recognized in this next life and always do this in most every and each life but not as a caves person or a viking say some but it is each time that their great God and her wonderful Jesus writes by them and tells them all the information they all need to find this money and stolen money so awful in this life as it is really all around them each day and it is so taken away by many lying they are the son of God estate family of her inheritance and none of it is theirs ever and they so many literally steal thier many packages and they still are and they lie they are a Nancy G Fox corperation to a company and its sent still every second for she my Miss Nancy Fox the peron as this individual and they act like its a Nancy Fox corperation as if its a company name for many ala this Martha Stewart ala this Ralph Lauren as if their employee took some mail gifts sent and said Im Martha Stewart ala Lauren picking it up and its for Nancy G Fox the person the individual the money at the banks the ups fed ex and the postal mail is all adddressed to her Nancy G Fox and thats for her and many take it all all the time and lie they are the Nancy G Fox job and that means really they are paid some money to get it and they are lying as they are supposed to really work with her for her beside her and are picking it up to hand it to her and thats the same with her great so ripped off daughters my next mediums Miss Jessica and my Miss Hannah-Grace Taylor and thier mail and packages of so many great to grand gifts are so stolen and awful ones are too as so many are sending really mean letters saying to stop the worried mom in America from emailing as we heard the tips were really way off base and we heard she lost her job in the Conejo to stop slavery by many who voted her out top secretly and said shes too dumb and stupid for this line of work and lied thats not her so described to a tee in the description of the stolen France mail sent for her to stop slavery all over this world and they are all lied to at the cnn media so again as its her psychic jobs sent and her daughters and his name is on it her old boyfriend whos their reincarnated Dad and her old life husband and past life I did say and its all their money and their mail sent to the psychic gerus to just sit at River Farm Drive and stop seven nuclear war attacks on thier owned land of this greatly endnagered so America it said and still does say this and its not any of the peoples who take it all and lie they are a Nancy G Fox company and they set the best mom up a calm so more then ever a peaceful person in a state of real calmmess and wise geru monklike state of her serentity and in her long time sober of her wisest Alcoholics Anonymous years of a long time sober calm so patient personality and so smart as my great wise fast angel board word spelling so quickly every night at their house on this lovely endangered street named River Farm Drive and they stalked and all stole her wisest psychic spritual geru stop slavery internationally stop traffick questions in thier mail box so literally and they stole it and planned to really frame the best mom to this hated dcfs department and did so all together in a really mean sneaky lying back stabbing ring of such crooked ones who stole her psychic jobs and their estate inheritance sent to their bank branches and their mail that said for her to buy many houses for their Prophet protection plan for the safety of her and her daughters and him and her elderly moms name is on it and so is a neice whos supposed to be the other saving son of God to save their life and many took the mail and lie they took over the stop slavery Westlake Village job for a local realtor who went nuts and whos disabled and no they stole her mail and money and letters to buy houses and have a stop slavery intetnationally office on the water front of Westlake by their house on River Farm to save lives all over this world and its her stop slavery internationally psychic job she does for over a decade of words she gets from me thou Jesus and from this great well known God almighty and from my great well known so proud mom of mine as they Mary as we are so bonded in our hearts and souls and my medium Miss Nancy Fox knows as my mother Mary always says to her when she looks at our so Saint candles by her bed my Son will tell you and he will write it now and she does always say my Son will tell you and we are always so together as she does see it and my Mother Mary woke her many times in the middle of the night yelling in the name of Mary I now command you to get up and write and many times this has gone in for many years waking her up to right to save lives and she does and does get up at four a m usually to five a m sometimes and writes for ten hours straight away many times and so many days does a few hours upon waking to save lives and she writes many long lenghty pages of our words anonmously also and sends out many anonymous tips on top of her public wordpresses and her one hundred youtubes she writes and emails them anonymously all during the day from wherever she is to stop slavery so internationally all abroad they do know now and it does help out to get them so anonymously for many long years since early of 2009 May to April then for seven and one half years its been so approximately and her wordpresses explain it all and she set those up on Sept first in two thousand twelve at a local Starbucks in her to be known owned land of this 1959 built town of her native Sherman Oaks and born and raised in this city she is born in Los Angeles downtown by Hoover and Alavarado at that famous of a Saint Vincents hospital and many steal her owned Prophet pay sent for her to stop slavery and they take it say why is money sent I dont see her doing anything right now shes at the shopping mall at her church and so on and they steal it and collect it all this whole time and lie shes doing nothing all day so we all take it to use for some good purpose and its her money for her wordpresses that she emails out and sends them out since fall in 2012 and they go round and round and all the world sends two dollars and thats why she did it was to stop slavery and get stop slavery stop traffick office money and she wrote many posts and letters she posted for stop slavery stop traffick money and she writes posts by her medium and publishes them on her wordpressses and then emails the posts and people read them and send her stop slavery stop traffick money and its all taken and they do it by hacking and lie they cover a disabled person who is not able to collect her paypal and it should be right on her paypal credit card every minute at one hundred million an hour and you dont need people to collect it as its automatic the way she set it up and planned it is for people to read the emailed wordpress send money to stop slavery and stop traffick and then to forward it and she put her emails to pay paypal to all over it and put her post office box mailing address on the wordpresses to send money to stop slavery and stop traffick and she set up an automatic postal mail and paypal internet buiness to save lives and the world by her Prophet work and its new invention she created and they rob it and she started out in Sept 2012 with her p o box address to send stop slavery stop traffick money on her wordpresses and they took all that and did all of 2012 and since 2010 when she started emailing letters and they lie its their Westlake Village stop slavery job money that they took over for a realtor who became disabled so they took the job over and no its a lie as they stole her stop slavery internationally jobs sent for her in the mail and set her up to dcfs and lie a psychic is disabled for becoming a medium channel writer then steal all shes sent for her psychic writing she does in Sherman Oaks and North Hollywood in the San Fernando Valley and lie its the Conejo Valleys money for the Westlake Village stop slavery job.

This is he Jesus to say a medical emergency is a lie many are telling who either run slavery or rob the stop slavery internationally funds that are my mediums and she’s my medium for a really long time since I made her thus and that was in 05 on her communicator tool of spelling my paragraphs really long pages of my words through her very long dainty fast moving angelic arms and I am the decidor in who is my communication on this gravely endangered so earth and so many hack her now and this whole time since she started this brilliant gifted talented skill of her channeling my words I write in her being my open clear vessel of light as I made her thus and again I decide who is going to be my medium and I did choose her in this life and in nearly every one she is this and shes been doing this work for such a long time thats all the information so wisely and so grandly posted on all her really long of a Prophets wordpresses and a Prophet speaker I did say as I so often correct her sometimes and then she questions is that what I thy thus nuts so mad of her great grand to awful mad really mad Jesus and I am sick of them lying at an A A meeting about her grateful so channel writing and that is her and my dear Dr Bob and her and our greatest medium one of another is her great other founder of her twelve step program of her thirty one and one half years sober and longer really as she will really have thirty two years in this Feb on the great day of that ninth and actually we all and her hate the number nine as it is the devil number nine who run so awful of a human slavery toruring murdering ring so brutal of these number nine of real serial killers that its hard to pathom or even imagine and thats why we dont like interference from the AAs who collect her owned business pay and they should just stay so completely out of it and stop it now and if they dont like it or believe the AA founders really wrote it by her then just dont read it and forget it and never say her name and avoid this awful mean critism and such drama and do to ala non or something please I beg to all of you to just go away and stay away and but out of it already if you dont like it forget it as too many lives are at stack and to many are raped repeatedly every darn day and night and its so awful and it needs to be known that shes the medium for me Jesus for the credibility and all they do at that certain AA meeting is work against her this whole time as they are all paid to lie and sent her owned business thank you my Prophet gifts and her youtube money sent for her great medium speaking for Dr Bob and thy Bill W and her ala non Lois Wilson and they sit there all collecting her paypal money and they take her presents addressed to her for her medium work and another is saying I’m the medium, I got the work from our computer squads who are down below getting this mish mosh and unscramble it the mess of it and write it all neat and tidy and sweet fresh and clean as shes not using comas or periods or caps in her spirit writing and they take it and do the simple punctuation to a trance writing page thats my mediums and she does not stop to think of that as she looses the beat and the rythm of it and has to stop to think of spelling a long word she does not know by heart then the medium trance drops out and she looses the flow and has to start all over and not from where she left off and its so amazing she can channel type to all the world and the money sent for her work she writes in her arms and body and soul is for her work of art and not for typos caps and periods to comas and that would be a fifteen to eighteen to twenty dollar an hour typist she could pay to correct typos and to punctuate it and they take it by hacking her so illegally and send it to a psychic whos not writing it and whos not a medium even or a channel and the hackers send it to her and she sends it to a woman and she sends reports out fed ex and ups and courrier or by their drivers and by fax email and lies shes the medium leader and then takes all the paypal and postal money sent for Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylor the Medium For God DBA business owner the prophet writer and DBA means ” Doing Business Alone” and thats all over her owned busines mail that they all take and seh knows she hit the wrong typing keys in the word buisness and does not want to stop to fix it and the hackers are stealing all of this and stealing all her thank you prophet writing pay from her owned buisness paypal thats sent for her work to her email addresses and its to many email addresses that are on her owned buisness wordpresses and the money is sent to all of them and it is so connected to her merchant account paypal email address and that is the and she set up wordpresses to make alot of money to stop slavery internationally and for a stop traffick office on Ventura Blvd by many letters shes written for many long years before her DBA registration by her name of a prophet writer the Medium For God Miss Nancy Gail Fox and thats her prophet pen name since 2009 and that is all her thing and her deal and no one elses and they all rob her money and again in the fall of 2012 she set up many wordpresses to stop slavery and traffick and she worked literally seventeen hours a day per day typing as a medium trance writer and wrote many of her own plees letters and posted her psychic detective work and shes a telepathic and wrote a criminalmindreading wordpress also and literally from three small lap tops in her purse that she carried out at five am in the dark all alone to wi fi coffee shops in Sherman Oaks and wrote starting at five am on all of them all three lap tops working non stop and posted then her paypal on all of them and money was sent alot of it right away for her as she so hoped and so planned and they stole it all right away and she never has seen one cent of it at all ever and she does not have her own money to live and lost her apartment there at that time in 2013 spring and lost some of her possesions of furniture to dishes and her television and fax computer cabinent that was all set up in that Sherman Oaks apartment as she emailed like mad for some Medium For God prophet rent and exspense pay to a Prophet and it all came as it always does when she asks for it on this so engangered internet and they took it all and still are and she wanted the money for her monthly bills and rent so she could just sit and write for us without stress and worry to just sit and do Prophet work with exspenses paid as it is supposed to be this whole open vessel of light time of mine and of her God almightys and all her other one hundred guides of our so Saints and Lords and its stealing her religous to so spiritual pay to a wise of a grand Prophetess thats sent to support her and its like pay to a preacher and thats her my medium my Miss Nancy Fox whos so preaching for us all on this so engangered shaky internet and they steal her Best mom stopping traffick money also and say to many shes just lookin for a hand out and say you take it and they are underground hacking this and lying shes an old druggie lady and come and get her take her away she needs some medical attention right away and she needs some help to think all of this nonsense is really going on shes nuts we all spy on her and hack her and bug her cells and its all a lie is they are hacking and they are robbing her so blind and they steal from her and lie about her and shes sober in the program of Alcoholics Anonymous since 1985 and shes sober 31 and 1/2 years and shes doing her prophet spiritual writing work as real medium clear and shes enrolled in a school for a ministers liscense also and thats a metapsychical university home study and shes doing that also and is self taught already as shes studied this literature since she was a child in a christian church in nursery school at age three started this work and she read a positive thinking book at age eighteen and is a poet her whole life and a really deep thinker with a great vivid imagination that many say shes the Alice in Wonderland and that was her in a great past life and thats a story or myth or fact that some are saying around this gravely disabled earth and they are saying thats her at Disneyworld now and it is a imposter possibly or someone who happens to look as she does but the devil has many photo doubles running around as always as distractions and decoys is her great psychic detective term for my describing thus to her and as always they lie about her online all day and into this fiercly mean night and they are telling paypal to aol to banks they all ninty three to ninety nine or ninety eight got full medical control over her and send papers from seven years ago from when she had an eval for psychic words of mine I channel wrote as some important crime tips and she just simply faxed a list of psychic tips and that was it and a Dr had written you may take these if you need to sleep and these to quiet your esp and then the next day or that day she had a court hearing at the psych eval building and there she was ruled ” A spiritual person whos a psyhcic dreamer since she was a little girl whos sober in the program of Alcoholics Anonymous a very long time, since 1985 who reported some psychic crime tips in the event they could happen as a ” concerned citizen” and she left and boxes marked on this so important of a Certificate Review hearing said Not gravely disabled and said Not a danger to herself or others and said you are released and many take her pay to a wise great so Prophetess of mine for me this hated by them at A A Visions for continually turning them all in for robbing me and the ones lying to banks tell tall tales all over and say she lost custody of her daughter because she is not taking her medication and lie shes refusing meds and they never mentioned this at all in any report ever at the hated by me awful Dept of Child Family Protective services in their report it had so many awful mistakes as it said in July 2010 a DCFS paper said a large lie and said the mom did not provide her psych eval from ucla and she did not ever go to UCLA and she provided her Certificate Review Hearing to them in advance by a fax and brought five copies to the court on July the 10th of 2010 and at court she was told we are going without papers the case is being dimissed and never saw these papers full of such mistakes and incorrect is her term for it and three weeks later was handed these papers and saw the mistakes and a lie that was dismissed without prejudice was back in the papers that was dismissed without prejudice a year earlier of less in 2009 and that was a lie told that said shes not taking her psychotropic medication and took none needs none and no prescription and it was a huge lie that was again dimissed without prejudice and then at the psych eval for psychic tips again a Dr wrote down you may take this if you need to for sleep and this to quiet your esp and she said I don’t like taking medication as I’m sober in A A and could cause me to relapse and then had the hearing there with a Superior Court commisioner referee and this was seven years ago and DCFS never asked about meds or wrote it in any papers and her older daughter was eighteen years old at this time of the psych eval for psychic tips in the first week of Nov 2009 so no one got any control of her money ever and they so many lie to banks and say she needs to rest or lie shes on bed rest and lie she lost custody for refusing to take meds and lie shes needs to take medication and no she does not as its so against the law of this shaky state of her owned to be California to force medication or to lie you control somebodys money so secretly and they say people are the account because she lost custody for not taking meds to they take the Medium For God DBA pay and the Best Mom Fox-Taylor victims lawyers money thats sent for her because of all this damage done to a long time sober A A lady whos sober a really long time whos so sweet and spiritual and studying to be a minister. Amen to you from Jesus.

This is thou Jesus to say and yell in a big way that many are still stalking my medium and she is afraid since this went on so many big years ago and my words are so very important in this great engdangered so world and I am so sick and tired of them taking her owned buisness money , her earned pay sent to a Prophet at an A A meeting of all things they rob it all so literally outright steal her writing money sent to her medium owned business of a great grand so Prophet writer and shes my medium for very long time for really since 2009 when I Jesus made her this and she is my mother Mary’s medium as well for many long years it has been for over seven and one half years we all do this work through her so tired body and the antichrist and their robbery racket are literally always trying to kill her by lying someone needs medical attention by stalking her and telling this ridiculous lie all over the city of Sherman Oaks in her owned it is to be California land under the streets I say it is supposed to be and in fact I know such news of my own and in the Noho Arts District they did this to her as she’s here in her Sherman Oaks apartment falling asleep in her nightclothes in her bed tucked to go to a fast dreamy state of sleep in rem and they are stalking and lying she needs some help and no she does not at all and no she does not need medical attention and that’s a fact and that’s a lie and they all rob her money is the other reason they want her gone and they steal as in rob her owned business paypal and none of it is their money ever and its way beyond eight hundred ninety eight zillion is my estimate of stolen money of hers and its gone on so long and its thank you pay for her medium writing for us on her these wordpresses and its thank you for speaking on voice recordings and youtubes and its for her resumes’ sent and it’s to her email address to paypal and to her owned business p o box and it is so illegal to rob from a Prophet and it is also illegal to interfere with my work by me Jesus Hasus I like prefer it to be said and it is thank you for writing for he my Jesus and thank you for writing for my God Almighty and thank you for writing for my mom Mary the mother in her heaven and it is thank you for Bill Wilson, Dr. Bob and Lois Wilson speaking on your youtube and it is for her own post she wrote way back in Dec. 2012 and it is posted on her wordpress and reads For Teens to Read to Stop Traffick and she emailed it all over and they all sent two dollars thanking her for it and four hundred million was sent right away when she set up her paypal merchant account by her email address and her other email addresses are all connected to that one and they are and thats her email address and with wordpress you set them up by an email address and the other wordpresses are set up by her sixteen year old email aol address and thats and those wordpresses are many and they are and and nancyfoxpsychicmedium and emergencyangel and abrahamlincoln and billwilson and loiswilson and georgeharrison and jimihendrix and hellenkeller and so on and they are connected to and she set them up writing feverisly all day and into the night to stop slavery internationally and to stop human sex traffick and to save animals and to cure cancer by my words from me Jesus and to stop global warming by a post God wrote by her by hand years before this and she typed it into a post and published on her wordpress and thats set up by a 2010 email address she uses since then many to stop traffick and sends many letters since 2010 for stop traffick office money for a Los Angeles antislavery office and that address is and she sends letters requesting money for over six years to stop traffick and slavery and thats the drive in her and in fall 2012 she decided to set it up on wordpresses and went gung ho on it working writing fast and emailing just as quick and non stop working around this old gravely endangered so clock of this rotten shaky world and she set up her wordpresses to go so public with our work our great important words and to have some funds to stop slavery internationally and to stop traffick and kept sending her writer resumes’ and letters as she started to in early 2010 for some Medium For God Prophetess writer jobs and speaking jobs and no mail has ever come and she opened a p o box in Jan of 2012 and that was empty also and then set up a owned Medium For God p o box in Noho in spring of 2013 and thats empty as her mail sent for her the medium is taken and so stolen and so are her thank you Prophet presents and her stop traffick office money sent since 2010 is all taken and they lie it’s their business and it is not at all and is nothing of the kind it is a stop slavery internationally stop human sex traffick and human rights Prophetess business of the individual person my medium and the only one for many years and she is Miss Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylor and she works alone writing and emailing the work out for many long endangered tiring years since 2009 when she started her Prophet writing and they rob her money everywhere and lie she needs some help some medical attention and lies she needs some help with her head and no she does not shes a medium clear vessel of my bright holy spirit white light and of my mothers the sacred Mary Magdelene and you are not allowed to harm us or her as we are in her and thats a well known fact and calling fraud medical attention is against this law and its so dangerous and she needs none and never wants any as I explained its a kidnapping set up to crucify the son of God my named medium by me thy Jesus and her daughters shall be my next voice on this earth and they are in danger also and they are the son of Gods daughters Miss Hannah Grace Taylor in Humbolt County of Northern California and shes in Grass Valley in danger of them these kidnappers on spy cams lying they need some help is a game to get them to the devil the real antichrist who runs human slavery torture murdering of so many awful gang raping and he does not like them being the communicators for us God Jesus and thy grand Mary the Saint and they are after them since they are all born and thats a fact and thats why no medical attention is their law and I say so by me their Jesus as its to kill them and they have so many in on this taking of their money and say to get them away by a not needed ambulance call by spying and lying they need one and by calling one and thats so illegal it is illegal to force medical attention on someone and it is illegal to call a fake nine one one and they frantically all do this insanity as they all frantically collect steal her paypal money it’s so much and they rob her letters in the mail p o box at all hours and open her mail and steal her pay to a Prophet my medium Miss Nancy Fox and it must be so stopped as she set up her Prophet writer buisness in 2009 and decided this is my career now and she has made it this and she wrote a brilliant resume’ in 2010 Jan approximately called the ” Medium For God” Nancy Gail Fox Lordess on earth, Son of God stopping traffick, medium for God. Jesus,Mary, and so on and listed names of who she writes for and started writing many letters for book deals and to speak as a Prophetess and she emails for six and half years her letters and her resumes’ and they steal her writing pay to a great Prophet and they lie shes dislexic and they lie shes disabled and not able to collect her own money from her owned paypal and from her p o box mail and they steal it all and lie its their business and lie to banks she needs medication and does not and lie her paypal and postal money is for reports they write that they put her work in and today one said why is this her money sent to her paypal and her post office box if she did not talk to the person who sent it? and it is for her writing many long pages in a trance state that shes emailed all over this earth to so many cell phones and computers and some lap tops and it is thank you pay for her pages of writing so they do not need to speak she is doing her job as this communicator for us by writing and writing and then reporting by emailing and emailing for many long years since early 2009 when she started emailing and did lots of faxing the communication and then in 2010 spring bought three lap tops and wrote for many long hours straight and then emails forever all over this shaky mean planet earth and is up at four a m most days working away as always and for over seven years shes reporting our communication and wrote at the Apple store on her feet all day standing up even and wrote by hand at her moms and faxed sleeping by the fax machines sometimes as she works til she cant keep her eyes open and she decided in 2009 this is my proffesion now and changed her path in careers and went gung ho on it right away and straight away and works day and day out since then in spring 2009 as an open clear vessel of light and has tried so hard to get money to stop these crimes working away with all her might and a woman today said why am I always sent her packages addressed to her and paypal is emailed that says thank you for your son of God job here is some pay and its Nancy Foxs money from her paypal email address or it was forwarded from it to someone who sent it and the lady said she sends reports out typed with her work and thought it was some pay for that and those are not the people sending the money and the money is sent to Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylors email addresses and to her p o box addresses since Jan 2012 so why would she think it is her money if it is for a writer and sent to her addreses thanking her and the reports they type and send have her work in them and they should say thus and it should be a foot note this is from Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylor the Medium For God Business owner, the grand Prophet writer.

God and Jesus

Today may be a real disaster if I am not seen on this hated now so television show who has the wrong information as always as usual and this is really me the great grand so awfully very frustrated so again to say it’s really me this hated so of my self as this great guy known so as this Hasus and Jesus you may know me as as I am this awful frustrated again so being of a real person I am always so in typing away to explain and say I predicated so many long years ago that I would so appear on this great to grandest world of an earth to communicate as this coming of the messiah as I thy Jesus as I type in my real great medium Miss Nancy Gail Fox and her paypal is always stolen from the first day it was sent and that was in the wee months of so grand of an April is should have been and to May it was only four hundred million sent and now its way past this and its over eight hundred and seventy nine zillion that’s really all her pay to a prophet and a prophet of mine and so grand she is and as this most worried so mom of this Best Mom Story of these hated facts of how a grand prophet was so very slandered and her your heiness save this world job instructions to save this world were so stolen and again I say this hated devil of a real two or more lied sons of real satans conspiracy of this hated so liar won’t stop tapping away as in hacking over my fingers that are always typing in her great awfully so frustrated being of an angel of an emergency to stop them is her being always and shes the la earth mother of a real angel also as to have my Miss Hannah-Grace in 1995 that was so predicated by another medium who wrote a real book about it that she just happen chance just decided to pick up and buy at a real nice church fair of a great boutique and she did buy it and shall named it afterwards and its written in such great stone that in 1995 when this other Mary my moms medium another one shes used in 1995 as a great channeler said this earth mother would have a legend and that’s her Hannahs birthyear and even said a pregnant earth mother and she was pregenant then in that dated year in her book in this exact year and just now read it and said it so outloud to me thy great Jesus as always she speaks so outloud to me this Jesus and to her God for many years all day and night long as if hes her very best friend and is really as they do have that grand happy of a repor as always and they do communicate all day and into this late evening when she was to begin her task at folding some laundry while watching this hated American T V as I am not appearing on one yet and I said when she looked at our Saint candles of white ones beside her bed in her new but an old one of a real great Sherman Oaks apartment of a Chase Knolls is this name of where she lives and lays I did say as she may die so soon as this hated devil won’t stop it today or ever they do all say as they sit all underneath this hated area street it was as they tap away and rob her earned pay to my great Prophet and they are to be put to an awful death due to their horrible I D theft that they all do for so very long and I want it all stopped as they are all also covering up that a mortgage broker got life in a Japan prison or some time in many of them around this earth for crimes she so commited against this great person of an A A long timer my medium and her great children was caught over eight years ago and exactly then at that time in the hated fall of 2008 she was so busted wide open and she cut clipped off some cat ears and a paw and was caught by a real sincere honest law abiding sting operation and its not allowed to hack my Saint and thats the law since her great birth on this Nov fourth nineteen fifty nine so date and a well known birth of a legend around this great so shaky of an earth and thats the law so set in such stone and other laws are as all follows and thats your not allowed to take her mail ever and this law is so transcribed since the end of time it states it to place it in the palm of her hand so firmly or you go to prison and no ambulances or fire trucks are ever allowed near her or to be called and are supposed to turn their siren off when they drive past her house and did follow this often when they know its her address and name and who she is but many lie shes someone else and change her name and make up a profile and thats the law always and some are actually paid from her secret hidden so of this great Nancy G Fox money and they are paid to stop them and they are paid to hand her her mail and money and thats their title and job assignment that they do not follow at all ever and they take pay and need to be all fired as they are not assistants to her at all as since she was young people started taking her mail and steal it her whole life long and its all to be placed so in the palm of her hand and so firmly and thats the international to universal named son of God law as shes the psychic medium I am using for my great rebirth to appear in her on this earth and all so timed so well and perfectly in that great angel board arrival year in 05 when her angel board alliance psychic wisdom tool landed in their great now so well known driveway of La River Farm drive and many jobs begin to arrive and they were so stolen by a tresspasser and a fat one I do say as well at that time and so many times in her life and they spy and lie they are covering this so famous son of God family as this daughter of our Lord and he God almighty and their past live relative of our great mother Mary as she and her daughter Miss Hannah-Grace Taylor are always our communication to this great to be again I do pray world and this information was so greatly planned and all written in their great and so horrible past life and this states to hand this to Miss Nancy Fox of la Ranchito Ave the daughter of the so great Mr Douglas V Fox and Mrs Denise Fox and they were to know her so important mail had arrived to tell her to explain to she shes to lesson in this great Jesus to God to thy Mary Madelene Christianity of a Christian and that was to be all explained and informed to she to study in Saint Classes as well and do be bred to to this line of Prophet work as a channeler and a really great one and she was to have some more spending money at this so famous loved and also so hated mall of this la Sherman Oaks of a Fashion Square and her mail was to be handed to her and many neighbors and relatives some were to be covering her for her safety and they were to hand her all her mail and some money of hers to spend as shes willed her money and thiers her great kids and him thier owned estate funds in each life and this brother and sister were to hand it all to Nancy Fox all this information written to herself to her new life as my Nancy Fox my medium as she is in every life I know of and it was to be handed to her as a kid a wise one so she could study and know shes to save this endangered so world from a nuclear atomic bomb attack it the reason is shes the most psychic gifted person in this life that I know of and always is in each time its all been so taken and hidden by so many neighbors all in her life each place everywhere she lived its taken and still is sent literally to another address by so many telling a lie that they are this Nancy G Fox Son of God Dept and a corperation and they don’t work with she ever they take whats hers and lie they are the cover for her and rob it all outright her entire life and are actually paid some money some pay they say is sent and its her money taken from a hidden account all over this land and this awful world and the rise and fall of it may happen so soon as so many wicked of mean so stingy and crude mouthed crooks take it all always and its not theirs at all as they are paid a salary a huge one some of them to be her in person assistant and so assitant I said and they are not at all ever they are spys just doing nothing but robbing her owned money and why are they are all paid a salary from her owned money they all hide in so many banks? and where is it all now ? its downtown and its mean to do this at all ever and they have done it since she was seven years old and say earth to Nancy about a deep in so thought deep thinker of a psychic and its her doing that slavery is so stopping by writing day and night for me God and Jesus and me Mary and this frustrated of a Saint lord and a newly named God again as I am thy John and John Lennon my past life name and she was to be informed and handed as in so given her life long instructions she so wrote to herself in her last named life and left it all to Miss Nancy Fox of this hated so Ranchito and many friends so called even from a young age in thou elementary school of a Saint school named this Chandler they were to hand her her mail then at that school by friends and some family were to as well and knew at her great birth that they may be paid to be her in person so assistant on her large Son of God family save the world jobs and they were to know they may be paid one thousand a week to be her and her familys bodygaurds and could be paid a million at the end for saving them to protect them so they are not taken while they do thier spritual geru save life on earth and save the world mission and they are spys hiding it all from she and they her family of two blessed great daughters and even from her reincarnted last life husband and it was written in stone his new life name also and the date and time they would meet in this life was right as 1988 was the year named and to 1989 or 1990s it may say and that did actually happen and they were to be handed their full inhertitance of a grand estate of this important so information in a folder and states to give this to my medium Miss Nancy Fox when shes mature age and said inform her at the adult age of eighteen and a letter was sent then in 1979 from her owned Federal Reserves Bank that said Nancy G. Fox the owner of eight hundred thousand zillion is kept in Federal reserves and it was so stolen by someone then in 1979 and may have been sent again with our famous Ronald Reagans name on it and it was taken as it all is and her estate information was also taken by someone who stole her 05 angel board jobs sent to their property and shes on her aol to paypal lying thats her money under an enterprise name an its Nancy Foxs DBA means doing Business Alone and she writes DBA on all of her info and thats how her mail is sent and this so called fake pretend back stabbing conieving person took her jobs sent to Aqua Vista when she met him our real named so thou greatest Lord on this earth and they met then in that planned out named year predicated so right and their trust information and save the world job plans they made in their past life were sent and taken from her mail box in this hated town of Studio City of this awful land of California as they had wall street residuals sent for them as kids and they were all taken by some relatives on both ends and they were to know they are the reincarated geru of a past life family so to save the life on earth and under it are still these poor tortured captured ones moaning in so pain and the real hated awful evil antichrist of a newborn human baby killer takes the Nancy Gail Fox international air mail of hers since her birth and hated birth by him as he really tried to buy her then at her birthplace and said adoption of her he requested or asked and probably tried to frame them then as well as he does to all he takes to he himself the devil and all his sex slave torture relatives as they are the hated homosapians and their job he and she and her children who are now so very grown up to way past adult ages is to stop him the antichrist as they do in every life and hes trying to get them to human sac religion and to his awful killer snuff torture movie sets under this hated worried sick land of this Los Angeles and they were to know so in 1988 to 1989 and the mail was so stolen by the same dam tall blond person who does it since 1977 when she knew shes doing this big large save the world son of God family job and she was told other relatives were the son of God family as they do I D theft since shes a child and they lied we are the son of God family doing the Son of God dept job and they lie they are this dept and never are as they are supposed to be hired by Nancy Fox the boss and its her money they are paid her whole life and never have done this job as they were to inform tell her in 1979 when her Federal reserves money came and they lied shes direlect punk rocker and decided to conspire and lie shes not able and tell this lie for a really long time and they said they would say the tall blond is doing this Nancy G. Fox job and send her all the important mail of hers to her address and she takes it since 1979 and maybe since 1977 when she started to be paid to protect this son of God named Nancy Fox and the tall blond stole her estate information sent in this hated mail system as its supposed to light up at the post offices if its sent for she your heiness Miss Nancy Fox my medium her whole life your not ever allowed to tamper with it and they all did always and neighbors too did this awful evil to her a young girl they did it to her on her owned land street of this more famous of la Ranchito Avenue and the tall blond stole it in 1979 approximately or exactly and it said you will do your large Son of God save the world save life job before your fifty or sooner and if your not doing it by then on a oiuja board or by spirit writing or clarvoyant visions then another family member a son or daughter will do it beside you and he if you meet and find it right to save life again as a joint union and if not you may find a way back in this time in your life when your twenty five or twenty nine or in your early fortys or fifty five even it so states and you as a grand reincarnated reunited in life again may do this work together and if shes not by him again as he always gaurds her so in every life runs to rescue her from this wicked so evil and he rushes in to her side to save her life and theirs in so many lives throughout this time and thats our Lord of life on earth I do so name him again once more today this evening tonight and so do I says they great God of our life saving channeling I am saying it thou is this time as they stole this important information of this son of God so family estate and cheated out of it thier whole entire lives as they were to both live in the King of glory of this amount of masses so of thier owned money funds beyond belief and so all planned beautifully and they the devils interfered as always in every life usually and wanting them all gone forever completely from all under this hated cruel mean evil world so full of danger for all due to them is her wish this whole entire time since she learned of them and I so explained them and did in 09 and for many long years we all write and say this to the whole universe as her plan was to tell the entire population so all would know all over the lands to stop the nine hundred million of this antichrist ring of invisible devil and how many are really the killer of such hanus serial killer of rapists she asking me now are five hundred in every each town are really rapists and perps and torture addicted and one hundred murder and nine of them rape girls front rear end and one to two eat newborn babys straight from a nursery and hated nurserys for never listening to me my words as they are newly delivered and their moms are made to sign some given of adoption papers and some are so framed and some may be bad addicts or some fear and worry thats so real and they rape them downstairs right after delivery as they wear many hats and a very really large mask of an actor a role a part and they cut their cord right there and one says hes babys Doctor on Cahuenga by the subway station area or around there and they lie they are these authority postions is how they do it or some really have that job or official title such as a real surgeon whos a perp who removes lobes thou brains of they and says its a face lift and pulls back this forehead skin and plops it in a garbage can next to a darkened operating table in a real quiet room and they are wheeled out put under so no one ever knows til I told them all by me thy this great guy of God almighty in 09 all the time by she and a million awards sent for her really telling everybody are all so stolen this whole time as her Son of God mail is so stolen her whole life and then they all steal her Medium For God Channel writer mail sent to my real hard working Prophet since 2009 and for over seven years its all stolen as well and also I do say and command so to stop it now as the paid devils are all calling cops to ambulances and by hacking are saying this is all so nonsense and lies and say they hack mish mosh to unscramble it and they are doing it to the people they are under the earth literally raping murdering torture really gang raping gang fucking they name it and some child molesting and they are hacking this right now and lie they are the paid computer staffs for this medium named Miss Nancy Fox and they are perverted drugged up amped up sex addicts of real freaks doing I spy spy cams hacking this from a prophets lap top and cells they do it for so many years and literally rob her owned buisiness paypal by hacking her and send it to their email or someone elses and send a note here is pay for redoing the work of the disabled person we are all covering and covering for taking is what they all do is cover up my stop slavery words and they keep forwarding the paypal emails to others all over this endangered so world and all steal it and its my mediums thank you so Prophet pay to her email addresses and they forward it and steal it and the tallest dumbest blond who stole her angel board psychic job in 05 stole thier jobs instructions and estate information from her house of condo in 1988 to 1989 as well and in 1979 or around then took her mail that stated so clearly if shes not doing this job in her mid foftys to mid fiftys then her family may do it by her side meaning her children as adults or youths even and said if shes not by he our Lord then a best friend may do it if shes not married and she took this and said I’ll say I’m the best friend replacing the husband and say her family will say they are the Son of God family and say we do it and use the line that says if shes not able and to tell her at a mature age and we will keep lying shes not able and say shes not mature and keep telling all kinds of lies til this big large son of God family job arrives and then take it and say its ours to do by spy equipment and say we all do it so top secret and say we all do the Nancy G. Fox job invisibly without her knowing and lies shes not able and others lie shes a dumb stupid piece of crap dirt bag retard and the antichrist calls her a lame brain to many and they lie behind her back this whole time and here in 05 their job arrived and said for this famous reincarnated geru your heiness thou Lordesses on earth clan and the Lord on earth and this came many times for them and each time its all taken and they all planned to say a lie as always and say we are saving them by getting them on a secret mission and thats to kidnap them all to steal rob thier royal fortune and its a wicked game they do to so many as they are also dumb and so stupid for some to think taking females by force to packs of men and to the antichrist family is saving life