stopslaverypoems stopslaverypoems stopslaverypoetry God Jesus Mary Urgent Pleas To Read This 3m ago She lies no one can touch me She lies she’s in charge of the army bases She lies she break the law over rule laws change instructions from all over the world She steals Nancy Gail Fox’s Son of God authority mail That says Nancy Gail Fox and her daughters can over rule laws to save a life by the 89 States of America saying so and by the UNs and leaders around the world . She’s steals that mail does I D theft prtends she has that authority By lying to everybody And pays liars stolen Nancy Gail Fox money to lie She says I set bombs at 9 places So no one can touch me or my counterparts on facebook messenger in their liar conspiracy I got them set at The Statue of Liberty she says At the mint The White House Steps to stop a peace March by a canon ball under it by her men women the Levine Brother family She gets people to their sex torture human sacrifice kids moms daughters of all ages snuff movies She lies a woman who has orgasms has a sex problem and needs her clit cut off She says she set one to fire at the Western Union offices .. She got caught for robbing Nancy G Foxs prophet writer supply money Western Union Sent for Nancy Fox since 2012 By my letters requesting it Fox Radio international sent it for Nancy Fox and they took it They steal it for almost 6 years And Prophet rent cash a million a week for 6 years PayPal for over 5 years Postal mail medium For God save life jobs for 9 years . Angel board jobs for 13 years That are Nancy Fox’s and Jessica a She stole the angel board jobs off the River Farm porch in 2005 She zoomed down the streets to rip them off and lies I am the Nancy Gail Fox save life family job authority my top secret operation She steals Jessica and Hannah-Graces gifts and gives them to her kids . She did peeping tom on them when they were 10 and 14 years old and still is She set up another nine eleven attack she says on New York City she says they did the last one As she runs human slavery by lying moms need a clitoral removal Says God Jesus and The Virgin Mary jesus_023 MORE IN STOPSLAVERYPOETRY To Save Lives Internationally She says she views them in heat having so many and lies thats wrong She spies on what is supposed to be private love making A couple together she watches them and tells everyone In 2005 and 2006 they stole the Nancy Gail Fox son of God family jobs and instructions The two or them conspired at a High School Reunion and planned to grand Nancy Fox and her daughters . One lies she’s Your Heiness . NO COMMENTS – Add the first! stopslaverypoems Enter your comment here… SEND MORE ON WORDPRESS.COM jwts55 jwts55 Everlasting Love Everlasting Love A Day In the Life of Maple Falls Episode 238 Fade In: Interior. Violet’s bedroom. She is seated in a rocking chair looking out her window. There is a faint… Nerdy Spice Nerdy Spice Adversion The Great Dawson’s Creek Rewatch Project: Season 4, Episodes 13-15 We’re rewatching all of Dawson’s Creek in honor of its twentieth anniversary. Will require some mind-numbing. Drinking game rules can be found here. Season 4,…

NancyFoxPsychicmedium The greatest site in all the land! Search Search Main menu Skip to primary content Home About Post navigation← Previous Psychic Crime Tip List Posted on July 30, 2018 They lie they moms did a web cam on their private areas and on their daughters private areas in lew of a prison jail sentence, in exchange for it. This is obviously a awful lie as its ispy the human sex slavery traffick kids porn snuff film gyno chair toturing clitoral cutter ring put in their underwear, toliet bowls, floors, showers, bathtubs, closets, sheets, pillowcases, ceiling lights, heater vents. The mothers never hear of the ispy They have no prison or jail sentence, they lie they do and do fraudulent reports and frame nice moms and make up fake life stories fake personality profiles and tell stories from years ago before they were parents and steal papers from their houses and change them and edit ispy and lie on messenger edied ispy is a lazy porn life mom who sold her kids and put web cams in their underwear, all a lie by the devil They lie NOT ispy on facebook messenger all day and night by packs of clitoral cutters who murder for a meth addiction, they get a shot of meth when they get a person by lying they need medical attention. They lie that is a bad person for filing for a not ever needed divorce and for having intercourse with a man whos not the Pa Pa the dad the blood father in the family unit sheets and for having so many long moaning Os from her too large clito and for putting ispy in her kids underwear. All lies they tell 24 hours a day about many mothers to get them and their daughters. They say they dont understand they are told they are wrong to do that to file at all for a divorce and to then have a new man inside their uterus and they are told to view their so wild nastly looking sex they had with a man whos not the dad and to say they are hot and horny to come down below to us men gals under here to jiggle it right off, This a group of 20 to 29 years olds a cult brain washed ten years ago or so when they were kids or teenagers ages 12 and 13 and 15 and 17 age range when they were trained and taught its wrong for a mom to disolve her marriage certificate moms not married in the eyes of God who are legally divorced then have love making with a new man boyfriend they love as a legally single person and mulitiple normal orgasms in their bed when they kids are at school. That is not wrong at all as they are legally divorced having sex and normal orgasms in love making as two adults often do and they do this so their kids dont know and this group is brain washed and do not understand it is wrong to spy on love making its perverted a sex offender criminal act to do that and its illegal to set up to rape somebody and its illegal to cut off a clitorus and its sick to look at private areas and they are saying they do it for a meth injection and then heroin afterwards and were trained brain washed as kids to do this to people.

Menu Search mediumtogod Just another site God Speaking To Stop Sex Slavery jesus-christ-prince-of-peace-jesus-28011532-275-344 The PayPal that is Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylor the Medium For God DBA business owners is so stolen says I God channel writing this in her medium as I have done for over nine years as she’s my real medium clear and it begun in 09 they stole her Prophet writer mail then started outright looting many Prophet writer gifts sent for her grand resume’ she mass emailed that says to speak as Gods Medium at events funerals for free it means and she sends it to speak for me God Almighty and my great son thou so frustrated Jesus for years They steal her Prophetess speaking clothing presents jewelry shoes car gifts Prophet meal gift cards prophet protection money and so on since 2009 the end of 09 and middle of 2010 truck loads looted and still are and in fall 2010 a million a week of her Prophet writer rent money taken and she asked for it to pay her 2012 to 2013 rent at her apartment to write her books by me God for one about the lost civillizatuion and since summer 2010 she requests for lease money for an office in Sherman Oaks to have a Los Angeles antislavery office many letters She emails with her long great Lordess on earth Prophet speaker Prophet writer say thus for around eight years by her work and doing is all of it and they started then stealing her Prophet gift cards Prophet cars clothes jewelry sent for my medium for her missionary goodwill work she does to save people all around this rotten old shaky still earth the world barely turns around due to this hated I D theft devil scandal as they give it away and her protect the Prophetess funds sent by her best mom stop traffick requests and by her Lordess on earth resume and they steal it sitting under here they yell all covered now all stolen that means as they get it by robbing trucks of it and loads of her mail that states for our worldwide medium to cover herself and her daughters Prophetess protection money for in person bodyguards a town car driver limos to not loose crime tip time reporting for us Prophet thank you gifts clothing for your goodwill charity life saving work and they lie this is a sum of money to cover a welfare goodwill charity lady for food and shelter and send her PayPal for over five years to emails. By hacking and say here’s pay to cover a welfare bum charity case file goodwill spare change lady looking for a hand out by whining and complaining online all day take the pay collect it buy her a nice hot meal and give her hand me down clothes this is pay to cover secretly and its her own .money this whole time for her charity goodwill work and its 900 mil prophet gifts stolen above that designer wear in her size 4 and 6 in 2010 2011 2012 and size 2s mostly also for over 8 years all stolen and all by her resumes letters requests sent for her to dress up elegantly glamorous appearance to speak for me God to save lives to pay prophet rent by her requests to write my Books since 2010 many letters sent and PayPal opened by her April 2013 they called and lied thats for us to cover a gravely disabled lady we take the pay collect it by computer devices by back spacing on the medium4god PayPal link down here in rooms and they siphen it out and its all here the whole time of course as she’s been my medium in so many lifetimes and will continue to be and in 09 she decided I’m starting my Prophet channel writing business at my .moms house on Ranchito and she ordered Medium For God address labels with that address channel writer business cards nearly 9 years of her orders can by proven vistaprint online and she wrote her resume ‘ in 09 Lordess on earth Gods Medium and so on and it requests to speak put and requested office money in 2010 as I said and book deals to write for me God and thou Jesus etc etc on a great letter sent mostly from Gods Medium its nearly 9 years of that mail all stolen and since created 10 medium 4 god type email addresses all connected to her PayPal link merchant account email that’s registers to her business she owns as the creator medium prophet writer name of mine registered and all her PayPal sent to her own emails that are hers all alone are connected to her PayPal merchant email created Jan 2013 that’s for that wordpress medium4jesusgod and she made it for that and this mediumtogod flying angel wordpress 100 mil per hour sent for it and they robbed it right away hacking underneath streets and 49 people a group lied to aol that’s my email and my PayPal and hackers sent it to them to steal it and send it all over saying collect thus sum of money for covering a goodwill charity welfare bum lady and its all her money to look lovely by her great works of art wordprrsses resumes she’s sent for almost 9 years and they lie for a poor dear for food and shelter some hand me down clothes to watch her from a distance in case she has an emotional outburst as she did in 09 so sloppy hand writing she wrote acting so mad doing it and 9 years ago I God wtire 100 pages straight or 1000 pages I say 10 hours straight without stopping as I God almighty explained how sex slavery is run internationally and her PayPal is so astronomical by her hard work of so many long hours people can’t imagine it’s all hers and is to stop human sex traffick and sex slavery internationally to go directly on her credit card Nancy Fox PayPal every time its sent for over 5 years and it was 100 million per hour right away June 2013 as she works non stop and I mean it then 400 mil an hour for me God Jesus Kennedy John and Jackie O is much of the PayPal by her great works of art Medium writer posts on here and Lennon is 800 mil an hour some days and 500 mil of 900 mil per hour for over 5 years is for her own poem she wrote in 2013 or 2014 2015 in Noho Arts District not a channeled poem as many are on her stop slavery poetry wordpress and its her own poem named by her Jesus Christ is My Savior 500 mil an hour PayPal that’s to be right on her PayPal credit card is stolen to banks to frame her to lie she’s a worthless bum lady and ages not on welfare never has been and survives by phone reader pay Amen to you to read this proof and have it all stopped right now as its none of their PayPal at all and to save her my voice to save all Amen from me God to get her pay where it all belongs so slavery may stop right now so another newborn is not dead a toddler a teen raped to death strapped to a bolted chair a mothers clitorus tortured for ten hours every day its sex torturing please stop them underground now and from lying NOT her poem PayPal on facebook messengering lies 24 hours a day for ten years forwarding PayPal they steal to liars who collect it put it in banks at the same time and lie its mine 20 million steal it Love God. Turn off messenger Tell PayPal you sent it July 30, 2018Leave a replyEdit « Previous Leave a Reply Logged in as mediumtogod. Log out? Comment Post Comment Notify me of new comments via email. View Full Site Blog at

Press question mark to see available shortcut keys Nancy Fox Public Jul 30, 8:52 AM  Virgin Mary channel writing by my medium to say a new disaster awaits many who outright take my only mediums pay for now anyway that is until by son thou Jesus Christ as you know him in his grand appearance all over this hated and loved web as so many brain wash to get them to a gruesome bloody horrific death and her daughters my mediums daughters are going to soon now say she’s the real Medium For God DBA business her PayPal been stolen this whole entire time since she opened it over five years ago as I thou greatest Mary Magdolene say so as many A As in a 12 step Bill Wilson Dr Bob program that my medium and her oldest daughter are sober so long in that great now AA by some being quite honest and wise to so finally know that my medium does not lie at all ever for really and not since her becoming so very sober in that great era so long back in 1985 as my son Jesus our and your Lord and this greatest savior of mine and hers did really pull our mediums alcoholic obsessesion from her then over 33 years back and many drunkard ones called all around right behind her back in her small suberb upscale family life keep to herself nice mom great honest realtor town and this person is six hours away and called all around lying about a over honest so quiet reserved usually in her life and the person a drunk who’s immaturity level is so stuck at a none progressed age level she’s in a real time era of the 70s 60s saying sayings from then to many others all total lies about a over sincere so sentimental deeply wise persona our medium Miss Nancy Fox had really reached a mink like level so peaceful happiness abounding inside just by her own family life taking care of her daughters and spending quality time with them driving talking at restaurants coffee places sitting and talking alot to their great mom and driving especially and they looked to her for nearly everything such as what do you think of a friend ?should I wear this outfit ? What looks best . ? And so on and not so forth as a great happy family life in near perfect sinc of a grand harmony and peace they ruined it on purpose by ing all over and lying and by continually telling stories of when she was 16 and 17 and partired and that’s her long ago old AA story of the past of what lead her to a newfound spiritual life and a spotless reputation. She thought she had one and would have if thus drunken list from over five and one half hours had not called and made such trouble there when the many psychic wisdom angel board jobs appeared as she stole them And is so evil just to plan to ruin a long time sober persons life by a mean wicked scandal as people work hard to stay sober one day at a time and life is supposed to be great and good and she said out loud Christmas 06 on the porch good bye AA goody two shoes life I always planned it all out to ruin her life and she in 1977 when Nancy Gail Fox was a minor under 18 age 17 a paper that said I can over see her save life work mail if she’s intoxicated and never informed her or even said the word psychic to her or asked her one bit about it and at age 19 jobs sent for Nancy Gail Fox and money at her banks this so drunk clitiral cutter kidnapper peeling tom lying rat stole her jobs in the mail and her own money then and outright lied then and said she’s a punk rocker a low life dirt bag and so on to some and lied she can’t do this work by her old paper. A adult age 19 Nancy G Fox Costume Supervisor on a feature movie in our great state New York Thousand Islands Rochester in the magnificent fall leaves to Manhatten with the Star of the movie from Lost in Space tv show of the 1960s approximately or exact or 70s but socializing with a named famous celebrity in our great land of N Y C and she lied about an over ambitious teenage girl then in 1979 when her mail was sent and stolen that said for Nancy G Fox the owner of eight hundred thousand zillion in Federal Reserves 1979 this is your money owned by you a loan you have to America to help the people this shall be sent to you at hundreds of millions per week eight hundred million or nine hundred million a day it could say and they stole her mail that said when a U N save life psychic. Spirtysl work order is sent air mail for Miss Nancy Gail Fox so is her money on a private jet plane on a armed transport truck white with a real American flag to her owned bank vault that’s her money and future children to great grandchildren in the future ahead are one forth of it the Nancy Gail Fox family are her children in the future and not other relatives such as far off cousins aunt great aunts uncles sibling no one but her own mom is to have received 100 thousand each time its sent for my medium Miss Nancy Gail Fox and all stolen by so many outright lying they are this Nancy Gail Fox family and no they are not at all and others who stole Bel Air homes named in the Nancy Gail Fox inheritance trust estate lie that’s federal government money we can spend to save lives family members do the save life work secretly and don’t tell Nancy about her work orders or her money they lie its federal government money they can take and its privately owned money and its wired all over the USA to people who outright lie they are the Nancy Gail Fox money and it was sent to Greeley Color Wyoming Utah West Virgina Mammoth Lakes Calif Los Angeles Hoover area downtown Mormons by marriage not blood related Glendale hills etc around twenty people lie they are the Nancy Gail Fox family .money and are not at all ever in any way shape or form and its always taken by men at the bank vault who lie to the city that’s a save life job to assign and that’s federal government money to spend and lie far away relatives could be in private money of Nancy Gail Fox’s and its not theirs ever at all in any way shape or form at age fuve or three or six or seven a stolen paper from the mail said her mom shall receive 100 thous each time her daughter Nancy Gail Fox’s money is sent to her bank Denise S Fox. Nancy G Fox account. And her mom shall pay people from her 100 thousand to protect her wealthy child owner of the largest trust in our history and that’s a fact from me thou great Virgin Mary and the evil pack of back stabbing lying rats told someone get the 100 thous of Denise S Fox’s say you pay to cover Nancy Gail Fox and they are paid money and steal everything her whole life and at age seven or so they lied she’s a retarded citizen so we handle save life work assigned ourselves thus utmost important save life family job position and remove clitoruses and murder slaughter them for many years by lying they take women to cut the end of the clitorus so they can’t infect anyone because they have orgasms and intercourse when their not married unwed mothers and divorced single moms they lie are whores to get undeehriubd to medical research labs and all Theur kids newborns unborn toddlers children teens over 18 every age and they are tormented beaten lucjef to death strapped down punished for orgasms and intercourse in love by the serial killers who stole the Bel Air homes who steal the money and mail from planes from bank vaults and messaenge we do thus Nancy Gail Fox save life job secretly without her knowing. Then they’ve stole her new money 9 years of her stop sex slavery stop traffick money that she asks for by many letters faced emails posted st. Her Medium For God Prophet money gifts cars mail work orders book deals movie deals all stolen for over eight and a half years then call aol and lie that’s our group PayPal and 49 people crooks steal it by hacking and sending Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylor PayPal to themselves and say I always take the Nancy Gail Fox money and lie that’s for us covering for reviewing her work and pay stolen money to people to lie and in 1979 she was really sober from pills in AA in Beverly Hills AA meetings at age 18 and or 19 years old attended Valley College at age 17 and 18 studied radio broadcast academic English mind you Playwright and worked at Bullocks at The Sherman Oaks Fashion Square and then began her dream to work on movies to be a great screenplay writer and is one and completed her feature Angels Anonymous in 2004 Dec 5th I say around that date and rewrote it in 2005 and has written screenplay treatments naked The River Farm Drive Mom I became a medium to stop slavery internationally and Carly Wilkinson based on my past life readings and they steal her screenplay mail many jobs assignments photo shoots medium documentary etc sent by her Stage 32 web site is why and the devils rob her movie deal mail and lie they can take her jobs and movie roles auditions mail and send it to a fraud as they’ve robbed her her whole life long is why and her daughters they rob their Nancy Gail Fox family money and their movie auditions clothing gifts and so on and its sent by Nancy Gail Fox their .moms hard work of mass emailing their resumes also with hers Medium For God Lordess on earth writing to save lives all over the world by me the best lady in her heavenly earthly realm so its their clothing gifts car presents and so on all sent by their moms letters channel writing resumes of all emailed like mad since early 2010 and many run around lying I am the Nancy Gail Fox job position they assigned it to me by sending me her gifts car presents copy Kat clothes to sign her name and steal what is her daughters also by a wicked I D theft and its sent so they are famous by their moms work and mine and my grand son Jesus Christ to say you better stop the slandering in AA meetings at Visions in your sex addict peepung tom real gang rapist room on Moorpark Rd or another place Thousand Oaks Calif and at real estate offices in the Conejo Valley that you may Google as at age five a group or Mormons etc said we can assign this job to ourselves and others and at 19 the drunk hours a away said I can assign this Nancy Gail Fox job to myself and lie when she was sober in Beverly Hills AA and a Costume Supervisor in charge of the wardrobe dept as a teenager and at age 28 three years sober a homeowner soirtysl person they stole her save life nail money and lied they could assign it to themselves and lied she’s too immature she’s got a rubber ducky in her bath tub. Her 12 step inner child healing she was doing then in aca and coda in 1987 1988 and then in 2005 they stole her psychic save life jobs and said this realtor job is better for us she’s got messy file cabinets in the garage and realtors stole her save life psychic crime tip jobs and others lied I can assign that Nancy Gail Fox stop slavery job to you say its a Realtors job position to buy houses it said for Nancy Gail Fox the psychic to save lives and to buy houses with her money at banks a realtor also and realtors mortgage brokers rob her and her daughters mail .money cars safe house maps gifs offices and all that’s theirs and lie that’s their job secret by messenger conspiracy online and in 2009 2010 women by Ranchito they told them say its assigned to you and they are sent her medium for God mail Fox-Taylor mail money ups fed ex in 2010 they told five psychics say that position is assigned to you to get her mail money gifts of hers and her daughters and they pay stolen money to copy Kat photo doubles who rob them wearing the same clothes L A casting actors they fed ex clothes dialogue tell them to forge and steal photo shoots wardrobe lists Hannah Grace Judith Taylor is said she should wear her Royal Academy of Dance folk ribbon black skirt and a photo double did pictures a d yesterday she took photos in a yellow dress that Hannah-Grace rad ballerina wore as a child by Nancy Gail Fox’s facebook photos and her past life movie mail the id theft photo double wore a Herseys coco outfit they rented and its by Nancy Gail Fox’s past life readings as Carly Wilkinson that say she was a Hersheys coco model as a child in her past life and 100 rented costumes by list they stole they did this and said the Nancy Gail Fox son of God reincarnated family her and her daughters and past life husband are to go on TV and say Nancy Gail Fox is Carly Wilkinson reincarnated the Ouija board reader in our last life in Bel Air she’s the angel board reader channel writer same psychic being stopping sex slavery torturing for years its her work she planned in our last life and we crown her the Son of God and bells are to chime all around and announce her legacy and say 13 years of her angel board jobs are stolen and her daughters Jessica D Taylor’s since 05 also by 10 realtors per day grabbing them out of their mail box and the psychic healer jobs of Hannah-Grace Taylor’s are stolen and she’s Virgin Mary’s medium always a genius who heals the earth saves the world and Jessica a scientist to save the atmosphere and a horse lover to save animals dogs cats all animals and people and the world as we all know it and the reincarnated family man of Bel Air the past life is to announce this and unlock the magical kingdom to stop the wicked trickery as its gone on far too long their save life mail is robbed and their money is stolen by many who kill with it and it must stop as the save life jobs sent they really reverse and its 58 years of this reversing killing instead of saving lives and by awful I D theft so please halt it so fast by me the great grand thou Mary at last I say it could be today on this last day of July 2018 as my medium really reports for me working feverishly all alone for nearly a full decade to stop this from happening and 20 nice men friends and women may say it so now and they are named as Saints by all around you now to see who they are many are on Nancy Gail Fox’s Songs From Heaven List she sends out since 2013 in North Hollywood Arts District she started sending it and giving it to those she asked to sing our Songs From Heaven ad my medium God and my Son Jesus to rock stars and so and they stole her Gladis Knight and the Pips mail also recently to sing on T V and many are on her facebook so seek them out ask Ofir Engel singer on her facebook and Christian Love and Dan Mancuso musicians and so on and on and on I pray you share this pass it on forward to stop them from reversing Amen God loves you Photo no comments no plus ones no shares Shared publicly Add a comment…

Male Sex Slaves Underground

by medium4jesusgod Medium For God DBA

Hes underground saying that’s Nancy Fox from Ranchito is what many say who know you can’t touch her in any way as that’s the order since her birth as shes the most psychic gifted person in the whole world and they said that is not really her all day online from underground the ones who lie about her all night trying to get her down and out a over 33 year sober lady the NOT liars say shot up that wasted crack whore lady our case file we cover a welfare bum as they rob her paypal hundreds of millions per hour the whole time since its sent as they are on meth doing sex torture movies underground lying they are covering for the safety of the city of the United States Of America and they stalk her and lie shes a different person and some authoritys know shes Nancy Fox of Ranchito not allowed to mess with her hes saying underground and says the Son of God helicoptor does really fly over for the Army bases to  make sure shes alive and well hes told always they do this and spot her and then the war is stopped for now and 9 1 1 happened to New York City because her mail sent to save lives is stolen and her money never reaches her and still has not he says they always take it and took her ten thousand stop human slavery psychic jobs as they are the torture operation and they have men they keep in cages 10 men and one says hes sick of it they bring them out to locations and make them do it to the little wee ones tiny blond kids and they are eating human meat and kept in the train stations for years and they are not that tall and they are slaves also and the men in the barracks under Murrieta Ave by the 101 freeway Fulton Ave also do that to them and they are fat ugly men sizes 48 and 52 and there are 10 of them and they are addicted to it seems by my mind reading them by my telepathic leads that I do for nine years with my channel writing clairvoyant visions and time travels astral projection and he says many say how does she know all that ? if shes just sitting there all composed often as I mind read the devil human torture operation all the time whatever I am doing I get crime tips and report them and put them with my medium channel writing by God Jesus and Mary and they did not know why they lied shes not the real Nancy Fox from Ranchito to everybody all the time for years is they dont want people to know shes a psychic medium and many know this since her birth as the ones running human sex slavery torturing planned it out to keep her save life jobs from her and they steal them from the planes and post offices and everywhere and have everybody steal them to keep them away from her and I am reporting my own independant work for nine years and do readings everyday for 13 years and stop sex slavery readings for 10 years since there were stalkers in front of the mail box a car sat for four hours in summer 08 and our cats disappeared and I thought someone is after my lovely teenage daughters Jessica and Hannah-Grace Taylor so I did my angel board and it said a two or more lied son of satan conspiracy take people to sex slavery by lying and said they are framing you and I started getting many clues then and it said the brinks truck is coming and it never did and I do the readings to stop sex slavery since then and in 2009 I said I have to stop it all over the world completely to save their lives and my own as they are after us as the angel board warned me and I said I have to save everyone internationally and it became my mission to stop sex slavery internationally and I report my psychic crime tip work for nine years and they rob by crime tip psychic mail and my stop sex slavery money that I request for a long time as I write crime tips and letters for money for a long time almost  a decade of doing this and not a dime. Many men are slaves also and they are the 10 smaller ones in cages under the Noho Subway station and they are under Murrieta and Fulton and they are addicted to doing that to two year olds and they wear costumes that are rented and there are 100 men kept under the Veterans Hospital area on WIlshire Blvd and they are hand cuffed to steel beds and brought on city trucks and dropped under freeway off ramps and the 100 men rape daughters for 10 hours cuffed to a chair and the 50 fat men do oral sex torture to them for the 10 hours in horrific sex torture fims mudering they do underground 89 places of Calif and there are slaves they get by casting large African American men from casting agencys and they are forced to rape two year old toe heads at hotels and told its a T V show and there are men also


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July 28, 2018 Just another site JESUS CHRIST IS MY SAVIOR leave a comment » They are saying in 2010 when truck loads of UPS fed ex gifts strarted to be sent for Nancy Gail Fox by her resume’ Lordess on earth Prophetess Channel writer medium for God Jesus Virgin Mary Senator Nancy Schafer etc for her goodwill Prophet life saving charity work she does since 08 summer when they were stalked at their house and for her Best Mom DCFS victims stories of facts of lies victimizing injustice done were all for that work she does all alone They sat under the mall by her moms house and took the gifts mail victims money lawyers money sent to sue them for slandering for ruining her 10 year realtor business for the mortgage college etc and for Hannah’s Mom to get her custody is much of it They sat underground hacking in a long narrow room and emailed called where she emailed and said don’t read that previous email that’s a welfare bum case file degenerate wasted crack addict porn star whore read our files emailed delivered to your house office fed ex and men in car rental offices sat waiting all over the USA and in 10 Countries who took the fake slander framer files by leasing cars with stolen Nancy Gail Fox .money lied they are the Fox Corperation Total lies as I am not on welfare ever not a degenerate hate porn never did crack I am sober in AA since Feb 9 1985 all lies they tell And they said don’t read that read mine and lied to the media United nations etc and did not know her emails always get out to the entire public to stop human sex slavery and are forwarded since then almost 10 years of emails that gifts money are sent for all taken by sending ups fed exes to Hesby by Ranchito since 2010 then its sent to Mono County and Calabasas and North Hollywood and to North Ranch Westlake Village Thousand Oaks AA meetings and psychics since 2010 fall and they said its for covering a gravely disabled person and no she’s not gravely disabled they are her resume’ gifts mortgage money jobs book deals mortgage money lawyers money etc and auditions movie roles modeling for her and her daughters they steal it all for 8 years all generated by her Nancy Gail Fox The flying angel wordpress hundreds of millions per hour for her new invention creation they say its for her writing for famous people who passed away sitting in a medium trance writing for hours is why and they lied that’s a gimic a get rich quick scheme hack it the whole time over 5 years of PayPal is eight hundred thousand k zillion w zillioneillion times a zillion trillion for her published posts that they stole as it was 100 million per hour right away in 2013 May for a year or 10 months or days or weeks then 400 mil an hour for a year then 900 mil an hour that’s supposed to go automatically in her PayPal merchant email and directly on her PayPal credit card and its connected to her bank account she would just transfer it and she receives none of it not one cent and its 500 mil an hour for her poem she wrote on her stopslaverypoetry wordpress called. Jesus Christ is My Savior Jesus_202_small_2

MEDIUM4JESUSGOD ABOUT This site is the bee’s knees The Hollocast In Reverse Underground by medium4jesusgod Medium For God DBA The antichrist human sacrifice kids porn snuff film serial killers are a group of relatives who run the Hollocast in reserse, they kill blond haired blue eyed volomoptous suberb All American moms and daughters by lying the mom needs a clitorus removal. They capture them by a female mutilation clitoral cutting ring on spy cams and messenger who run human sex slavery torturing capturing invisibly. They do invisible torture to them by micro chips they put in moms the week they take the kids away by framing done they go in the house and put a micro chip in their coffee cup or water facet one they activate by remotes as they sit underground doing invisible torture to them in this new age Hollocast that is run by Jewish women and men. Pakistan men and women who cut off clitoruses and make kids porn pose as a case worker and they are the danger so are all they messenger. The Israel Jewish Pakistans say no man is allowed in the sacred birth canal but the father and they say a mom whos legally divorced and is with a man whos not the dad who has mutilple orgasms is a whore who would infect the city and they they stop diseases and infections and do a save life job by taking the moms and daughters out of their areas. They spy on the moms making love with their boyfriend having orgasms and say they infect the sheets in the family home by their cumming session they had while the daughters are at school or at a friends house playin and the women spy on them and put them on their list to get them to clip the tip of their clitorus off and the whole vagina rectum uterus falopian tubes it really is , they say they are wrong for doing that, they are moms who filed for the divorce, are legally divorced and then have intercourse with their boyfriend when the kids are at school usually a few days a week as a normal sex routine. The women spy on them and lie they are nasty wild sex phens and lie its wrong to have orgasms and say they should spend every minute on work tasks and motherly chores like they did when they were married, and many were married ages ago and have not been with thier husband for years and they take a break time to see a man they love a few days a week when the kids arent there as good responsible caring parents as single parents who dont want a man sleeping in thier bed or to move in as they dont want their kids to know they are having sex and the women on ispy do footage and send it to the kids and say see what your mom was doing and thats emotional child abuse the women on spy cams to do kids as its just adult time a nice mom is having with her boyfriend , no different than a mom and dad being intimate a few days a week. They lie thats so wrong to have sex and orgasms and no its wrong for them to watch as no one should know about it at all ever and they tell the whole world what a mom was doing a few days a week for half an hour or so and lie they are sex addicts mental health who need help and no they do not the women spying on them are mentally ill they are insane criminals sex offenders peeping tom voyerists very sick and vulgar and horrible people to do spy cams on someones love making and tell everyone about what is supposed to be private and thats the law. They say seamen on the sheets cum the sick vulgar women on spy cams call it cum, and say they may infect the kids in the family unit bed and say thats wrong to them to do that in the family unit home in the sheets in the master bedroom and say the kids might lay in it at night watching television and say they call them Dept of Health and Welfare cases top secret and lie they are the save life Los Angeles County operation top secret and run the new age hollocast of spying on love making editing ispy exploiting nice modest people and the women say they want to jiggle their clitorus right off for doing that by their crews who are under all their areas and in cars all around who do oral sex copulation to the clitoruses for ten hours underground they get the moms strapped in gynological chairs spread eagle and the girls of all ages hand cuffed to fold up chairs and men do ten hours of oral sex torture to their clitoruses and rape them in the rear and it taped by a camera by a remote they press on their cells They are a group of thirty in the clitoral torture crews who were trained when they were kids and teens to do oral sex to mothers and babies toddlers and told its new age therapy to help sex addicts abused families and they are not sex addicts and were not abused they capture them by pressing toture ipad micro chip programs and do invisible rape to the mothers and some older daughters and then lie they need medical attention shoot them up with drugs against their wills to capture them to sex torture the moms and girls they take them to hotels and men gang rape the daughters in front of the mom handcuffed to a chair and then they drop them underground to the oral sex torture crews who do sex torture to them and cut off all the moms and daughters clitoruses and lie they do the save life Los Angeles Operation top secret job. They were trained by the Bel Air men women at the Bel Air resort hotel area under it in rooms and told when they were kids and teens that a mom who has many long Os in a row by a man whos not the dad is a bad person to get and cut it off. The 30 of them sit there naked under the houses on meth heroin staring at peeping tom edited on screens calling nine one ones to get them and lie they are sex addicts sex phens metal health case files and say they are taught thats wrong to allow a man in the house whos not the father and to have many long Os from a giant hairy pussy that they all viewed in spy watch cams and they are brain washed a antichrist cult who does human sacrifice torture to All Ameican suberb single moms and daughters as the new age hollocast in reverse the Pakistan Israel Jewish men women say thats against their religion and culture and they dont care if orgasms are allowed in America and a legally divorced mom can make love on her day off to them thats wrong and they say cut it off and their mission is to off this race to kill the blond haired blue eyes volopteaous All American moms and all their daughters as they dont want them to exist and its every hair and eye color and mostly causaian and they have many who work for them who stare at private areas and watch orgasms and yell and scream a bad person? for doing that? they say its wrong to have filed for divorce and to buy new underpants and bras and to primp in the mirror for a new man and say they should be shot for doing that one time to have a new man in the family unit home at all ever and they should be shot for looking in my opinion as they are great single parents who are making love when the kids are not there and they lie thats wrong? and to me its wrong for single parents to date in front of their kids and to have a man sleep over is wrong to me and to have them move in is wrong to me and to get married right away is wrong to me and date when the children are young is wrong to me. To me it should be a transation time and the moms are better to date a man away from their kids at first to see do they love them ? before they bother introducing them and its wrong to date many men in front of their kids or see do they like them? before the mom knows if they do, and its wrong for them to sleep in their bed or move in and thats my opinion for the emotions of the kid and thats my personal opinion as adult time should be seperate and they should not tell the kids until they are certain they love the man or its more abondonment. These sick freaks lie thats wrong to schedule romance and love time when they kids are busy, they plan it out because they are caring parents and yes they could date and have no sex and get engaged when they kids are teens and get married when they are 18 years old is probably usually best over all. They say they are told the moms are all a lazy piece of crap who should be running all around like a chicken with their head cut off and anyone doing that in ten minutes of spare time is wrong and no people are taught a parent should take time for themselves married or not married its good for them to not be stressed its makes a better parent, one who takes a break for themselves and they see their boyfriend on a break time instead of going to a restaurant alone or and they say they are wrong to have intercourse with a man whos not the father and lie they can enforce their secret laws and sex toture punish the moms for doing that love making act as they are a sick serial killer sex torture cult brain washed to think that orgasms are wrong and to for a legally divorced mom to make love with a boyfriend and they are told a big clitorus is bad and large nipples that they view in spy watch cams in peeping tom voyerism and they are sex offenders who say they are told they spy cam is a web cam the mom allowed by a paper they signed that said someone could have access to medical records and they are told its medical research ispy sold them as gunea pigs for being so bad and naughty for long orgasms nice normal women who always have a mutiple orgasm they kill them and their daughters of all ages and say they are horrified watching them scream and yell in their spy watch cams the women watching never had that experience and the moms are thinking nothing of it its just emotional passionate love making with their eyes shut they are just feeling and and they are modest people and they are sick to watch them in spy cams and they say they got more men lying about the moms and daughters on the list by viewing that and laws must be followed in America to stop the new age reverse Hollocast of murdering blond hair blue eyed volompateous mothers and all their daughters by Jewish Pakistans who say its against their religion who are trying to change the human race who lie they are in charge of saving life on earth and saving the world. The Laws that need enforcing to stop sex slavery are: The peeping tom law, Voyerism. Sex offenders looking at people naked in ispy should be put on the Meghans Base Sex Offender Map Female Mutilation Law Its illegal to remove a clitorus its against the law medical malpractice an operation not allowed Its illegal to force medical attention thats The Patients Righs Law of California only a person can allow it and authorize it for themselves they must sign and agree even for medication or a rountine surgery at a skin Dr for example the person must sign and allow it. They cannot force shots drugs surgerys on anyone and it violates the human rights laws. A person could die just from a forced shot or from a allergic reaction or from anethesia alone.They could die so fast by the law being broken. Its illegal to force a person in an ambulance there it the Right to die law also Its illegal to call not needed or wanted 9 1 1s to get people The Freedom of Religion Law the sex ring lies they can force scrotum cleaning uterus washing and removal of the area as a Jewish person doing this to their baby boys penis they do it to clitoruses illegally its not allowed The Medical Privacy act not allowed to look at private medical records Not allowed to force surgerys or religion on a person as also they may be Christian Scientists or Hollastic or in Alcoholic Anonymous against drugs shots surgerys If laws could be enforced it could stop the human slavery ring, They lie they are worthless persons and say they are sold as Cattle to herd under the streets of Los Angeles County as meat they shave after the oral sex cow milking the 30 do who are the Nazis computer technicians who messenger lies all day about nice people to kill them in the Hollocast human sex torture antichrist slavery city under Los Angeles and many parts of California by fake files to get them. They lie NOT about truth and facts to capture the nice moms and daughters The truth may be the mother has worked her whole life since she was a teen and that can be proven by checking her IRS income and tax returns. Shes owned a home or several properties in her life and that can be proven by checking the L A County Tax Assesssor Web Site Property Tiles of homes the mother has owned people can get by ordering them through a title company as they are hard working all American Citizens Carrer type people who have had many careers are many who went to college training courses have a long resume’ of credits and they lie NOT about everything thats true about the nicest people to herd them like human meat cattle and to sex torture murder their kids in front of them. Advertisements Occasionally, some of your visitors may see an advertisement here, as well as a Privacy & Cookies banner at the bottom of the page. You can hide ads completely by upgrading to one of our paid plans. 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I’m speaking into my phone typing this reading so some of the words will be misspelled so please look past it I’m reporting that they run human slavery under California the capture the victims to kids born stuff movies and gyno chair torture films by lying woman needs a clitoris removal and no they do not they lie they’re infected and they lie they need to remove it and no they do not and it’s medical malpractice illegal it is a crime is against the law it is female mutilation and they break the law and is a trick a game to capture mothers and all of their daughters of all ages the kitty p*** snuff torture films they make they murder the family by lion the mother needs guitars removal or a vagina washing their very disgusting perverts Who Stare at private areas and toilet I spy underwear and all over and bedrooms and bathrooms on mothers and daughters and they put I spy in the houses on the mother files for our divorce and receives her divorce decree in the mail and they put I spy in my mothers and daughters and do peeping Tom they edited and at special effects use voice-over actors body doubles and and vulgar subtitles and they lie all day on Facebook messenger and capital and ot not I spy and it is it is there I spy they edited and they lied to her and no it is not they do I Spy on a woman’s private what’s supposed to be private lovemaking and they lie that’s a sex relation and it’s a mother’s boyfriend she is legally Divorced with having romance time when her kids are away at school and they lie that’s wrong our divorce and receives her divorce decree in the mail and they put iSpy in on mothers and daughters and do peeping Tom they edited and at special effects use voice-over actors body doubles and and vulgar subtitles and they lie all day on Facebook messenger and capital and ot not I spy and it is it is there I spy they edited and they lied to her and no it is not they do I Spy on a woman’s private what’s supposed to be private love making and they lie that’s a sex relation and it’s a mother’s boyfriend she is legally Divorced with having romance time when her kids are away at school and they lie that’s wrong when the kids are not home and they lie that’s a w**** and do I Spy on private areas and they lie a woman that has multiple orgasms as a sex addict and they are not there with one partner that they love and want to be with and it’s supposed to be private sex that’s what they spy on and they like somebody was passionate lovemaking and multiple orgasms they lie that person would infect the city and that they have to take him away to remove their clitoris and they lie they stop diseases that way and they would not have sex with anybody but the person they’re in love with and they are only with one person or nobody at all and they lie about mothers and lie there to infect people and lie they have an infection and no they do not is a big facade and game to capture mothers and daughters two kids part and snuff films they make and the people running it say it’s against their culture they don’t like a woman to have intercourse with a man who is not the father that that is a cigarette birth canal then they are tainted and they off the whole family the whole lot they say and they say the father that that is a cigarette birth canal then they are tainted and they off the whole family the whole lot they say and they say they are divorced legally making love was supposed to be private the privacy of their bedroom when when the kids are not home school the father that that is a sacred birth canal then they are tainted and they off the whole family the whole lot they say and they say they are divorced legally making love was supposed to be private in the privacy of their bedroom when when the kids are not home at school and they I’m speaking into my phone typing this reading so some of the words will be misspelled so please look past it I’m reporting that they run human slavery under California the capture the victims to kids for stuff movies and gyno chair torture films while I know woman needs a clitoris removal and no they do not rely there infected and they live in need remove it and no they do not and its medical malpractice illegal it is a crime this against the law it is female mute elation and they break the law and is a trick a game to capture mother’s and all their daughters of all ages to kitty p*** snuff torture films they make the murder the family by lying the mother needs a the Taurus removal or a vagina washing there very disgusting perverts who Sterrett private areas in toilet ice by underwear and all over and bedrooms and bathrooms on Mother’s and daughters they put ice by in the house is when the mother files for divorce and received her divorce decree in the mail and they put ice by in on Mother’s and daughters and do peeping tom they added it and that special effects he’s voice over actors body doubles and in vulgar subtitles and they lie all day on Facebook Messenger in Capitol and OT not I spy and it is it is there I spy they edited and they lied Sahara no it is not they do ice by on a woman’s private with supposed to be private love making and they lie that’s a sex relation and it some others boyfriend she is legally divorced with having romance time when her kids are away at school and they lie that’s wrong and that is what single moms do they don’t want to man to move in or sleepover so there good moms legally divorced that are with their boyfriends when the kids are not home and they lie that’s a w**** and do I spy on private areas and they lied a woman that is multiple orgasms is a6 addict and they are not there with one partner that they love and want to be with and it supposed to be private sex that’s what they spy on and they lied somebody was passionate love making and multiple orgasms they lie that person would infect the city and that they have to take them away to remove your clitoris and they lie that stop diseases that way and they would not have sex with anybody but the person there in love with and they are only with one person or nobody it all and they lie about mothers and lie they did affect people in line they have an infection and no they do not his a big facade and game

The invisible human sex slavery ring crime tips They are still underground doing microchip torture to women they sit pressing ipad microchip torture programs on their phones It a woman lying shes the save life commander on facebook messenger directing the micro chip torture crews saying I want their big fat hairy cunts and whole big round clitos that had too many big wild Os right after a not ever needed divorce that she viewed in her spy cam observation by ispy she installs in houses when moms get their final divorce papers and she says I want them all cut off not just the tip part of their big old thing hangin down in her spy watch cam the whole thing off all the moms and all the great girls kids older girls too everyone one of them I want them down and out by her medics big ol shots in their rear end to take them all away a kickin and a screamin and says they all deserve it for doing that to us they are mean the way they talk in spy cam cell bugging she says they go on her list anyone who speaks ill of her who turns her in for her criminal illegal female mutilation ring shes running for so long and she says I want them all cut off right now as shes said on her list of prioritys that she sent down to them in the gyno chair dugout rooms under Los Angeles North Hollywood are packs of her clitoral cutter crews Sherman Oaks Studio City caught her for her crimes she says and busted 10 of the clitoral cutters down there and Encino shes got 90 of her criminals doing the microwave torture to them now shes saying keep continue on doing this to them right now dam it I want this done I am so dam mad about it my job is to get them for the men and women Pakistan case workers she says do a blow job to the kids little wee ones to make the mom see what they did by letting a man do that to them in their family unit bed right after they got divorced as we showed the kids by our spy watch cams we do on the moms who have wild sex in love not at all she lies the moms in love making passionate love making have mulitiple orgams when the kids are at school so the kids would never know and this sicko does spy cams on them and shows the kids and says she teaches them a real needed lesson by showing it to the girls and says see what your mom did while you were away or outside playin thats the phrase they are told to say by the men they work for who run it they say no man is ever allowed in the sacred birth canal only the father is allowed and this sicko sex torturer clitoal cutter says she spies when the moms get the divorce papers they install ispy everywhere and she says if they have sex with their boyfriend and many long moaning longest Os from a too big huge clito from a dark furry pubic hair V J she says cut them all away she lies they are sex phens sex alcoholics and lies that warrants a CPS DCFS case file when it does not at all they are great moms who got a needed divorce split with the father ages ago waited for their divorce papers and then have a boyfriend and they have sex with him in the day usually when the kids are not home so they wont know and they plan romance time in advance for a few days a week half an hour or hour of time out of their busy single mom work day and she does ispy on their love making and lies its a problem and she sets them up to DCFS CPS and says its to ruin their happy exsistence and to take them all away helplessly to cut it all away and shes trying to get more moms and all their kids now and she puts micro chips in them by her crews the week DCFS takes the daughters by emergency custody by framing her and her crews do to set the nice moms up then they all rob the moms money mail businesses paypal postal mail and bank deposits by spy cam hacking bugging cell tapping equipment and they all torture the moms private areas by 50 micro chip keys on cells they sit around their houses in cars and underground in the clitoral cutter gyno chair rooms doing invisble torture to their private area and call for medical attention to shoot them up with drugs and all their kids at school and older girls at work or home or college and take them by medics ambulances hand cuffs to hotels she and her crews set up secrely where they are gang raped and then organs are removed in operating rooms ovarys lobes masactomys all not needed surgerys and lobotomys are murdering many and then they are raped by five men an hour for two weeks by her crews of men on facebook messenger to her that the crews send ispy to of moms and daughters naked then they are put in a gunny sack and dropped down pipes from a truck of ambulance to the clitoral cutter gynochair rooms and they are sex tortured for 10 hours and their clitoruses are cut off in front of each other dead kids usually and they are snuffed taken to kids porn and some are human sex trafficked and she says they teach them a real needed lesson for filing for a never needed divorce it makes her so mad a mom did that to them filed to leave the dad and she says to her its so wrong to do that to them and then to have a wild sex cumming time in whats supposed to be the family unit bed is so wrong to them where she lives six hours away from l Los Angeles California for years she chooses whos going down under the moms who are looking in the mirror all the time primping who buy lace bras and new underwear when they meet a new man or old flame from years back often who comes in the house and she says they do them all in ruin thier looks on purpose by her formula to make lovely moms look like an old hag she does it perfectly she says they always plan it out to do that to them the ones so glamorous and vain and seeking attention she lies as they are not that way they are beautiful confident women with self esteem who look their best and she hates women like this as shes not like this as she and the others live in the mountains and they are outdoors type women into sports and they hate L A County women who shop and buy make up and look good and they hate them for being that way with a new man they say they should just like the way their moms looked in the 1950s and they are wrong to have a new man inside of them in their bedroom and she does ispy in the sheets pillow cases underwear and watches the mans finger go in their uterus and the jiggling clitorus and it makes her sick and says cut them all off right now today and she frames them and robs them so they dont have money for thier mortgage or rent to make them homeless and lies they are welfare bums who need help and lies the moms who made over 100 grand a year and owned a home and business are bums their whole lives and her crews send NOT ever a hard worker in her life on facebook messenger 10 years 24 hours a day they lie NOT about the truth and facts and brain wash everyone and tells people give them hand me down clothes their a piece of crap and says tell them go work at a convenience store ignore them their idiots who think their important and they press the 50 remotes and she says press the walk like a retard microwave remote key pad mouse pads so their feet turn in and they steal their money so they cant buy make up own a car house buy make up to make them look bad with hair roots walking and so they dont have money for laundry even and they go in thier houses and put red tape on their clothes towels and say a welfare old hag bum our case file throw all this away we are taking them away

The fat naked pakistan murderers naked women underground 7 11 have the 10 AA Ladies they say they are going to lick them to death cut off their big furry clit as always they say that and they are taking them to the snuff set Circus Carnival downtown under the Ball park Stadium their movie set Elsysian Park 10 fat pig women say they are always doing this to them to get it off them so fast a tainted clitorus for doing that for having sex so fast with a new man big lies really most of the legally divorced moms are not with any man for years not their ex husbands for 6 months 1 year over 5 year or 8 years its a lie and they say its not allowed in their culture in Pakistan and this is THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

A divorce takes 6 months at list in Calif