A Poem By Me Jesus and my Medium who is only Miss Nancy Fox


Nancy Gail Fox

To Stop Slavery Internationally

By Jesus Christ and Nancy Fox


The words are falling down from heaven

Raining all over her land of North Hollywood

Where I am by her on this porch

and she has shed the light from our sky on the earth of mine

and a ray of hope she wrote in advance to warn her of this crossroads looming ahead

as her Lord on Earth is in the dark

and he’s to bolt in a fiery fierce race of time

to be beckoned to save their lives

and he’s told not to read the words of mine

Sir Jesus Christ

and their mail is stolen

that states to take them to a safe house

and this is so they are not driven to a hospital

and the ones taking her Medium money

sent for speaking for me her Jesus

is stolen by many who lie to wait for a surgery before a hospital

and it’s death by many surgeons set up

to kill the Son of God and her family

and they are known as The Lordess on Earth family

and they are my Medium in many lives

she Miss Nancy Fox who’s writing this

and her brave daughter our fair maiden in Whitewater Colorado she’s our named Saint and Lordess on Earth I crown her The. Miss Jessica Denise Taylor

and her brave loyal sister the other voice of,mine in many lifetimes

shes a well known medium like her mom

Miss Nancy Fox the best mom as she’s saved them

by reporting my words I am writing to the earth below

and it’s raining in Ohio

I do hope

as it should be very obvious to the wise and worldly

the person who speaks for me Jesus is worked against by the enemy

the antichrist whos running slavery

and that’s where many missing people can be found

and the remains who are here by me in heaven

saying they took me against my will to a not needed hospital and took my son for no reason

and they do it by a flick of a mouse on their cell

and lie they are helping while they are killing off societys and me and my family were taken to bloody virgin raping in a nice resort hotel

and they lied it was therapy to help us out and none was needed or wanted

and it was forced by some papers

and nine large gigantic men came up the stairwell

and gang raped my child in front of me their best mom who was handcuffed for no reason

and I’m explaining this from my grey heaven

and if she our medium named the Medium For God had received her important mail

our lives could have been saved

and I pray I save a million more by saying these treacherous words to three now in his land of his state owned Nashville or his Ohio in his own new blues band

as he is told not to read the safe house stop their murders of the Son of God family

and now nine million stealing her own Prophet pay sent for her six years of free lance writing to stop my death it would have

as five hundred of us per week they all killed by identity theft by others lying they are the Son of God family

and by lying they are associates

and by forging her name Nancy G Fox

on her important mail

that’s for her and her alone

and they all work for he the sinning antichrist who yells bad mommy at bloody virgin raping

and he directs snuff films and kiddy porn under LA County

and he rapes young kids and puts them in contraptions

and grow up we all yell to LA County

and get real

the Medium For God and the other best mom next to me and millions of others in heaven by them is she the best mom miss Nancy Fox who could have saved them

but since she turned an adult age of eighteen in her owned by her America that’s supposed to be the land of the free

and had Better be

as a person does I d theft and steals her mail for more than thirty seven years or approximately

and lies she’s her the named Son of God

miss Nancy G Fox

and has cost the country and the world nine hundred million deaths and counting that she and others shall be charged for shortly on the news today I pray so do all the others they’ve killed by waving their mouse around to ambulances and fire stations is how they do it

as the antitrust steals her Son of God Nancy G. Fox Family Federal Reserve’s truck loads of money

that’s hers and her childrens set in stone says God and Jesus to me now

and they are murdering with the funds meant tosave her and their her daughters land of America

and have done it for a hundred years as its automatically willed to them in every life

and it’s their own money to save their life

as the well known Lordess on Earth Son of God geru family

and they own the banks and hotels and land and wall street and not the antichrist

as Jesus and God predicated in the old version of the testament the Lord’s bible that high technology would kill off society by a handsome spy and fool the world he’s the one saving

as he’s killing off society’s

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A killer underground is writing murder the son of god papers lying shes Miss Fox and saying I agreed to go to surgery and lying a full masactomy is needed she’s Kimmy Nelson and Miss Dahl alias Mrs Dawson she lies her name is and Dr Soloman Reeseman and Ritchie alias Ricardo and Kathleen a fat welfare lady in a smock nine computer hackers Ken Bob Finebergman Kathy Feinstein Kelly Finnerman clan who rape teens and moms and call it a sex party. they lie they have White House authority and aim police sheriffs firemen ambulances all day to get bodies to rape murder and kill in surgerys and by forced shots and say they have full medical control of case files and closed case files and sit under banks and steal money and from.bank vaults at nine a m and seven p m and armed transport trucks full and mail and say they have court control and lie they represent the White House and the White House is lied to that they stop slavery and cover families so they are not taken to slavery by fire trucks ambulances dcfs case workers medics and the White House is lied to as covering people means you document fraud surgery reports and stalking cat killing ispy rape molest bank mail robbery and they do the crimes and lie they are covering and sting equipment is to cover criminals

The eight thousand think the more they lie slander frame send fake reports edit loop they will make their lies look real and then.they wont go to eighty nine prisons in America for lying about a psychic medium angel board reader clairvoyant psychic detective criminal mind reader and cancer healer and family and thats because they steal my psychic work orders sent from.many Countries that are for me to save lives and fax answers to a phone list thats stolen and liars stalkers victimizers made me stuck and broke six years ago and I report crime tips to stop slavery internationally as a free lance prophet writer mind reader medium and they take that six years of free lance writing money and make a Prophet the leaders hired stuck and the longer it goes on the more they are angry around the world that money sent and work orders sent do not reach me Nancy G. Fox and Medium For God and Fox-Taylor family and stop traffick office money sent for five years that’s so I can save the people all over the world and the cats and wildlife and cancer and the earth and atmosphere and speak to Nasa and be in.charge of saving animals at the shelters and in.charge of proving framing to court houses and those are the very important work orders and instructions they are stealing for ten.years since my Ouija board angel board arrived and I started doing it everynight and still Its going on as I do not have money for a computer, to rent an apartment,to.lease a stop traffick office and get a fax line and hire assistants and all who sent money say how could that be?

eight thousand are sending fraud information saying if they dont disappear they go to every prison for slander and framing victimization peeping tom explotation stealing stop slavery money that’s needed to save people and it says if they lie someone needs surgery call fake calls eleven army’s will gun them down. to stop stealing stop trying to capture people and stop lying or your arrested for murder pre mediated forced gang rape torture

Confess ,

Stop lying


Put the srolen money in the persons bank account

Hand them stolen gifts cars house titles

Follow the laws of America stop commiting crimes stop ruining livelyhood and reputations of others make restitution for the damage you did or do the tine in prison for the crimes you commited and stop trying to frame other people and stop lying

People are lying they can force surgerys by medical warrants by control by the White House and its the opposite says no surgerys no medical warrants by these sick.satans ever again no calling firemen or ambulances ever again on anyone or more torture deaths could occur and missles could fire at the White House and Los Angeles eleven are aimed because of the rapists medical observation squads who kidnap this way and abuse the medical system in the USA and do not follow court laws or patients rights laws. its illegal organized crime serial killer snuff directors a kiddy porn ring doing this one more surgery or nine one one call a war of nuclear missles could happen instantly you may not control people by cpurts

I report my crime tips for six years so people can follow the tips and save lives and prove the tips are right and many emergencys I report do not happen because I reported it to prevent it and my readings say I have saved seven zillion lives that should on the news shortly says God Jesus and Mary. and its mean to interfere with a psychics business people should assume the worst and not risk lives and Prophets are supposed to be protected because of their far fethed information from heaven to earth to the public who may think it is impossible and outlandish therefore Prophets are not to be interfered with so please pass this on to everyone so people don’t risk lives.