The serial killer FGM freak says shes up here in her area saying cut off more dam stinky clitos her life mission has been removing them and always has been

Shes calling Cops all the time all over California Utah Colorado the most now and the San Fernando Valley and they dont know shes Adolph Hitler sex torture mothers and all their children of all ages

She lies to them and says I am so very worried concerned in my head I need to help save some children from their bad moms they got a gynological problem in their private area and I need to force some medical attention

She calls them and lies I am doing the Nancy Gail Fox stop human slavery internationally job position

She stole the Nancy Gail Fox stop human slavery internationall Angel Board psychic crime tip jobs sent to hire Nancy Gail Fox in 2005

She saw them sent in her spy cam in Mammoth Lakes California and had people steal the jobs in the mail

She runs human sex slavery murders people in horrific gruesome murders

She says she saw all those Angel Board Alliance psychic jobs sent to hire Nancy Gail Fox and her daughter Jessica Taylor, they were sent because they did their Angel Board readings everynight at their house and Nancy Fox posted online her Angel Board Ability and felt many jobs would be sent for her

and she stole the mail and lied their jobs were hers

Another woman her counterpart in clitoral cutting for years stole them from the house at 9 am in 2005 and she lied I am doing the Nancy Gail Fox save life save the world family job with the woman six hours away in Mammoth Lakes California

she lied the Nancy Gail Fox family job person was that liar six hours away who had many realtors steal the jobs from their house in 05 06 07 and in 08 she told realtors to zoom past and get their stinky angel board jobs out of their mail box on a post in front of their house and she says I broke it two times both times in 05 and 06 when I was down south in L A I rammed right into it

I told two realtor men to steal the ballerina bag and realtor book from her car May 9th or 10th 2006 to do them in

she lies not ever a RAD ballerina bag and not even a real estate listing portfolio and she lies the not psychic at all jobs

and she lies and lies and sends lies on recipe cards to the kids porn crews she pays robbed money to lie on facebook messenger

she lies those were not ever Nancy Gail Foxs not at all ever psychic jobs

and I am very psychic my whole life

I started doing my Angel Board everynight in 05 and thought many jobs would be sent

and my earned psychic jobs sent for my work and post my readings say she stole

she lies thats my job and my version of saving lives is cutting off removing clitos and vaginas

and she runs human sex slavery and lies shes doing a Nancy Gail Fox stop human slavery internationally job

she murders people in kids porn and snuff films and lies shes saving lives

she says her and the tall blond mom from Calabasas who went there at 9 to take mail planned it all out

she stole the jobs and lied thats a realtors stop slavery job position

the mail the tall blond stole said Nancy Gail Fox should buy 800 houses for her staff shes to hire for her stop human slavery internationally from L A County CA job shes been sent

It said she should buy 800 houses with money at the bank as the owner of the houses

she should own 5000 houses around the world for crews she will hire to stop human slavery internationally that way she can give the 5000 her psychic crime tips

and these two serial killers stole the stop human slavery interantionally jobs sent to hire Nancy Gail Fox

and they cut off clitoruses and mass murder people

they say they have paid 20 million not robbed at all money and it is robbed

Shes in Mammoth Lakes California saying she gets the Nancy Gail Fox funds and lies shes the Nancy Gail Fox Son of God family save life job and shes not

shes stolen 14 years of Angel Board jobs sent to hire Nancy Gail Fox

she shreds them in 7 paper shredders everyday

shes the biggest serial killer in history and so is the tall blond who stole the stop human slavery jobs at 9 am

she shreds a truck load of Nancy Gail Foxs psychic jobs at 5 pm sent on the ups truck

she has them sent to her in Mammoth Lakes CA and lies those are my save life jobs sent in the name Nancy Gail Fox and none of them are hers at all and never were

she says I get the dam jobs sent for Nancy Gail Fox and her kids who are now 27 and 24 years old

she steals them and lies thats my job when its not at all and never was

she says she called the banks and got their money when it was sent for them in 05 06 07 to Westlake Village CA

she lied thats money for my save life job position by stolen mail and I D theft and robbed the funds sent for Nancy Fox and daughters

she says I took it and lied shes a real retard

Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylor a realtor since 1999 then a long time sober smart intelligent human rights psychic person she lied about and says her mission is cutting off old stinky used up big huge clitos in furry pubic hair and she will say anything to keep doing this any lie she will tell all day and night to California Police and Sheriffs and always does about the so normal wise Nancy Fox

She says I don’t see it that way at all anyone doing their angel board every night should be telling people all over Westlake Village in her so strong opinion she says thats why she took all the jobs away she did not tell hardly anybody about it is why she says she knew she could get away with it for certain because no one would tell her because she pays them all stolen money to keep quiet hush hush money she sends the robbed Nancy Gail Fox Federal Savings Bonds money she steals from banks

She says why would she not tell everyone in Westlake Village about her Angel Board work right away? shes always was so quiet and private about everything is really why because she was a realtor since 1999 is why so she posted online to get jobs and would not have told anyone til later on as she planned to do angel board readings in the future for residents at night she says she bugged their cells and hacked and got info and always does as shes the brat in Mammoth Lakes CA who planned to murder them to do I D Theft to rob them to lie their save life job was hers by paying everyone stolen money to side with her

the tall blond stole the Empress angel board jobs sent for Nancy Gail Fox in 05 and that killer lies shes the Empress job position and authority and they are murderers counterparts with the other serial killer clitoral cutter peeping tom rapists sick liar lying shes the Nancy Gail Fox Son of God family save life job and shes not at all

she stole the psychic spiritual jobs sent for Nancy Gail Fox and her daughters and they are not hers at all

she says she gets their money when its sent to lax the La Vinas murderers load it onto flat bed trucks as shes Adolph Hitler and sex tortures murders humans with the stolen funds

it says for Nancy Gail Fox Los Angeles County her Federal Savings Bonds with her name and SSI or and date of birth she robs them and lies their hers and its none of her money at all and never was

she sends courts a million dollars of stolen Nancy Gail Fox funds and a basket with white roses

thats the mark of the devil

she sends stolen money to 20 million people

she pays the kiddy porn serial killer 59 young women to rob paypal thats Nancy Gail  Foxs by hacking and they send it to  her email address and she sends it all over and says thanks for all you do for me I really do appreciate it take the pay take the pay and they send it to the tall blond moms email in Calabasas and she robs it

and they murder with the stolen stop sex slavery money thats Nancy Gail Foxs paypal to stop them

and she says the crews are doing micro chip burning to people as she runs the hollocast in California

she says they all deserve it oh come on they were doing that wild cumming act

she say them in her spy watch cam she gets installed by lying they are bad moms

shes torturing two hundred women right now by the killers doing micro chip key pad on cells pressing

shes got two hundred on the list to kill

shes trying to electick shock them kill them now by the burning that turns up body tempature

as shes the biggest serial killer

the two hundred shes trying to kill went to school with the 59 murderers

they say they were in class with them Senior year 2009 12 th grade

9th grade 2009

Kindergarden in 2000 in Westlake Village

1st grade 1997

how can she sit there burning 200 women with micro chips and babies ?

she says they dont know its ever me shes all sneaky and lies shes so dam worried and pays everyone a whole lot of stinky money and lies thats her family trust fund money and none of its her money at all

she robs the Nancy Gail Fox Federal Savings Bonds money it was sent to U S Bank And Wells Fargo in 05 to The City of Westlake Village CA it was supposed to go in Nancy Fox US Bank account and Wells Fargo Nancy G Fox-Taylor and this Adolph Hitler took it out

She  has stolen the Medium For God mail and money from it since 2009 and the my DCFS victims money since 09 and stop traffick stop slavery office money sent for Nancy Fox since 2010 the River Farm mortgage Countrywide B Of A Money and resume’ money since 2010 May and Prophet rent money since Sept 2012 and paypal since April 4th 2012 and she has the crews she pays robbed money to thats Nancy Gail Foxs and daughters own one forth , they get the stolen money and deposit it in the bank of Denise S Fox Wells Fargo whos 95 with dementia and 89 of the crooks who work with this Adolph Hitler lie thats their Denise S Fox family trust account

and they send paypal to their cells and transfer stolen paypal to Denise S Fox Wells Fargo

as their Nazis sex torturing human beings by an evil clitoral cutter ring


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