To Stop Slavery Internationally that the hanus devil runs

They say they decided to go on it all together to get all her stop human slavery internationally psychic crime tip clairvoyant jobs when they were sent, they saw them on the porch in spy cams they installed.

One of them says when she bought that house in 05 summer I was so mad I said I am getting them run out of that house I am getting the ispy installed all over and ruining their dam AA Alanon goody two shoes life of RAD ballet and horses and taking that house away and I took all their dam stinky Angel Board jobs off the porch and 26 grand a month sent for her as salary and pay is my word I said take that dam stiken Ouija Board pay away and get all that mail so fast I am saying thats my Son of God huge big largest job in time thats what the mail says thats sent to Nancy Gail Fox the Empress Angel Board reader put on earth to do goodwill to save life on earth and to save the world. She stole it and stole the pay she says and always does and still is and lies thats my dam huge large job and of course its not and never was and its none of her business or mail to be in at all and she says she pretends its for her and its not its addressed for Nancy Gail Fox and she lies thats my huge save life job by taking all the mail and by pretending it is and she says that was the breaking point to see a huge house on a knoll graded all lovely why on earth did she buy that huge house now? the noisy bank robber mail crook criminal says, she says she heard of that house and said that does it why on earth would she do that? and she said they all planned to run her out of her dream house and steal her earned Angel Board save life save the world jobs sent for her psychic ability by her post she wrote on line and she says the packs of them got in on it, My readings call them the two or more lied sons of satan conspiracy they are a clitoral cutter gang raping child molestor serial killer snuff movie kiddy porn human sex trafficking ring on messenger who stole the stop human slavery internationally jobs off the front porch of our house on River Farm that were sent to stop them. The liar is saying that house was way out of her means , total disrectful lies shes telling. I was a realtor since 1999 and I planned to sell my 4 bedroom two story house where all the bedrooms were up to buy a one story for my elderly mom to live with us and I found a one story house for around 1 million in a neighorhood and it would have been worth 2 million one day, thats called a very smart real estate buy, to buy the smallest least expensive house in a neighborhood where they are worth more. It appraised for almost half a million more right away and I planned to live there the rest of my life and so did my elderly mom Denise S Fox and this lying crook says she planned to run them out of the house right when she bought it and says no way she qualified all alone by a Countrywide mortgage broker and its none of her business at all to be in and direspectful to talk about a realtors home purchase as realtors are the experts in buying houses. She says that was so dumb when no it was so smart. She says they all got in on running them right out to take all the Angel Board jobs and pay sent for them and 26 grand a day it was for 1 year they stole she says and for 5 years 26 grand a week and the house would have been paid off with that money she robbed in 05 and 06 etc and she says she broke the mail box on the post in fronf ot the house she rammed the Jeep right into it or a rental car and she did it all on purpose and says she cant get caught she lies shes the Nancy Gail Fox Son of God save life authority and says by doing that shes not allowed to get in trouble as she lies it applies to her and to all of the crews who steal mail and money and ups fed ex and paypal by hacking for her and they are the devil running human sex slavery and they are not the Son of God law that says no harm is allowed to be done to Nancy Gail Fox or to her daughters or grandson, She does I D Theft by stealing mail and lies shes the Nancy Gail Fox Son of God law and says you cant touch me I am the Son of God Nancy Gail Fox family job and authority and shes not, she pretends she is, She says she broke the mail box off the post on purpose to do them in and said I am running right into it and a two hundred fifty dollar fine thats supposed to be and three years in jail it says in her recent post as shes on spy cam hacking and looking to see what shes doing and then she tells everyone to lie on messenger and reverses all the truth and facts as shes the lying devil who broke the mail box off the post in 2006 or 2005 and says she always planned to do that to them and she sent two men to steal the ballet bag and the realtor book Aug 9th 10th 2006 from her car parked in the long driveway and lies a big house and it was 2550 square feet and the smallest house in the neighborhood and she says thats too much to pay for a single mom realtor whos only done it for a couple years the liar, I was a realtor for 6 years then in 05 since 1999 and shes lying that she was just doing it for a fast quick buck and lies she did not care about the well being of her family by buying that huge house and the house was for the family large bedrooms for my daughters to live in in college and for my elderly mom to live there the rest of her life to have a happy family home life and shes a liar who says that made her sick for her to plan this out and to not tell anyone about it

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