Male Sex Slaves Underground

by medium4jesusgod Medium For God DBA

Hes underground saying that’s Nancy Fox from Ranchito is what many say who know you can’t touch her in any way as that’s the order since her birth as shes the most psychic gifted person in the whole world and they said that is not really her all day online from underground the ones who lie about her all night trying to get her down and out a over 33 year sober lady the NOT liars say shot up that wasted crack whore lady our case file we cover a welfare bum as they rob her paypal hundreds of millions per hour the whole time since its sent as they are on meth doing sex torture movies underground lying they are covering for the safety of the city of the United States Of America and they stalk her and lie shes a different person and some authoritys know shes Nancy Fox of Ranchito not allowed to mess with her hes saying underground and says the Son of God helicoptor does really fly over for the Army bases to  make sure shes alive and well hes told always they do this and spot her and then the war is stopped for now and 9 1 1 happened to New York City because her mail sent to save lives is stolen and her money never reaches her and still has not he says they always take it and took her ten thousand stop human slavery psychic jobs as they are the torture operation and they have men they keep in cages 10 men and one says hes sick of it they bring them out to locations and make them do it to the little wee ones tiny blond kids and they are eating human meat and kept in the train stations for years and they are not that tall and they are slaves also and the men in the barracks under Murrieta Ave by the 101 freeway Fulton Ave also do that to them and they are fat ugly men sizes 48 and 52 and there are 10 of them and they are addicted to it seems by my mind reading them by my telepathic leads that I do for nine years with my channel writing clairvoyant visions and time travels astral projection and he says many say how does she know all that ? if shes just sitting there all composed often as I mind read the devil human torture operation all the time whatever I am doing I get crime tips and report them and put them with my medium channel writing by God Jesus and Mary and they did not know why they lied shes not the real Nancy Fox from Ranchito to everybody all the time for years is they dont want people to know shes a psychic medium and many know this since her birth as the ones running human sex slavery torturing planned it out to keep her save life jobs from her and they steal them from the planes and post offices and everywhere and have everybody steal them to keep them away from her and I am reporting my own independant work for nine years and do readings everyday for 13 years and stop sex slavery readings for 10 years since there were stalkers in front of the mail box a car sat for four hours in summer 08 and our cats disappeared and I thought someone is after my lovely teenage daughters Jessica and Hannah-Grace Taylor so I did my angel board and it said a two or more lied son of satan conspiracy take people to sex slavery by lying and said they are framing you and I started getting many clues then and it said the brinks truck is coming and it never did and I do the readings to stop sex slavery since then and in 2009 I said I have to stop it all over the world completely to save their lives and my own as they are after us as the angel board warned me and I said I have to save everyone internationally and it became my mission to stop sex slavery internationally and I report my psychic crime tip work for nine years and they rob by crime tip psychic mail and my stop sex slavery money that I request for a long time as I write crime tips and letters for money for a long time almost  a decade of doing this and not a dime. Many men are slaves also and they are the 10 smaller ones in cages under the Noho Subway station and they are under Murrieta and Fulton and they are addicted to doing that to two year olds and they wear costumes that are rented and there are 100 men kept under the Veterans Hospital area on WIlshire Blvd and they are hand cuffed to steel beds and brought on city trucks and dropped under freeway off ramps and the 100 men rape daughters for 10 hours cuffed to a chair and the 50 fat men do oral sex torture to them for the 10 hours in horrific sex torture fims mudering they do underground 89 places of Calif and there are slaves they get by casting large African American men from casting agencys and they are forced to rape two year old toe heads at hotels and told its a T V show and there are men also


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